Sony Muteki LBT-ZX66i Mini Hi-Fi System

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Raise the roof with the LBT-ZX66i Muteki Hi-Fi music system. It combines a bold, aggressive style with high-powered performance. Boasting 560 watts of total power and pushing dual 6.75 woofers, it's easy to bump the rich, deep sounds your music intended. Plus, with the built-in iPod dock you can play and charge your iPod. The front A/V inputs with Game Sync Mixing puts a crazy spin on your gaming experience. Additionally, the inputs support your MP3 player, PC or other sources for an added dimension to any listening or viewing scenario. Add in a 5-disc changer, radio tuner and remote control and this is the only system youll ever need.

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Device Type: Mini Hi-Fi System

Interface Connection: 3 x Stereo Audio Line In, 3 x Phono Headphone, Speaker Terminal, 2 x Microphone In, iPod Connector, 3 x Audio In, 1 x Composite Video Out

Tuner Display: FLD

Number of CDs Supported: 5


Product Title: Sony Muteki LBT-ZX66i Mini Hi-Fi System

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 4.3 | 21 Reviews

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Great Stereo

Another cheaped-down unit from Sony, does anyone really believe it is putting out 280 wpc RMS? No, it's some marketing guy's definition of "power". The drivers are enclosed in cheap 1/2" fiberboard. Notice they won't even list the frequency response of the speakers? I bet you're not getting anything below 80 Hz without a sub-woofer. All glitz and no substance, like most stuff from Sony these days...
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By Gregman420 on Sony - Official Store - Oct 15, 2013

Great purchase

I've had this system approaching two years, there's been no loss of quality and i regularly play this extremely loud. sound quality is very high, as expected from sony and the x-groove system works magic and the bass rocks your body. Only issue is the head system is a tad large/cumbersome to move. not heavy, but awkward. very easy to connect to your computer or other system. spectacular product...
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By JakeFromStateFarm on Sony - Official Store - Sep 7, 2013

one of the best for size

Wow , this sound is amazing !!! Would never expect it to be so clear , deep , and loud. Worth of every dollar !!! Would recommend to everyone(except for those with neighbors too old)

By navy27686967 on Sony - Official Store - Jul 9, 2013


I bought my system at best buy in october of 2012 i was amazed by the sound quality and performance of the system i have it hooked up to my tv and dvd player and have my own little home theater thank you sony for making an awsome system

By adboyinlove1979 on Sony - Official Store - Mar 10, 2013

Sony's are sick

These speakers Are AWESOME!! They have tons of bass that shake the house and are honest when it says "fuel your next party". I Used them as party speakers and they worked great. I dont know if overheating is a problem with other speakers but it isnt with these. I played them at a party for 3+ hours at max volume and they sounded great the whole time. I recommend these speakers to anybody!

By Mtbeditordude on Sony - Official Store - Feb 8, 2013

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