Palm One Treo 600 Silver Smartphone - Unlocked

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Now you can use just one device instead of many to get it all done. The Treo 600 smartphone from palmOne seamlessly combines a full-featured mobile phone and Palm Powered organizer with wireless email and text messaging, web browsing and even a digital camera. And you get it all in one device that's so small it fits right in your pocket.

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Operating System: Palm OS 5.2.1H

Data Capabilities: GPRS, IrDA, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Personal Organizer Features, Short Message Service (Text Paging), Voice Mail

Slots: Secure Digital (SD) Card, MultiMediaCard (MMC)

Smart Features: Email, Integrated Camera, Integrated Palm Computing, Phone Book


Product Title: Palm One Treo 600 Silver Smartphone - Unlocked

Manufacturer: Palm

Power Score: 4.7 | 24 Reviews

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Expect less

Strengths: extra features

Weakness: works not more than a year

I have been using this since past two years....fortunately I got it replaced with a new phone at the end of the first year as I had one year the end of the second year....I started looking for a new phone.

I was trying say...IT WORKS ONLY FOR A YEAR....AT THE MAX

By anonymous; - Feb 22, 2006

Do not recommend. Terrible service...

Do not recommend. Terrible service barely picks up signal. Crashes continously. Recently locked up and I had to return it to the sprint store to get a new one. I would not go with this model next time.

By JMarsh - Oct 2, 2005

Review Updated 8-22-05

Strengths: Great reception, clear sound, crammed full of features, easy to use and navigate.

Weakness: Poor camera quality, no bluetooth, little pricey. EDITED TO ADD - after using this phone for 7 months I would not recommend it! We went through 4 phones until Cingular replaced it with a 650.

EDITED TO ADD: After using this phone for 6+ months I would NOT recommend it! We went through 4 phones until Cingular replaced it with a 650. First phone - could not receive calls. Second phone - Could not stay connected to the network and phone would not ring. Third phone - Could not place calls. Last phone - Could not make or receive calls. After getting upgraded to the 650 I would say save...
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By TNDave - Mar 28, 2005

Its great for messaging and a...

Strengths: Crammed with features

Weakness: A little bulky

Its great for messaging and a must-have for email. But dont let its small size fool you. Dome-shaped keys and large text make it incredibly accurate too. And, for one-handed action, the central five-way navigation button lets you scroll through applications, menus and lists without ever touching the screen. Its also a digital camera and more. Take a picture, view it on your color screen or send...
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By michaeldorazio - Mar 4, 2005

My previous Treo was the 270....

Strengths: The plastic seems a little more resistant to knocks than the 270. The one handed navigation is easier. Memory expansion is easy.

Weakness: Lack of blue tooth.

My previous Treo was the 270. Compared to this the 600 was easier to navigate, especially with one hand. The secure digital card slot is a big improvement since the 24MB internal memory gets full very quickly. The camera takes better close ups than my Canon 5 meg pixel camera in good light. The SIM card slides in easily in its own tray. The only thing missing is bluetooth which is on the Treo 650.

By WhistlingRabbit - Dec 7, 2004

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