Pantech Crossover P8000 GSM Unlocked Android Cell Phone (Black) PAN P8000 GRAY


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The Pantech Crossover is a side-slider smartphone with QWERTY keyboard running Android 2.2. It has 3.1 inch touchscreen, 3MP camera, 600MHz processor, Wi-Fi, and supports up to 32GB microSD memory cards. Unlocked for all GSM carriers. Will not work for CDMA Carriers like Verizon, Sprint and Alltel


Product Title: Pantech Crossover P8000 GSM Unlocked Android Cell Phone (Black) PAN P8000 GRAY

Manufacturer: Pantech

Lowest Price: $140.50 from Marketplace

Power Score: 3.4 | 69 Reviews

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the phone overall is great i love the way it looks and performs. the phone does slow down like every android but just download a task killer and it gets better. the phone isnt slow and everyne on here says the home key sticks but mine has never done that

This phone is awesome it looks good and performs good. the phone loads web pages good and the speakers are loud. The phone looks great its a toughphone and they did a great job designing it. the batter could use a little work, if you disable a lot of the battery draining setting the battery becomes decent. people on hre say the lock button has sticking problems but thats never happened to me. i...
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By dmelvin on AT&T - Aug 4, 2012

worst phone in the world

i was so excited to get this phone but shortly after i was disappointed because the battery life is horrible, the phone turns itself off randomly. it is just the worst phone ever and i would not recommend this to a friend. i would rather get a flip phone that's how bad it is.

By kelly127 on AT&T - Jul 30, 2012

What a disappointment!!

I was so excited to finally get my first smartphone but my excitement quickly ended! I have to switch on & off, sometimes having to remove battery, because it's constantly freezing. It's soooo slow, the battery life is non-existant & the reception for voice calls is terrible. I can hardly wait for my next up-grade. Sorry AT&T, nothing great I can say about my experience with this phone.

By joshu on AT&T - Jul 1, 2012

its okay..

okay i got this phone for my little sister she texts alot and facebooks alot it gets sloooowwwwerrr and sloooowwweerrr every day her lock button sticks all the time i would not tell anyone to get this phone!

By Divy on AT&T - Jun 25, 2012

Great android with a keyboard

Great phone and size with super talk and text as well as web browsing. I prefer over the i-phone anyday.

By F0NKE on AT&T - Jun 19, 2012

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