Sony LBT-GPX55 Mini Hi-Fi System - 1600 W RMS - Black


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Transform any room into a party scene with 1600 watts of intense power and multicolor lighting. Connect wirelessly using Bluetooth® with NFC technology, playback CD's or plug in your USB drives.

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Device Type: Mini Systems

Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth


Product Title: Sony LBT-GPX55 Mini Hi-Fi System - 1600 W RMS - Black

Manufacturer: Sony

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Power Score: 4.0 | 5 Reviews

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I bought this system about 2 months ago for my work stereo I work in a very large mold shop and when I crank it to about 46 people at the other end of the shop know exactly what I am playing and they all love it and there is plenty of bass sometimes a little to much. although I am very happy with it there is no way it is 1600 watts but its major loud and plenty clear

By LOUDANDPROUD on Sony - Official Store - Nov 7, 2013


I owned the MHC-909ip previously before I purchased this monster. The 909ip had great bass, plenty of power and was value priced. This GPX55 literally makes the 909 sound as if it were broken. The bass is something fierce, highs are clear, very clear at higher volumes. True, the subwoofer may not sound like much bass, but it is targeted for the lower end notes, it makes a difference. Also unlike...
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By KJ0014 on Sony - Official Store - Sep 28, 2013

Not a lot of bass cant even tell if the sub is on

I bought the LBT-GPX77 first thinking it would have alot of bass but it didnt then i bought this and it had even less bass. PUT THE LBT-SH2000 back so i can buy that.

By XxHUNTERxX on Sony - Official Store - Sep 12, 2013

Big, bold and loud

This is one large system. The pieces, when stacked side by side like the product picture, are wider than most coffee tables. The main unit is deceivingly light (it looks way heavier than it should be), and the subwoofer is heavy enough to take out your foot if you accidentally drop it on yourself. The equalization is customizable, so you can adjust the bass, the middle and the treble up 6db or...
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By Drew76 on Sony - Official Store - Sep 2, 2013

Amazing Speaker System

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. For a full review of this product watch the video review I made here:

By chilidog on Sony - Official Store - Aug 18, 2013

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