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This is actually my 2nd set of the...

Strengths: Super clarity, excellent reception signals and nice all around features.

Weakness: Short battery life and slow response to caller id information.

This is actually my 2nd set of the Panasonic KX_TG2700 series phones. My KX_TG2730 was purchased over 3 years ago, and I have since added an extra handset (KX_TGA271) and an Engergizer NiMH battery to the original set. The KX_TG 2770 has at least 2 better features than the KX_TG 2730 in that it has a corded handset on the phone that makes it ideal for my home office. I can now talk in my office chair feeling assured that the call won't be interrupted due to a failed battery or misconnection between the base and the handset. The 2nd added feature is also well thought-of, which is the ability of this phone to function under a power-out situation.
I would recommend anyone who needs to use the cordless handset of this phone a lot to replace the original NiCd battery with an NiMH one. The original battery will not last more than half a year before a sharp reduction in talking time. The energizer battery as I mentioned above has no memory effect and also carries a life time warranty from the manufacturer. It is also worth noting that when extra cordless handsets are needed, one should consider purchasing an NiMH powered one such as the KX_TGA271 rather than the KX_TGA270 which is equipped with a NiCd battery.

By corexon - Feb 10, 2005

I am very pleased with all my...

Strengths: Expandable, Digital instead of Analog, Speakerphone on Cordless Unit, Multiple Mailboxes, Corded Main Unit, Strong Signal, Being able to place the cordless unit where there is no phone line

Weakness: Frequency interferes with wireless b and g, no page feature on cordless base unit.

I am very pleased with all my panasonic phone purchases. Bought a Sony phone with a similar setup and it wasn't nearly as good. I also have a panasonic fax machine with cordless phone that I have been using for 3 years and had another panasonic before that. One of the main reason for purchasing this phone instead of other panasonic models was the corded main unit.

One of the key issues with having only cordless phones in the house is that if the power goes out for any reason, you cannot use them (unless it is a special feature). With the corded main unit, should the power go out and there be a need to use the phone, the corded unit will use the power from the phone lines to make the call. Other nice features of this phone are: the ability to add another 7 cordless units; digital spread instead of analog which greatly increases clarity; speakerphones on both the main unit and the cordless unit; multiple mailboxes which can be password protected; a privacy feature that doesn't allow for someone to pick up the line on another unit while you are talking; and remote access to the answer machine.

The only two things that are a problem: on occasion, the cordless phone will take the same channel that my wireless network is running on and create interference. It is a simple fix, you just have to hit the button on the cordless phone to change the channel or you could upgrade to wireless a (instead of b or g); and there is no page button on the cordless base unit. depending on how often you misplace the cordless phone or the distance between the cordless base unit and the corded main unit, it can be kind of annoying, but nothing to prevent buying this product.

By JATfasth2o - Apr 20, 2005

This is an excellent value for the...

Strengths: Handset Duplex Speakerphone, Digital Answering Machine, Excellent user interface, and good reception.

Weakness: Lack of handset locator from the cardless base, NiCD batteries for the wireless hand set.

This is an excellent value for the money. The speaker phone function on base unit as well to the hand set is a huge plus. At 2.4 Ghz it has very good reception. Digital answering system is a big plus.
When you misplace your hand set, you can locate it from the main unit through intercom feature, but it doesn't have one touch handset locator. Over all the quality of the phone is excellent !! I would recommend to buy this phone.

By kalluris - Feb 24, 2005

Best buy and best functioning...

Strengths: User friendly for set up. Good sound quality, both incoming and out going.Good battery life.Best cordless Ive owned so far. Refurbished unit looked like new. Price was better than anywheres else.

Weakness: Speaker phone volume could be louder on max volume.

Best buy and best functioning cordless phone that I have owned. Can add up to seven more cordless hand sets if desired, which is a nice feature.

By dautovich - Feb 8, 2004

I have been using the phone for 3...

Strengths: Has alot of advanced features. Includes intercom system that can also be expanded by adding more cordless phones

Weakness: A lot of features require alot of reading to learn how to use them. Not for the person who wants something simple.

I have been using the phone for 3 days & have been impressed by both its reception & features. I bought it because it is possible to expand to more phones which is great with the new voice over the internet that is offered by allot of the broadband company's.

By sportyhead - Oct 27, 2004

I bought this KX-TG2770S 2.4GHz...

Strengths: Handset Digital Duplex Speakerphone, Digital Answering Machine, 3 Voice-Mailboxes

Weakness: No Voice Mail Message Waiting Indicator, No Shock and splash Resistant Handset, if you have kids at home consider the Panasonic KX-TG2584S

I bought this KX-TG2770S 2.4GHz Brand New phone at BuyDig.Com for 121.00 and free shipping the lowest price on the web Got it fast (less than a week)its seems like i got a great deal although their LOW price is a little fishy,
Between the Panasonic KX-TG2584S and this one I think this is a better deal, another great Panasonic item!

By shloimy84 - Nov 5, 2003

I would definitely purchase again....

Strengths: Cordless phone has good sound and all of the features of the base unit. Both base and cordless unit are comfortable to talk on.

Weakness: Speaker phone volume a little soft. Not useful if you have back ground noise.

I would definitely purchase again. I did my research and feel I have made the right decision. This phone is much better then the weak sony phone I had before this. I bought the phone from and had no problems with purchasing or delivery.

By rawgin - Oct 12, 2004

over all its a great phone to have...

Strengths: good design and sound quality

Weakness: battery life and a little heavy hand set.

over all its a great phone to have and i am very much satisfied with it and i highly recommond has an excellent receiving capacity.but the only drawback is expensive optional head set and also big antenna it has. but all these go minor compared to its excellent design and reception quality.

By suredeal25 - Feb 6, 2005

I have another Panasonic cordless...

Strengths: It can be used even if power failure. It has 15 minute digital answering machine. Three mail box and privacy option. We can add addtional handset later.

Weakness: Base is bigger size. No ringer on off button on the handset

I have another Panasonic cordless phone but it is a pretty good phone. It can be used even in the power failure.It is one of best gift.

By CA Guy - May 11, 2005

This is good one, becoz of the...

Strengths: The corded phone is more useful when power failure.Speakerphone on the handset is most useful when we r calling customer service.

Weakness: If Charger deck is flat that would be great

This is good one, becoz of the panasonic batteries reliability charging works for a long time.Answering machine works good when messages are stored the indicator red light indicates u to check messages.

By dpmaram - Feb 9, 2005

Panasonic KX-TG2770S Cordless Phone

Strengths: Good sound quality, easily expandable, nice layout, speakerphone also on cordless unit

Weakness: Poor battery life with enclosed battery, upgrade to Energizer battery for better performance as mentioned in previous reviews

Definitely better than the GE cordless phones I used before. I can actually USE this phone outside as it has a MUCH better range. I also like the fact that I now have CID and answering machine in one unit. I liked this phone so much that I also purchased the 2-line model for my home office.

By colombo3 - Jul 12, 2005

Great for small business! Did my...

Strengths: Large buttons. Cord phone works without power.

Weakness: Wish it had a 2-line option.

Great for small business! Did my research. One of the best rated cord/cordless combo phones around. You can also get a $30 rebate from now until end of August 2005. Easy to use and understand the menus. One warning is that it may not work with your wireless network as the phone is 2.4GHz.

By jasonhwang - Jun 29, 2005

This is a very good looking...

Strengths: Appearance, Intercom system, Digital answering system

Weakness: No chain dialing feature.

This is a very good looking cordless phone with several good features. The major disappointment, however, is the absence of the chain dialing feature.

In this age when most people use calling cards to make telephone calls, it is surprising that Panasonic chose not to have that feature in this rather expensive cordless phone!

By arulsamy - Apr 4, 2005

I really like this phone. It has a...

Strengths: A lot of good features,2-Phones-In-1 Design (Corded Base, Cordless Handset),Answer Machine,Caller ID,Clock Radio

Weakness: NiCD batteries

I really like this phone. It has a lot of good features, maybe you need to read your manual carefully before you use these functions. Compared to my old phones, OLYMPIA, AT&T and Uniden, I have to say this is the best one. I strongly recommend it...

By stanleyfordeal - Mar 17, 2005

This phone comes with all the...

Strengths: nice looking, crystal sound quality, all-round functionality

Weakness: special caution has to be taken when charging the handset battery for the first time

This phone comes with all the functionality I want, stand-alone handset, answering machine, caller id. And I like its color. Of course an InfoGlobe will enhance the appearance, but the price would be much higher. And the phone is affordable after rebates. Even though somebody complained that the manual is puzzling people, I had no problem at all setting it up.

Unfortunately, my daughter kicked the handset charger while it was charging for the 1st time. Now the handset battery drains very fast. Probably I should have charged it for 15 hours uninterrupted initially.

By htwxq - Mar 10, 2005

I recommend this phone for home...

Strengths: The phone is really good. It has a lot of features. I like to transfer calls from the base to a cordless phone.

Weakness: The phone is complicated. I had to read the manual before I could use it. I did not like the selection of ringtones. Most of them are annoying.

I recommend this phone for home and small business use. It has 3 voicemails. There are a lot of featurs that people may use.

By dmitrov - Feb 10, 2005

Overall a great phone set with...

Strengths: Expandable up to 8 handsets, corded base phone allows increased clarity and privacy when needed, outstanding features. CallerID and Call Waiting ID on both base and handset is very nice.

Weakness: Speaker phone volume is a little weak. Longer cord would be a big plus.

Overall a great phone set with great user features. Seems very well crafted and the workmanship is great. Will use this phone in an office enviroment.

By shendriex - Feb 4, 2005