Sony K700i Cell Phone

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Data Capabilities: GPRS, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), WAP

Form Factor: Candy Bar

Interface Connection: Bluetooth

Slots: Memory Stick Duo

Smart Features: Email, Integrated Camera, Java, PC Connectivity, Video Playback


Product Title: Sony K700i Cell Phone

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 3.8 | 10 Reviews

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8 out of 10, very good

Strengths: stylish, bluetooth; MP3 supported and FM radio; camera

Weakness: battery life could be improved

The cell phone have stylish design, with silver color. And it feels great to hold while talking. Its signal is loud and clear. It is fun also, It could be use as MP3 player, video camera and radio.

By starwar02 - Feb 13, 2007

The sony ericsson is a good mobile...

Strengths: Cutting edge design, Features, 1.8 inch display size, Camera light, 93grams, small in size.

Weakness: Only 41MB memory, Lack of memory card.

The sony ericsson is a good mobile with very few flaws. If you didnt know this is the mobile that has saved sony ericsson. This is a clear case where phone meets camera. The camera is pretty good. The dual fronted design is sexy. The video capture is of high quality. Quick share allows you to share pics and vidoes, Streaming music and video with MP3 and MPEG4 player keep you entertained 24X7. The...
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By Naddu - Jun 8, 2005

I have been using this phone as I...

Strengths: Screen, Picture ID, MP3 ringtone & player, Camera & Video, Bluetooth, Screen size

Weakness: No expandable memory slot

I have been using this phone as I have just replaced my Nokia 6230. After 2 weeks, I conclude that this phone is superior. This phone has picture caller id and the caller's picture fills up almost the entire screen, while on my Nokia 6230 it was just a thumbnail picture. The MP3 ringtone on the Sony Ericsson k700i is quite loud, especially compared to the 6230. The user graphical user interface...
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By joysmahal - May 31, 2005

This is an honest review - I had...

Strengths: Stylish design, nice color screen, attractive menus, small size, Bluetooth, cool built-in themes, keys easy to use and see, reception has been better than my T68i, FM radio

Weakness: No games available for phone (YET?), NOW THEY COME OUT WITH THE K750i with memory stick compatability after I just purchased the K700i! Software that comes with phone is weak, no memory slot,

This is an honest review - I had the T68i for a long time and just replaced it with the K700i. With that said, the K700i is a HUGE improvement. So, for the most part I am happy with the phone. What bothers me is my friend has a Samsung that he got for $50 and he can download games and cool graphics right from his phone. The K700i has that feature also but go ahead and see what is available -...
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By bogy33 - Mar 30, 2005

This is my first Sony Ericsson...

Strengths: Design, display, sound, signal

Weakness: Battery time, no clock on stand by mode

This is my first Sony Ericsson after many Nokias. I bought it because of the design and I like it. So far I discovered that signal is very good, sound too - so in spite of all extras this phone is also a good phone. The camera is ok, good for e-mails and notes, will try to get pics developed on paper, the effect might be interesting. I bought this phone directly form Sony Ericsson, unlocked. They...
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By mjdere - Feb 25, 2005

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