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Start each day off right with a CD clock radio that not only lets you choose how to wake, but with the Graduwake multifunction system, you have a variety of nap and snooze options. The sleep timer lets you fall asleep to music.


Manufacturer: Technicolor, S.A

Power Score: 3.0 | 2 Reviews

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This is a very nice CD alarm...

Strengths: is not complicated to use, directions are easy to follow

Weakness: cd player clicks when opening and closing

This is a very nice CD alarm clock. The auto dimmer feature is nice, and the color change when the alarm comes on is useful as well. The snooze button is in a weird place, but isn't too hard to get used to.

By sheroux - Aug 31, 2006

Nice feature set - night mode not too bright - questionable reliability

Strengths: Nice Feature Set, great automatic dimmmer

Weakness: Questionable reliability

The backlight went out on my previous clock radio and I had a 50 dollar gift Card from circuit city... so I set off to find a viable replacement. I tried this unit, the Phillip CD clock radio, the 25 dollar RCA ClockRadio (with digitally represented analog tuning). I purchased this unit first, the CD failed, in fact, the unit froze when I pressed the play button and could only be reset by...
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By jjfodi - Oct 25, 2005

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