AT&T SL82418 Gray Cordless Phone

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Keep in touch with friends and family with this AT&T four handset answering system. For absolute simplicity and freedom, the phone is headset compatible for hands-free use and the LCD screen on all handsets displays the caller ID and call-waiting feature.


Product Title: AT&T SL82418 Gray Cordless Phone

Manufacturer: AT&T

Power Score: 4.3 | 5 Reviews

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Worst phone Ever

Strengths: The blue screen

Weakness: everything

This phone was a gift. I hate it. The Handset at one time was the only part of the phone that rang I never payed any attention to that issue until my had set stopped ringing. Granted it was dropped (The handset) but worked fine for a while but now the base does not ring either. The only way i know my phone rings is if I see the blue screen light up. If not i have to move the cord around for it to...
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By anonymous; - Sep 11, 2010

AT&T SL82418

Strengths: Range, ease of use, simple setup, very good voice quality when talking and listening.

Weakness: Battery time, when on speaker, has averaged about 5 1/2 hours.

The reception range of this unit is incredible. I have been on a conference call (with the phone on mute) and walked to the mailboxes 120 feet away and still had a relatively good, clear connection, even with another house in between. Other models include:
AT&T SL82318
SL82118 (1 hand set),
SL82218 (2 hand sets),
SL82318 (3 hand sets).

By REVIEWER - Oct 9, 2008

Ease of setup and use outweigh goofy rings

Strengths: Worked out of the box, intuitive setup.

Weakness: Buttons and Up-down rocker circle took a while to get used to; strange set of rings.

This unit is actually manufactured by vtech. I've generally liked vtech's product but my very last one had a battery problem which I found to be prolific on the "opinion" sites on the web. So in my attempt to avoid vtech, I got this AT&T phone which is ... indeed ... another vtech. We'll see how long the battery works but so far I am impressed with the sound quality, the workmanship, and the ease...
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By exclaimpg - Jul 16, 2008

ATT SL82418 DECT 6.0

Strengths: Easy setup, compact boxes for components, easy to read directions and problem shooting

Weakness: ATT not really setup to handle issues with phones and their U-verse product.

As far as the transaction went, it was very smooth. What I did not like is as follows: A) I opted to pick up the ATT SL82418 DECT 6.0 at my local Circuit City - I did that since I had other errands to run locally. B) I walked in and up the Customer Service Desk and present the receipt, DL, and my credit card as prescrided on my receipt. The young lady proceed to "re-swipe" my card for FULL...
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By Cruise Guy - Jun 19, 2008

Best 4-handset Cordless Phone

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By - Sep 16, 2009

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