Palm Treo 650 smartphone - Sprint

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Operating System: Palm OS

Form Factor: Candy Bar

Data Capabilities: Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Interface Connection: Proprietary, Serial - Infrared (IrDA-SIR), USB - Universal Serial Bus "A", IrDA, Bluetooth

Slots: MultiMedia Card (MMC), SD Card, SD I/O Card

Smart Features: Email, Integrated Camera, Integrated MP3 Player, PC Connectivity, Video Capture, Web Browser


Product Title: Palm Treo 650 smartphone - Sprint

Manufacturer: Palm

Power Score: 4.4 | 13 Reviews

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Great Treo

Strengths: great product

The treo works perfectly fine. i would recommend it to any one thinking to purchase it. The bluetooth works works good. The speakerphone is audible. You can't assign specific ringtones to contacts, however. however it does work well

By kburdier - Apr 4, 2006

My 2nd PDA Phone

Strengths: A real PDA with mobile phone capabilities. MP3 player, Digital and Video Camera

Weakness: Video Camera has a limited time. Camera has no flash, only good for snapshots in full daylight. Hard to find both ear-headsets with microphone (for MP3 player & phone). Why do we even have a stylus?

I had a Samsung I300(one of the 1st gen. PDA/Phone) for over 3 yrs. The Treo 650 is a really great phone if you must have the combination. I cannot do business on the go without it. But for someone like my wife it would be wasted and a smaller compact under $100 is more for her. So don't get it if you really have no need for a PDA... even the cheapest model cellphones has calendar and address...
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By anonymous; - Nov 7, 2005

Treo 650, Smart-All-In-One-Phone

Strengths: Great battery life, smart design, keypad, great sound for phone, mp3 player.

Weakness: VGA camera.

I have carried a cellphone and a palm pilot for the last 5 years. This past year I just got tired of carrying them around so one by one I started leaving them behind. I was trying to wait for the next generation of Treo to come out. Last week I decided to get a Treo 650 and I have not been dissappointed. Coupled with stereo headphones and a Ridata 2GB SD card($140), I have a phone, pda, wireless...
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By Edwin966 - Aug 19, 2005

Best all in One device

Strengths: *Size *Ease of use *Camera quality *Data service *Versatility

Weakness: *A few bugs here and there but with every electronic device, that's too be expected *Price

Coming from a Treo faithful, having been through the 300 & 600, this Treo 650 device is THE BEST convergence device on the market. Palm platform allows for the most versatility usage among all the smartdevice. Phone quality is above average but that's only because I'm partial to Bluetooth ratings.

By speedy_j - Jul 26, 2005

If you have this phone and a 1gig...

Strengths: Easy to use, lots of apps, play mp3 without headset, easy data entry, very easy to enjoy.

Weakness: It just reboots sometimes, and not that much free memory.

If you have this phone and a 1gig SD card. The world is yours, plus so many ad ons to make this phone the only device you need to carry with you.

By dflet - May 16, 2005

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