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This is overall the best phone i ever had!

I had Verizon when i got my first phone ever. It was good, but once it came time to pay my own bill, the hidden fees, the overal charges are ridiculous! I couldn't afford it anymore. Then one day, while browsing at phone i wish i had, an AT&T representative talked to me and told me about the promotions that were being offered. At first i wasn't too convinced, but the more he talked to me, the more i wanted to hear more. Now i can afford to not only pay my own bill, but pay also two extra lines. It fits my budget! Not only that but AT&T has great coverage and my Samsung Captivate is beyond the best phone i've ever had!

By SoLLBby on AT&T - Dec 13, 2011

voice quality not great

Strengths: Beautiful screen, ssd card, fun android OS, lots of available apps

Weakness: Voice quality/reception

My old phone was a small Nokia clamshell on T-Mobil. The voice quality and reception (where available) was excellent. Now with the Captivate, I'm having a problem talking to several of my friends which I didn't have using the Nokia. I turned off the noise reduction and that seemed to help some, but it's still not very clear. It sounds very muffled. It's a pity because the computer part of the smartphone is wonderful.

By iwanderafar - Jan 6, 2011


This was my first smart phone and although it took me a while to get used to, I USE IT FOR EVERYTHING!!! I link it with my at&t Uverse wireless unit and be on the web for free!! It takes awesome pictures, but has no flash or backwards photography so you can take a picture of yourself, but I really have no use for that. I have option to upgrade to a new Samsung and I just can't do it! My Samsung Captivate is all I need!! Great introduction device to a smart phone!!!!

By esatwork on AT&T - Jul 28, 2012

Its an okay phone

This was my first android phone when I first got it I loved it. It was easy to use and I got use to it really fast. After a couple of months of having it the lock button stopped working so I had to call to get another phone after I got the phone a couple of months later the same thing happened the bad thing about this phone is that it doesnt have another button to turn on the screen. Overall its an okay phone I loved the camera the only thing is that it didnt have flash. The screen is nice and big enough to text.

By ritza on AT&T - Apr 23, 2012

It is ok until you start upgrading the software

My phone was doing perfectly well up to my third software up grade. If I do something to fast, if I'm texting to fast, or people send to many text messages come in at the same time the phone shuts off buy itself. I then have to throw it around a few times, hit it, take the battery out, throw it again, and then finally put it on the charge. For it to only say AT&T with the globe icon then shut back off. Then I have to take the battery out, put it back in, put it on the charge again, AND FINALLY(MAYBE) it will come on. I have gotten to the point where I get so frustrated to where I would cry. This phone is good until the upgrade, I would not recommend this phone to anyone.

By Lovessweetesthaven on AT&T - Feb 18, 2012


I've had this phone for almost two years now and it is still up and running. I haven't had any problems with it except for my charger port braking. I drop it all the time and there are no cracks but a few scratches on the back. I highly recommend this phone to anyone.

By Mahani on AT&T - Aug 28, 2013

Nice features when you can actually use them

This phone impressed me at first with all its features, clear screen and ease of use. It wasn't long though for it to start locking up. I've done a complete reset through tech support twice and once just through the phone. That fixes the problem for a week or so and then its back locking up. At this point I am yanking the battery to restart pretty much daily, constantly waiting for it to unfreeze and counting down the days until I'm due for an upgrade. Oh and it also likes to only receive about 75% of my text.

By hchmom on AT&T - Mar 22, 2013

fanatastic phone except for one important thing

i've always been a fan of Samsung phones... they're always well built, durable, and they just simply work... This phone was my first smartphone, and for awhile i was very happy with it, it's extremely durable, and i really like the aluminum back that easily removes to gain access to the battery and SIM card, the screen looks amazing, and is scratch free no matter how much you abuse it... and other than the annoying and incomprehensible limitation of not being able to simply add ones own picture for a wallpaper without it being cropped completely awkwardly, having to set up my wallpaper images separately on my computer prior to setting it as my wallpaper on my phone for it to display correctly, the phone is great... except for one MAJOR problem.. the external speaker eventually fails... after much researching i discovered that there's some sort of mechanical issue with a sensor in the phone dealing with the earphone jack.. though i never had even used the earphone jack before, it seems it will turn off the external speaker on a whim, or some shock... it can be simply banged hard and it will recover, but will very quickly fail and turn off again.. This doesn't affect the normal ear speaker, so phone conversation is not affected, but speaker phone is, and more importantly for my use, the clock alarm will then not function, or rather, the alarm software works, but i won't hear the alarm... as this was my main alarm to wake up in the morning for work, the way i got around the problem is to plug in my home computer's external speaker system into my phone, which of course, is a pain in the butt, and i shouldn't need to do this. And if you're into playing music on the phone with the external speaker, this is also affected. Otherwise, it's a fantastic phone by every other account, but because this is a major flaw for me, i may finally no longer buy Samsung phones unfortunately. Also one other minor problem, it is almost impossible to take a picture of oneself with the touchscreen facing the other way, with the camera lens facing you... it's very hard to reach the touchscreen 'button', or even know where it is... the phone needs a physical button to operate the camera shutter for those types of pics.

By Cravo on AT&T - Jan 11, 2013


Slow. Nav barely works. Freezes frequently and requires restart.battery life is poor. Should've got an iPhone.

By Samsungjohnny on AT&T - Dec 22, 2012

No battery life, constantly locks up, freezes with no display after charging

Purchased this phone over a year ago after my very old iPhone went dead. Saleman convinced me this phone was the way to go, not knowing alot about phones/brands/etc i took his advice and purchased this phone. Biggest mistake! While it has nice features, easy display, lots of downloads which my kids love, it has become a nightmare to TRY and use. The battery life is very low, I am not a big talker/surfer or texter. After charging it will not display so i have to take the battery out each time in order to get a display. While using the apps it freezes, so again I have to take the battery out and reboot it. The speaker phone is so low, even on the highest setting I have to balance it on my shoulder while driving to hear anyone. Any app you get into be it contacts or surfing you have to BACK out of it or else it will continue to drain your battery. Many times while trying to back out it will freeze and just vibrate and not do anything else. I know alot of people have good things to say about this phone and I wish I did too as my contract isnt up for another 9 months. Once I am able to get a new phone without paying full price I will be buying another iPhone!

By jayvegas on AT&T - Nov 26, 2012

this phone is no good it doesnt do all the things it says it does

ive had this phone since febuary and ive haded it ever since it frezzes and force closes all the time no matter how much i clean it out or up date it it still manages to mess up i will never own any type of galaxy s

By Ceddie on AT&T - Jul 10, 2012

Nice phone, terrible battery life

I actually enjoy my phone except the battery. It seems that the life is not long at all and that's when I'm not using the phone but have it on in case of texts or a call. When I go on the internet through my phone, the battery life is cut in half. They need a better battery life unless I just received a bad battery. It also freezes every blue moon but I'm not so worried about that as I am the battery.

By Captivating4me on AT&T - May 24, 2012


I LOVE my Phone ! The Screen Size is WONDERFUL for showing Pictures to my Older Family Members Who Have A Hard Time Seeing. Pictures are GREAT even after Cropping !! Only Downfall is my Battery has to be charged daily. Other Than That- NO PROBLEMS !! Very Easy To Use...

By yese0612 on AT&T - May 24, 2012

Battery last about 8 hours on a good day.

I've done three software upgrades since purchasing this phone July 29, 2010. The last one eliminated many of the camera features. And the batteries get used up very fast. I've purchased Samsung as well as aftermarket batteries. On a busy day you are lucky to get 5 hours before having to place on a charger AGAIN.

By Stumanfu5 on AT&T - May 24, 2012

Would buy again

I chose this phone after A LOT of research both online and talking with friends. One thing I heard was from a former iPhone user who had switched. They told me that this was equal to if not better and I agree. I would buy another one without so much as a second thought. I have had trouble with the battery not lasting as long as I would have liked but that might have been my use of it. I would like if the speaker and camera were better and they might be in the newer models. Wouldn't change my opinion of it though.

By Racefan4life on AT&T - May 24, 2012

Great Phone

Have really enjoyed this phone. Easy to use and has tons of great features. Especially love the "Voice Search".

By tennis333mom on AT&T - May 24, 2012

Awesome Phone

I am an older adult, so the Samsung Captivate was a little much to get used to, but after a few days, I love this phone, It's easy to see and easy to use. Even for the "older" generation.

By house5boy on AT&T - May 24, 2012

One of the best phones I've had to date

I have had this phone for a year and a half. That, by the way, is a record for me. I make minimal phone calls (less than 400 minutes worth a month), but text and web surf pretty regularly (1000+ texts, about 2gb of data a month). Pros: -screen -web surfing is like using a tablet -app friendly, especially games -body (super durable) Cons: -in the year and a half I've had it, I've had to do 2 OS upgrades, and wipe the phone more than half a dozen times (software issues) -as of 18 months in, my power/lock button has stopped working. The few solutions I've found online haven't worked (another wipe in my future!). -battery!!! The GPS was originally awful, but the OS upgrades have helped a lot (still not great though). Tip: have your phone connected to the car charger and it'll be alright... Otherwise the phone will die before you reach your destination. Camera is nice but seriously needs a flash (ie, s2). Among the software and phone issues I've had (and their fixes): -freezing (upgrade to gingerbread) -GPS can't lock on location (upgrade to froyo or gingerbread) -battery drains halfway through the day (get the extended battery or don't play games on it. not cool, I know. Changing the settings only goes so far... And yes, I have all my settings set to maximize battery life) -charger and power slot on the phone not contacting/phone won't charge (even after the slot got damaged, getting a new cord helped a lot. Combined with putting the phone face down, I fixed my charging issue) - note that the slot was easily damaged (by the chord no less) -3G no longer available on phone (not network related; software goofed up, had to wipe/factory reset the phone) All in all, if you're tech savvy, its a great phone. Just be prepared to do some back ups and system reboots/wipes. If you want something with no maintenance, this is not the phone for you.

By Phnx9 on AT&T - May 21, 2012

dont get this phone

This phone frezzez up i just got it last week and its slow i would not get this phone yeah its cool but not worth it and i found out yesterday at an at&t store they stoped making this phone 2 months ago so dont get it i will be sending mine back this week

By bluerain78 on AT&T - May 19, 2012

Its an good phone

I really like how you can download different themes onto this phone. Not liking how often it freezes and how since they released an update there have been glitches with the phone

By alcozermommi on AT&T - May 16, 2012


love it love it love it i got this phone for me and my wife and we both love it and wouldnt trade it in for the world

By toler37 on AT&T - May 13, 2012

It was ok

I loved this phone, it was a great phone to use. For the first few minutes when i first got it I dropped it because it was so light. I dropped it on concrete and I did not crack (like my Iphone), i was very impressed with the aspect that it was so durable. I got a case for it just in case. I am a very turbo texture and a phone fanatic. The bad part about my experience with it was that the battery would go dead after a few hours. But I kept my charger on me and it was fine. But after a few months it got glitchy and slow. I got it checked out and it was just the old phone thing. And about a year and a half after i got it, it started freezing on me. They said not to worry about it and that night the phone screen went black and wasnt usable. everything worked on it except the phone screen itself. I thought that it was a good phone so i got it again, this was about 6 months ago. But now the screen just blacked out again and I cant use it. Im not going to get this phone again because of that factory default. Another thing I dont like about it is that it is not like other androids where you dont need to jailbreak it. This one wont allow any third party apps on it like an iphone. That is my review. Over all it is a great phone, but a waste of money.

By TheGravity on AT&T - May 11, 2012

horrible phone

have to do a hard reset almost everyday, turns itself off, freezes ALL the time. not worth anything

By lmichelle88 on AT&T - May 9, 2012

LOVE this phone!

I've had this phone for almost 2 years and LOVED it until recently. It has started freezing and foreclosing almost daily! I like this phone so much that I would love to get another one that worked right!

By HisCWG on AT&T - Apr 25, 2012

Loved it then hated it

When I first got this phone I loved it. Until I noticed how fast the battery life went, and how it liked to mess with my text messages. Then I found out that I needed to upgrade the system on the phone but I own a mac and Samsung isn't compatible, so I couldn't update it. Thats when it started to get worse. Random beeping, freezing buttons getting pressed and not responding right. Not happy, can't wait for my upgrade.

By MaggieM on AT&T - Apr 17, 2012

Good, Light Weight, Phone until time passes by...

I have had the Samsung Captivate for about a year now & I loved first. First off, the battery life is horrible. Even with all applications off, the battery can go from fully charge to 1% in about an hour. Second, the phone freezes constantly, I have to literally turn off the phone, take the battery out, etc to get it to work correctly, but the phone does have tons of memory. I have a lot of apps and such on there; its incredible. Its' extremely easy to use, I love that part of it! Overall, its an okay phone, I honestly do regret getting this phone-I wish i would of chosen a different one.

By AdviceGiver on AT&T - Apr 11, 2012

Does not last

Great at 1st. Loved the screen. Before the 1st year, had to factory reset 2 times at the service center because it couldn't handle 3 pages of apps. Most of which are on my SD card. Another 4 months, I have no sound most of the time. No alarm, can't hear calls. Bluetooth mode no longer stays connected. Phone reboots & freezes at least 5 times/day which takes the battery from 100% to almost dead. Buying a new phone next month. Will not buy another Samsung phone. This is my 2nd & both broke to the point where I lost all info. They don't last on a 2 yr contract.

By pdxtee on AT&T - Apr 7, 2012

Does what needs to be done.

I am a student, and I felt that some of the applications that came pre-installed were a bit pointless to me. The battery would last as long as I needed it to so I would only have to recharge while sleeping, every one to two days. The setup of this phone is very manageable and easy to figure out/use. The phone would freeze at times and close whatever application I was using without warning. It also could never connect to my email account for whatever reason. Overall a good phone, but I would recommend that students keep looking.

By gbing on AT&T - Apr 3, 2012

Alright, but not for me

First of all, overall this was a pretty good phone. And obviously like every smartphone the battery life was lame. It died too fast, and since I am always on it I need something that can keep up with me. Another thing i didn't really like was that they keys were too small for me. I have average size hands and it was sometimes difficult for me to text. Also, when I would try running some apps it would freeze and I would have to restart it. Maybe I was just one of those lucky ones to get a bad phone. I mean good phone but not necessarily the one I had. If you are interested in this phone then get it. Perhaps it will work better for you than it did for me. So now I'm sending it back and getting the Samsung Infuse 4G, wish me good luck and hope it's a good phone. :)

By Eri0519 on AT&T - Mar 26, 2012

Great iPhone alternative.

This was my first smartphone and it has yet to disappoint me. I have become a huge smartphone nerd since getting this phone and I have been hard pressed to find something better. This phone would be good for someone who wanted a good smartphone with a reasonable size and price tag.

By plazayo on AT&T - Mar 26, 2012

good phone

This is by far the best phone i have owned. There are a couple of things that I can not ignore. The battery life is decent but dies quickly when using apps. Mine freezes up randomly and the quick search pops up all the time and interupts me. other than that the phone is great. I love being able to flip to other screens and divide up my apps. The camera works wonderfully as well as the wifi. There are tons of things you can do with this phone.

By Ashton10 on AT&T - Mar 19, 2012


After having this phone for a year and a half I had to get rid of it!!! It has caused me nothing but problems. Random shut offs, dropping calls, no front facing camera or flash, no notification of text messages, missed calls or voicemails. But the final straw for me was when it began going crazy and sending texts I meant for one person to someone else!! It also crashed on me at least 2 times and I had enough. please don't get this phone. Its beautiful and cool, but will cause nothing but problems for you. It was so bad that At&t had to give me a early upgrade option because of all the issues...DONT GET THIS PHONE!!!

By itgirl on AT&T - Mar 15, 2012

Phone poorly designed, not intuitive!

I have had this phone for the better part of a year, and feel it's the worst phone I have ever owned. For one, if you hit a button on either side of the phone you turn off the ringer and it goes into silent mode. For another, there is no automatic notification of a voicemail, and nothing on the screen to display a voice mail -- this activity is hidden., I have been unable to get a functioning desktop/calendar/alarm system or anything else working on this unit. Desktop constantly changes and the phone settings change every week or so. Terrible phone!

By on AT&T - Mar 12, 2012

Even my mom can understand this phone

I havve had this phone since it came out and LOVED it I even recommended this phone for my 65 year old mother who isn't very tech savvy. The graphics are nice the ease of use is great and I love that you can turn data off and on easily so if you get close to your limit you can just turn it on when needed and I could turn it off when my kids had my phone so they could only watch movies etc via wifi. Only reason I am upgrading is my phone was fried during a software update. Battery would last all day with moderate data usage and heavy talk/texting. Oh and LOVED swype much easier that typing everything out. Treat this as you would a small computer if this is your first smartphone and get a good case it will last you as well.

By bizEmama on AT&T - Mar 7, 2012


I have had this phone for almost one and half years now and I loved it at first but after about 8 months it went downhill from there. It became really slow at everything texting browsing I rebooted it to factory setting and two weeks later same thing.....the sad thing is that I don't use my phone much just for calling and texting so I don't have apps that will slow it down and delete my messages everyweek but Noooi it's still I would not recommend a galaxy s to anyone....sure it has a nice design but it is worthless because u sit there for a while waiting for the messages to come up. And when people call and I go to slide to answer it doesn't slide so I have to wait til it behaves and go and call up the person myself

By nswi on AT&T - Mar 7, 2012

Dream come true- Til it totally crashes!!!

This was my first smartphone, and I loved it when I got it in December 2011. After a few weeks, it started freezing at random, especially when I was surfing the web. Overall, other than the random freezes, I still really liked it. However, on March the first 2012, I was just surfing the web, when my phone suddenly crashed totally!! Now, I have to get a new phone!! Don't get this phone if you want one that lasts! It will hold up to light use, but not surfing the web, or heavy social networking. It is especially bad for certain apps!

By Kramer07 on AT&T - Mar 2, 2012

It's an ok phone...

I've had to manually reboot my phone to factory settings numerous times due to inability to connect to any wi-fi connection. Works great, connects great for a few weeks, and then the same thing happens, and I always have to do a factory reset. If you are one who likes to get online quite a bit, and you like using to wi-fi feature, this phone is not for you...unless you want to keep resetting your phone, and re-downloading all your apps every 3 weeks.

By TaeTae on AT&T - Feb 28, 2012

Would not get another SamSung after this phone.

I loved it when I got it (amost two years ago) but have hated it for the last year. The speaker became flakey, I used to listen to music on it but only with headphones now. The GPS quit working, IF it connects it drops constantly and hangs making me miss turns. List view is the only way GPS is usable. The battery life is horrible, even with a new battery. Installed GB and still no GPS, Battery life did not improve, but at least it charges when I plug it in now. I used to have to reset the phone every time I plugged it in to get it to charge. Now however, the tethering app (which I never use and can't disable) crashes twice every time I plug it in. I have been ready to get a new phone for a while, I will not even look at another Samsung. I'm thinking HTC or Motorola next time around. I had a Tilt I used for 4 years and a Razr that lasted 10 years. I gave the Razr to my dad when I got the Tilt. It just died, I still have the Tilt and it still works.

By AgentPhosgene on AT&T - Feb 25, 2012

For the life of the phone...

I have enjoyed my Captivate for over two years now. It has served me well over the last several months …[AT&T censorship]... not so much. Not to mention the release of gingerbread happens AFTER the release of ICS …[AT&T censorship]… Again, I state the phone is perfect in design, form, and function. The failing occurs in …[AT&T censorship]… AND in the TECH world that’s like waiting for the ice age to come.

By Munsoned on AT&T - Feb 22, 2012

not worth the money

When I first got this phone, I loved it! It has great features, a large screen, very easy to use. However, after having the phone for about a month it started to randomly shut itself off for no apparent reason. I have missed several calls and texts because my phone was off and I had no idea. Very frustrating! It also gets bogged down very quickly when you start to add apps, pictures, etc. to it. My dad has the same phone and he has experienced the same problems. I'm now waiting on my contract to renew so I can upgrade to an iPhone.

By attcustomer678 on AT&T - Feb 16, 2012

Not worth the .01

I would not recommend this phone to anyone no matter how cheap of a phone they are wanting. I am now being sent my fourth replacement phone and am very frustrated with the entire process. My first phone was bought Nov of 2010 and the speaker blew out. The next phone then would not allow me to turn the screen on so that i could get into the phone without doing a battery pull. This phone is not accepting or sending calls or texts which is very frustrating that i am paying for a service i cannot use because of a poorly made phone. If you want a phone that is reliable do not pick this one because you will be sending it back because something is broken.

By 1234654868 on AT&T - Feb 14, 2012

Good phone for light use.

I've had my Captivate for nearly 2 years now and I'm pretty tired of the glitches. When I first got the phone everything worked great and I loved it. Then slowly over time, after adding pics, a few apps and videos, also customizing different things I could like the ringtone and text layout and all, it started getting slower. A few months pass and there's an upgrade for the new Android 2.2. I upgrade it, the phone freaked out and started crashing, freezing, or doing things at random. I restored the phone to factory settings to see if starting fresh with the 2.2 Android system helped... It did not. So I toughed it out over the time having it since I'm stuck with it having the contract and what not. Recently I get a message saying there's another upgrade. I get the upgrade done.. making my phone edible now since it is now running 2.3 Gingerbread. The phone freaked again and I had to restore to factory settings. Now it runs better and smother using normal functions, but is slower loading games as well as the browser. With the 2.3 Gingerbread installed the battery life is MUCH improved going from lasting about 8 hours with light use at work to lasting me around 11 hours with light use. The phone runs smoother with certain functions but gets slow to respond with apps and while browsing the net. Overall the phone is good for someone who wants a smartphone for light use. Some texting, browsing the web, watching some videos and making phone calls. But if you want a phone to actually use as an "Entertainment phone" like this one is supposed to be, don't get it. You'll be disappointed when it locks up on you or just crashes under heavy use.

By LavaWillie on AT&T - Feb 12, 2012

After Gingerbread update, best phone in existance

I have been a Captivate owner for over a year and a half. It is by far the best phone that I have ever owned, and comparatively I think the best phone out there. Here's why: *Important: note that the following only applies after you update to Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) Battery Life: With most features on my battery declines at a rate of about 1.5% per hour with moderate use, which is phenomenal. I normally end the day with about 70% battery left. Sure, the iphone 4s can give you step by step directions purely from voice commends. But what good does that do you when it's dead and you do not have a charger. Operating system: In my case, I'm a tinkerer. I enjoy finding all the settings and cool things a phone can do. And with Android, you can do a looot of things. Especially after rooting (google "rooting android" for more information). So you can get apps, games, and widgets of any variety to do anything you can imagine, with 2-3 more options than with an iphone. And as mentioned above, the battery life to USE everything and not have to worry about your phone dying because you went on the internet. General design/ flexibility: The phone is light, has tons of memory and allows you to expand to even more (up to 32 GB more), and has the capabilities to be fully customizable. If there is an app preinstalled that you don't like, the android market will allow you to replace it with a better one. Compared to other devices mine just seems not to have any problems. Warnings: 1. If you are looking at this phone compared to an iphone of the same approximate era (3gs or 4), it depends on your personality for which phone you should choose. If you want an easy easy easy to use phone that you won't have to mess with and still have cool features, get an iphone, apple is great at easy to use. You lose, however, the customization that Android gives you; Your app pages stay the same, your lock screen stays the same, no widgets, no home screen, customizable anything, whatsoever really. So it all depends on you 2. If you are looking at this phone in comparison to other Android devices, it becomes more technical. As far as software goes, Android is generally the same across all manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, etc.) with minor aesthetic differences, as long as they are the same version of android(Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, etc.). The primary things to look for are a) battery life, b) external features like camera, flash, buttons, speaker, size wight etc., and c) internal specs like RAM, storage space, and processor speed. Factoring in those three things with more weight on battery performance will help you determine which phone is best for you. Summary: The phone is great because of it's lasting battery life and plethora of useful features, I recommend it to anyone who has had problems with any phone before (that have not been solved after proper researching). I love it and hope they keep it available because I have yet to see a phone with anywhere near the equivalent in battery life, especially current high end devices. Hope this helps!

By Catnip720 on AT&T - Feb 8, 2012

Wish I never got this phone

I thought this was going to be a great phone but I was wrong. I have only had it a few months and it freezes up on me all the time. The camera is terrible because its only a one way view. I am very disappointed with this phone and would not recommend it to anyone.

By Candigirl on AT&T - Feb 1, 2012

Pretty good

I have had this phone for over a year now. It was great at first and I absolutely loved it. About 5 months after I got the phone the sound randomly stopped playing. I had to slap the phone to make the sound resume, which gets annoying. The apps crash if the phone is doing too many things at once. The phone also doesnt save features, once you change your alert notification it will play the original once. Also, sometimes the phone wont ring and it will just say you have a missed call. Despite all this the phone is very durable, and the battery life is pretty good. It holds so much and takes good pictures. I would recommend this phone to anyone because all phones do have bugs in them!

By xox123xox on AT&T - Jan 31, 2012

Shuts off randomly

I loved the phone when I first got it. Then after a few months, it started to shut off randomly every now & then, and it progressively got worse. It was shutting off several times a day, sometimes as soon as I would turn it on, it would shut off.

By olismom on AT&T - Jan 31, 2012

best phone I've ever had

I've had an iphone 3g in the past, and I was not all that impressed. I went from having an LG Neon for three years to this and the change is unbelievable. The phone is amazing and offers so many options! I was worried about having an android phone because I have never had one, but my friends have them and I thought it would be a good option. I am 100% satisfied with this phone. I've had it for about two weeks now and I just love it! I would recommend it to anyone!

By sarahe5219 on AT&T - Jan 29, 2012

Not the best

i had gotten this phone as a replacement of my iphone and although ive only had it for a couple months now i absolutely hate it. its slow, feezes, and as since i like games the games are no where near the games on the app store. my brother has the same phone and hates it as much as i do. i would not reccomend this to a friend

By carrie123456789 on AT&T - Jan 26, 2012


I decided to buy an android phone to replace my Iphone, that's when i discovered this phone. it was reasonably priced and it had great reviews. It was great for the first couple of weeks, but then everything started going wrong. Its extremely slow, the keys on the keyboard for texting are small, the navigation system is extremely delayed. Lately, this phone has been freezing up and i have had to take the battery out to turn it off. Just this morning, I went to plug in my headphones to listen to music and instead of playing the music through my earbuds, its plays music out loud. This phone makes me miss my Iphone!!!

By Carmean on AT&T - Jan 26, 2012

Exciting at first.... leaves you wanting more

At first when I got this phone i was seriously in love with it. Its January 2012 and i got it May of 2011. Now i find myself really wanting to get the Iphone. i wish i would have gotten it back in May, when i was debating between the two. this phone just gets boring after a while. alot of my close friends have the iphone 3g and 4/4s and so far none of them have any complaints. i wouldnt reccomend it if you are getting it with a 2 year contract.

By mel2323 on AT&T - Jan 22, 2012

Awesome Phone!

This is my first smartphone let alone my first touch screen phone. At first I was worried how well it would work or if it would even be easy to use. Let me just say, it is incredibly easy to use and I absolutely love this phone! I'm one who loves listening to music and this phone gives you a great listening experience even with the choice of equalizers. It runs very smoothly and quickly when on the internet. I also have bad vision and this phone definitely allows you to see clearly and zoom in and out very easily. If you want an excellent quality phone I would choose this one. Just be prepared to charge it often especially if you use the phone often.

By musicrules on AT&T - Jan 16, 2012

keeps freezing up

I don't know what is up with this phone. It keeps freezing up on me. We have two of theses phones they both do the same thing. Pick out a different one then this one.

By Wjd1150 on AT&T - Dec 31, 2011


I Had Bought A Samsung Captivate On April 4, 2011. I Was Highly Impressed With The Phone For The First Few Months, But When the Phone Started Getting Hot, Losing Battery Life Pretty Quickly, & Messing Up I Quickly Changed To A HTC Inspire. The Samsung Captivate Speakers Kept Messing Up When I Called Someone It Sounded Like They Had A High Pitched Voice Changer. The Phone Goes Very Slow & I've Like 4 Replacements In 6 Months Which Is A lot For A Phone ! I Was Highly Disappointed & With Every Replacement I Received Came With A New Problem. I Wouldn't Recommend This Phone To Anyone . To Be Honest

By khalf96 on AT&T - Dec 28, 2011

literally in love with this phone

this was my first touch screen android phone and i love it, the screeen is SUPER clear and its really user friendly you have the android market which is great the camera also takes really good pictures, i have friends with iphones and i'd prefer this by far really really great phone!!!

By androidme on AT&T - Dec 27, 2011

Welcome to Awesome

This by far is the best phone I have ever had....Ease of setting up....and tutorials to help you with just about anything. I would buy the whole family this phone if there were more colors to choose from.

By TexasRed35 on AT&T - Dec 26, 2011

Stay Away

I was eager to try out an Android phone, so when the Captivate was released last Summer, I jumped on board. I am running the 2.3, but the phone is very unstable. I've had to hard reset many times and applications such as email and Facebook crash often. You have to turn off GPS or your battery will deplete very quickly. The map application is very slow and seems to use the GPS even when you leave. The Samsung swype interface is hard to use and an added layer. The ATT branded apps are mostly useless and you cannot delete them. The phone plays a jingle every time you boot it, even when you were in silent mode before you shut it down. It takes a while for it to scan the external media, even when you do not have a card install. All in all, I hate this phone.

By Renniz on AT&T - Dec 22, 2011


This is the best phone Samsung has ever made. Its not heavy at all and doesn't take up much space in my pockebook. The battery life is wonderful and its so easy to use even my three year old can use it. The earphones are very powerful and the camera is off the chain. There is so much you could do with this phone its ridiculous. The only problem I have with this phone is the keys are very small. Anybody with big fingers would understand. Other than that this is an awesome phone.

By odiva on AT&T - Dec 18, 2011

Great Phone

Overall, this phone has had no issues but as of late, the phone has been freezing on me while using various programs. The battery life is okay if you charge the phone every night. The ease of use of the phone is not that difficult unless you have not used a touch phone before. It is pretty easy once you get used to it. The colors are great and the pictures if you use the camera come out pretty well.

By Smartphone on AT&T - Dec 16, 2011

awesome that lasts

my phone still keeps up with other phones and ive had it for two years. the screen quality is still among the best around. samsung galaxy phones are brilliant.

By kodyb on AT&T - Dec 16, 2011

Fast, great screen, nice construction!

I have had many phones and I must say this is the best thus far. The camera and video is fab. It is fast, movies are clear, volume is great. Wi-FI great! I use it for tweets, news, social media, work, and I just love it. Being an AT&T customer for quite over a decade, this is one I am truly happy with! Hoorrahh!

By Airman on AT&T - Dec 15, 2011

Easy to use android phone

I love this phone! Easy to use touchscreen, fast, w/ a lot of memory. This has been my favorite phone thus far.

By VTAG on AT&T - Dec 14, 2011

the battery life is horrible.

the battery life is not good at all. my speaker doesnt work so good if im listening to music for a long period of time. my speaker phone goes in and out while im using it.

By bossy08 on AT&T - Dec 13, 2011

Great phone!

I have has the Samsung Captivate for about a month now & would definately recommend this phone. The Swype function on text messaging is awesome, very short learning curve. Love that you can turn off data usage and only have wi-fi on, helps a ton with data usage. Battery is ok, not terrible for a smart phone. Have not had any issues with the phone freezing. Only have 2 complaints so far. 1) The volume on incoming calls is a little low even when turned all the way up. 2) The charging port is on the top of the phone which makes it a little awkward to talk on while charging. Overall a great phone that you will have hard time putting down!

By MDK23 on AT&T - Dec 13, 2011

*stay away*

I gave the phone 30 days. it didn't get any better. i just hated the phone more and more. I got the iphone 4gs and couldn't be happier. I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a good quality phone. I would also recommend an otter box to protect it.

By slim1898 on AT&T - Dec 11, 2011

good phone

This is a great phone however it does tend to freeze up occasionally I've had this phone for two months and that is my only complaint about it. I am excited to say that it is by far the best phone I've ever owned

By georoland85 on AT&T - Dec 10, 2011

Great Android Phone

This has been a great Android phone to own. The display is brilliant. The phone is easy to use. I get so much productivity out of it each day. AT&T rocks!

By Trashjuice on AT&T - Dec 9, 2011

love it!

I've had this phone for a year and a half and I still love it! Easy to use. Occasionally it freezes but i think that is from dropping ut so many times. And as much as i have dropped it, it has very few scratches and not broken in any way.

By vb24mom on AT&T - Dec 9, 2011

Best Phone ever had

The Samsung Captivate has been all i need for work and personal use. when i am ready for an upgrade i will buy the new one. we have been a customer for 15 years and this is by far the best phone i have purchased from you it has the best piture quality. It has more memory than my home laptop. I will continue to be a customer with ATT for as long as you keep selling quality products and accesories I have 5 lines with our plan and we are happy with your service, your customer service is top of the line i never spoke to anyone that couldnt help me and was knowledgable and curtious. thank you for a wonderful 15 years and look forward to another 15.

By Brien70 on AT&T - Dec 8, 2011

This is a great phone!

This phone looks great and operates great as well, It is thin and has a high resolution large display. Paired with the Android market you will have plenty of great apps and games available. Records good quality video for a phone and has a large 16GB internal storage which is expandable with a MicroSD card. I switched to this phone from using a Blackberry and I would compare this switch from Dial-Up to Broadband internet, it is one of those things you didn't know what you were missing but will never go back. I think you will feel the same. I was hesitant about going with a touch screen phone due to texting ability, but this phone does really well in touch accuracy on the screen making texting very simple to use. I really enjoy that it has built in WiFi which you can use to get online at home or any public network and save on your data plan usage. The GPS with the Google maps app has saved me more than once when we went off the beaten path and got turned around. It has a full size 3.5mm standard headphone jack which enables this device to multitask as a Mp3 entertainment device. I also bought a silicon gel cover and a screen protector that keeps my phone safe and looking great.

By TJHOOD on AT&T - Dec 7, 2011

Great for First time smartphone users

The Samsung Captivate is a wonderful phone to start out for smartphone users. It doesn't have anything that would be too confusing. It has a great camera an works with many apps.

By iPegasus88 on AT&T - Dec 7, 2011

Hope you have 3 hands!

This phone is not an easy, user friendly phone! It takes two hands to answer it when it rings, the on/off button is very small and hard to find and it's impossible to do while driving, unless you use BOTH hands! I will not get another one like this....

By sandipaws on AT&T - Dec 6, 2011

Overall an ok phone

With my personal experience, this phone is just ok! Not great or terrible either. The phone has great display and playing games is great with the big screen. The battery life on the other hand is HORRIBLE! Even when you have no apps running. I HAVE to bring my charger with me everywhere!!! The phone is great for

By loohoo on AT&T - Dec 6, 2011

great phone, real reliable

this phone is awesome. Its super fast, has rich colors, and packs a lot of storage. 16gb is a lot to store music and even movies. i cant wait to get my hands on a galaxy s II in the future.

By erndog on AT&T - Dec 6, 2011


Although it is easy to text on and the apps are cool after about 2 weeks of having it my phone froze up constantly, now its 9 months into having it and I am having to buy a new phone because the button on the side that turns the screen on wont work. I am left with out a phone because of this problem. I know several other people who have this phone and have had the same problem. If you ask me DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!

By drichlin on AT&T - Dec 4, 2011

Has short battery life but overall is a great phon

I love this phone because it is safe slim and easy to use. Has a very good memory and is really fast.

By Flippster on AT&T - Dec 4, 2011

Has No Flash!

If you want more internal memory 15G on bd. than it may be good for you. If you want a phone that is up to date, not so much.

By TimA on AT&T - Dec 3, 2011


My first smart was a Blackberry, which I really enjoyed. However, buying the Samsung Captivate, android ran, brought a whole new definition to a smart phone. Everyday I thoroughly enjoy using it and having it wake me up every morning. Its almost like my friend waking me up saying, "hey buddy I will be here all day just let me know whatever you need and I will provide whatever information you need or communicate to the best of my ability. Also, if you get tired of me, then you can always customize me however you want to allow me to entertain you constantly," (Captivate). The captivate's own words. I purchased the phone over a year ago and never have regretted it.

By Allred1980 on AT&T - Dec 3, 2011

Samsung Captivate

my overall experience with this phone was not a great one my intitial problems with the Samsung Captivate was the constant freezing of the phone the following after the randomly turning on and off of the phone on its one then the charging of my phone i would charge it during the night wake up not even 20 mins late the charging percentage would be low as in 1% low the finally my phone just stop turning on my phone is still in perfect and good shape no water damage has been very much dropped at all but i have many problems with this phone as so as two other soldiers that i work with i would not recommend this phone to no one.

By captivatingsamsung on AT&T - Dec 3, 2011

Good SmartPhone

Great phone for me. Had trouble with my first one. Swap for a new one and has work great.

By duran01 on AT&T - Dec 2, 2011

Good all around phone

Phone is good battery life could be better freezes often need to have a task killer or it is useless

By damvin01 on AT&T - Dec 2, 2011

Best Android phone I ever owner.

I owned a few android phones droid x, my touch 3g, lg optimus and I gotta say this is by far the best phone I've used. It's speed and durablity it just takes whatever you throw at it and handles it like a charm. I love this phone and wouldn't trade it for any other in its class. Can't go wrong with this phone.

By Ghostet on AT&T - Dec 1, 2011

The best phone I have ever used!

I have worked for several of the major cell phone carriers since about 1997 and have owned/used/carried hundreds of phones over the years and this is literally the best phone I have ever used. Apple phones are ok for the masses and if you're trying to fit in with your girlfriends but if you want a better performing phone this is better than the iPhone 4s...I know because I use both of them regularly. Apple phones are easily at least a generation behind the Galaxy series of Samsung phones!

By jdoggmo33 on AT&T - Nov 30, 2011

batery is horrid

my battery lasts maybe 5 hours. I dont do alot with this phone. I hardly even use it to talk on, its more or less just texting. I just bought the phone 2 weeks ago and have to charge it twice a day. and the camera is junk

By scgrrl85 on AT&T - Nov 30, 2011

Great! Battery life could be better, but tolerable

I've had this for a couple of years and really like it. The display is beautiful for pictures, the internet, and videos. Text entry is always tough for me with phones and I don't do a huge amount, but it's fine. I downloaded the Gingerbread keyboard and prefer it slightly over the Swype. Lately I've been using the voice feature to make occasional text mesages while driving. If you speak clearly and separate the words it works surprisingly well. Battery life isn't great if you use the internet off WiFi despite Juice Defender and Task Killer. I get about a day and recharge overnight or in the car. Recharging is quite fast though. Usually less than an hour. Photo quality is good and the shutter is fairly responsive. Video isn't bad but tough to avoid shakes. Mostly I use a Bluetooth with wired ear buds and sound is excellent either voice or music. Lots of apps but I don't use many. Very occasional freezes so I remove/replace battery. Easy to slide open back and remove card. Has a standard jack so I can plug in a cassette adapter and listen in the car. Power opening has a door so keeps cleaner. I play solitaire and Sudoku and both are a pleasure. Also downloaded Labyrinth and that really shows off the accelerometer...amazing sensitivity, just like the real game. Did I say the display is really beautiful? Overall, extremely pleased with this phone/mini computer.

By gfphoto on AT&T - Nov 30, 2011


The samsung captivate is a great phone. It is fast,and easy to use, to easy I went over my data in 2 days! Camera takes great pics and the music.

By mrleon9 on AT&T - Nov 22, 2011

great phone

I have 2 captivates these are greay phones especially if you go to xda developers and learn to make it better. I have droped my captivate in the toilet it has gone flying at walls and still functions just fine, I should mention i do have the otterbox case for it.

By cjd50 on AT&T - Nov 21, 2011

Great Phone

This is the first fast phone I have owned. It is very easy to use. It has great features, and it very easy to operate. I like the camera, but you do have to be careful when you take a picture, that your fingers are not on the lens. It has great color. I would very highly recommend this phone.

By anchorman428 on AT&T - Nov 20, 2011

Sleek & Stylish, Makes Me Feel FANCY!

Slim, sleek design is only one of the good things about this phone! Great for Texting & getting online. I was a little apprehensive about it's durability, but it has sustained several falls onto concrete & tile. Highly Recommended!

By pugmy on AT&T - Nov 20, 2011

Over all one of the best.

An excellent over all phone. Gives the iPhone a run for its money.

By Rednine on AT&T - Nov 19, 2011

Wonderful Smartphone!!!

It's our first Smartphone. Great clear, sharp screen. Only thing is no flash for nighttime pics. Otherwise great camera!! Love this phone. Would recommend it for first smartphone users, so easy!! Have to charge battery everday, no biggie. Volume button could be in better location

By rocker27 on AT&T - Nov 19, 2011

Can't go wrong...really

This is a very solid phone. The screen displays well in all lighting situations from the office/classroom to outside with the automatic screen adjuster tool....thing I don't do much gaming on the phone, but little I do manage to get in is *very* smooth and the phone stays responsive through the resource demanding sections. Texting and calling is excellent. Sound in 5.1 surround with 5.1 compatible headphones. My only con is that from time to time I will hang up the the phone with my face, but that can be fix going to the home page and locking the phone while in a voice call. Take care of this phone, and this phone will take care of you. screen protector + nice protective case = longevity.

By ZehProto on AT&T - Nov 18, 2011

Love this phone!

Bought this phone a few months ago and have had little problems with it. Battery life is kinda of bad, but what can you expect from a smartphone? Very easy to use, takes some getting used to if your upgrading from a smaller phone.

By mmw91 on AT&T - Nov 17, 2011

Cool Phone

I had this phone and I was thrilled with it. It was my first android device and it works well. It's very quick and the messaging app is nice. Its only draw back is the battery life. I just ordered a spare battery on amazon and it was perfect...

By Meagen on AT&T - Nov 17, 2011

this is the worst phone i have ever had!

this phone freezes all the time, will run very slow, very poor navigation! I am on my 2nd captivate with the first one at&t replaced, but the 2nd phone has alllll the same problems! The one any only good thing about thet phone, is, it takes great pictures, even with out a flash! I have been counting the months until I am able to upgrade to a phone that is worth having!

By sweetvall on AT&T - Nov 16, 2011

Top of the line phone!

I am actually grudgingly upgrading to a simular phone because this one is a keeper. It's the perfect size and has all the features you could ever want. Plenty of storage and an awsome camera to boot. Buy it and you'll love it. SWYPE is also the only way to write on a phone ever again, no more cramped thumbs!

By Jewelzz on AT&T - Nov 14, 2011

good and bad

Theres more good then bad, the bad is that it can be very slow. the battery could be better, but other then that it is a good phone. Very clear. Very good camera and video player.

By shellnrs on AT&T - Nov 14, 2011

good phone not to many problems.

i have had this phone for over a year now and have not had to many problems with it. i have put it thru some abuse also. its only lately been acting up and freezing but that was after a lil bit of water damage. all togher its a durable phone and fun to use

By nick806 on AT&T - Nov 13, 2011

Battery=Terrible, Great Features/Social Usage

The battery life is the only key problem for this phone. I have two different apps for "killing" applications, and i use them at least 7-10 times a day and my battery still seems to be under 10% within 6-7 hours. The features of the phone are great though, the endless amount of apps are perfect for anyone, and for any use. The texting and social connection aspect of the phone is great, there are built in apps for this. The phone seems like it can't handle certain apps though, as the battery life decreases substantially and it has frequent freezes of lags. The design is very good though, ive dropped it several times and have only experienced very small scratches to the top or bottom. The screen is practically indestructible and so is the back of the phone. The Screen is also very good as well, Videos are easy to watch with the great graphics.

By Thopas on AT&T - Nov 11, 2011

Battery don't last long!

I love everything I can do with this phone especially the sliding texting. I DO NOT like the fact that I have to charge my phone all the time even when I'm never on it throughout the day!

By mntwinsfan520 on AT&T - Nov 9, 2011

So unreliable!

I loved the freedom you had. To personalize this phone but that's where it ends! Battery, junk! Applications that came with phone, unreliable. As I'm typing now this vibration just stopped! The media volume goes in and out! My email never loads! Texts come through the next day. Some Widgets wont load. I can go on and on but I'm am really dissatisfied. All and all the phone is just unreliable, especially if you use it for everything!

By hbanana01 on AT&T - Nov 9, 2011

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Samsung Captivate | AT&T

The Samsung Captivate (SGH-i897 in the US, SGH-i896 in Canada) is a high-end smartphone running Googles Android version 2.1 on AT&T (US) or Rogers (Canada). Being a Samsung Galaxy S line phone, the Samsung Captivate is essentially the North American version of the international Galaxy S as it sports basically the same specs and features: a 4-inch Super-AMOLED display, 7.2Mbps HSPA, a 1GHz...
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