Panasonic KX-TS108W Standard Phone - White

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Speakerphone with dataport features a built-in, 16-digit, liquid crystal display (LCD) that shows number dialed, duration, clock and operating modes. Offers data port for connection of modem or other single-line phone device, 20-station, one-touch dialing/10-station speed dialing, headset jack on hook, one-touch redial for last number dialed, flash and pause. Wall-mountable. Optional headset: PCE KX-TCA98.


Product Title: Panasonic KX-TS108W Standard Phone - White

Manufacturer: Panasonic

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Power Score: 4.0 | 4 Reviews

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Product Reviews (4)

Good but could be better

Strengths: Disconnects automatically when other party disconnects.

Weakness: Needs battery to turn on speakerphone, or headset off-line; or to use other features. Buttons sometimes unintentionally press twice. Number dialed and time of call are gone right after you hang up.

I bought this phone because it has a headset jack. Nowhere in the advertising did it say that it even took batteries, let alone required them to turn on the headset or speakerphone off-line, so that was a disappointment. It takes 3 AA batteries. Batteries are also required for the display. Even with batteries though, the number dialed and time of call are gone forever right after you hang up. The...
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By dbirn - Jul 2, 2006

Panasonic Speaker phone

Strengths: Solid, LCD display, and speakerphone

Weakness: Need batteries for the speakerphone to work on hook.

It is a good phone. These days, the cheap phones are just too light when compared to the good old AT&T Trimline. This phone has a solid feel. I guess it could a bit smaller.

By No Name - Jun 22, 2006

Good phone for home office

Strengths: Very clear speakerphone, mute button, nice ring.

Weakness: I wish there was a wider volume range (kind of like we have on TV sets)

I purchased this phone to replace my cordless one (I never remembered where I put it) these days it's almost impossible to find corded phones in the stores, I don't know really why, I have been using the phone for the last two months, the sound quality is very good, price is right. Overall, very good phone.

By bozenalak - Apr 24, 2006

Phone has all features build in...

Strengths: This phone is simple to program and easy use.

Weakness: none

Phone has all features build in needed for an office, such as caller id, speakerphone, 10 Station Speed Dial, Data Port. We had the previous module for 10 years; unfortunately, it did no survived tomato juice spilled on it... This unit is the replacement for a lost one.

By nadya$ - Jan 25, 2005

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