Panasonic KX-TS3282W Standard Phone - White

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Two-line integrated telephone with one Intercom path allows paging and conversation between stations. Up to eight phones can be used on this system without special wiring. Features include Call Waiting-ready, Caller ID-ready, 28-Number speed-dial, three-way conference calling, multifunction three-line LCD with clock, flexible extension numbers, memory redial and mute function. Telephone is capable of toll restriction and includes headset jack and AC adapter. Set on desk or mount to wall.


Product Title: Panasonic KX-TS3282W Standard Phone - White

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Lowest Price: $79.21 from ValleySeek Store

Power Score: 4.7 | 7 Reviews

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Product Reviews (7)

Best multi-line phone for the money

Strengths: Built very well, 8 extensions, 2 lines, conference capability, can "page" other extensions

Weakness: Backlit display desperately needed. Hard to read display if not at the right angle.

I own 4 and will buy a fifth soon. Simply love this phone. Built to high Panasonic standards. It's hard to find a product of this quality these days! (I just may tinker with one of the phones to try to manually install a back light. That would be perfection!)

By Michael - Massachusetts; - May 25, 2009

Excellent phone

Strengths: Very straightforward manual, consise and understandable. The phone has an intercom to each of 8 users (extensions) which works great. I recommend this system (in white or black) as cost effective.

Weakness: None that I know of. Some reviewers commented about the low readability of the LCD screen. I do not see this as a problem. In the higher setting the LCD is very readable.

A good buy that I would recommend without hesitation. Comes complete with all accessories, interconnects, etc.
The phone has every conceivable feature for a small office. Excellent manual. Three "quick dial" numbers are a good feature but having more would be more desireable.
This is an unimportant issue, however.

By gfalk123 - Jul 16, 2007

Panasonic KX-TS3282W 2-Line Corded Phone

Strengths: easy to use. Crystal clear. Speakerphone is very good. CallerID is great and allows easy addition to built-in directory. Can use different ringtones for each line. Can add other phone of same type as extensions with intercom capability. Has jack for head

Weakness: 1 - No backlit display on LCD 2- Only has 3 programmable speed dial numbers. 3- The LINE IN USE indicator only works if another phone of this same model is in use. So if my wife is on the one line with her NON Panasonic KXTS3282 phone, I don't kn

I had a chance to use the Panasonic KX-TS3292B in my home office thanks to a friend who lent me one. Now I need to buy my own. This is a great phone for any small or home business although I'm not sure why it's listed here for $129.99 list when Panasonic's own site shows the MSRP as $99.95.

By fengpin - Mar 9, 2006

Nearly perfect multi-line

Strengths: Multiple extensions, 2 lines, intercom, headset jack, volume control, different ring tones, easy setup, conference capability, high quality speakerphone, attractive.

Weakness: LCD is very hard to read, no backlight on LCD, must physically unplug headphone to use speakerphone.

I bought three of these for use throughout the house so that I can access home or business lines from anywhere in the house. These are very pretty and highly functional phones and it's great having the same model throughout. They are truly integrated, providing capabilities similar to those in an office environment. Each phone can be assigned a unique extention number and calls can be transferred...
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By Michael; - Jan 21, 2006

2 line corded Panasonic phone Model KX-TS3282W

Strengths: Easy to use

Weakness: too many extensions capabilities

It is very user friendly and I find it quite satisafactory. Service provided by seller was excellent. The delivery was very prompt and well packed.
The color is ery pleasant, also

By givatshmuel - Dec 13, 2005

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