Pantech P7000 Impact Pink Smartphone - AT&T

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These days your phone should reflect your character. Impact is thin, less than 1", with a high-gloss blackout faceplate. Turn it on to find it is really a touchpad outfitted with music player controls plus standard numeric keys and LCD screen. Open up the clamshell design, and a full QWERTY keypad with shortcut keys is at your fingertips. Impact has one-touch access for IM, text, email, and multitasking to easily switch from app to app. A 2.6" widescreen LCD, flanked by two speakers for enhanced sound experience, is perfect for browsing the Web, taking pictures or video, and playing games all to keep you connected to your world. It stands out in the crowd. It's always there for you. Impact is your digital BFF!

Quick Glance

Color: Pink

Phone Carrier: AT&T

Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth Yes

Form Factor: Flip

Data Capabilities: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA

Interface Connection: USB Yes

Slots: microSD

Smart Features: Calculator, Speakerphone, Photo Caller ID, Web Browser, Java, Game, Music Player, Video Player, Voice Dialing, Voice Memo, Predictive Text Input, Computer Synchronization, Video Recording, Voice Recording, Speed Dialing, Voice Mail, Flight Mode

Camera: 2 Megapixel


Product Title: Pantech P7000 Impact Pink Smartphone - AT&T

Manufacturer: Pantech

Power Score: 3.7 | 450 Reviews

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Not Worth It

I guess this phone's ok. I've dropped it so many times and it still works perfectly fine! But i have many problems with this phone. First it goes so slow and no matter where I'm at to use the web, music, ect it goes super slow! Second, when I first got it I could open and send picture messages and now it won't let me. Third, you can't have a texting signature! Fourth, which is a huge one for me,...
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By HatinIt on AT&T - Jan 17, 2012

ive had this phone for a year. LONGEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! this phone shuts off, the battery stinks, and if youre like me and tend to drop things a lot DO NOT GET THIS PHONE! im not just writing this to rip on AT&T but this phone is truley the worst phone ive ever had. EVER. thank the lord sweet jesus that i can upgrade in august cause i cannot wait to get rid of this thing! its been broken,...
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By gennygall on AT&T - Jan 14, 2012

Not Worth Buying

I've had this phone for about a year now, and it's bulky and annoying to carry around. It is covered in scratches and I hate it. I would suggest anything but this.

By justsomerandomperson on AT&T - Jan 14, 2012

A phone JUST for texters

I got this phone about a year ago. I thought it was so cool that it had vibrating keys when I first got it, but honestly, now it's pretty annoying. Also, you can't keep all your messages, because it doesn't have a lot of memory. You have to delete them. The camera and video quality is horrible. Completely horrible. The games . . . If you want anything out of them you have to buy the full version....
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By ThatGirl1836 on AT&T - Jan 9, 2012

Great phone

Luv this phone but it freezes a lot when u get too many texts which is annoying! But other than that woot woot woot and u know it! Love it!=)

By Monk430 on AT&T - Jan 8, 2012

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