LG G2 - Black Smartphone Cell Phone - AT&T

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LG G2 4G LTE AT&T Locked Cell Phone

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Phone Carrier: AT&T

Color: Black


Product Title: LG G2 - Black Smartphone Cell Phone - AT&T

Manufacturer: LG

Power Score: 4.7 | 16 Reviews

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Never thought I'd be writing this review.....

First off, I want to start by saying that I am a huge Apple fanboy. But, that has changed now. I have owned the iPhone 5S, the HTC One, and the Galaxy S4. I always...ALWAYS went back to Apple devices after owning these other Android phones. That is not the case anymore with the LG G2. After having problems with my iPhone 5S and then it completely dying at the AT&T Store, and the reps didn't even...
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By SamM25 on AT&T - Nov 11, 2013

Great Phone!!!!

I have only had this phone for a week and I love everything about it. It is easy to use and the battery life is great. I have not had to charge it in the middle of the day at all and when it does charge it charges really fast. The battery lasts all day. I downloaded over 700 songs and I still have 20GB available. I love the screen size. I also love how fast is it and it never lags. The camera is...
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By nascarmomma1984 on AT&T - Nov 9, 2013

Awesome performance and Beautiful look

I definitely give 1st rank to this phone as I have tried Samsung and Apple. It is the best phone. If you want check it in internet about the Processor and Battery, 13MP camera. All games are like pancake in this mobile. I ok to 299 with 2 year contract. But now AT&T is giving 150 with 2 year contract. Again it is the best phone ever from LG and best phone in Android as well. Because of the...
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By KamaLVachiravel on AT&T - Nov 6, 2013

Best phone I have ever had

I have never written a review in my life, but had to on this phone. Screen size is great while keeping overall size reasonable. Battery life is unbelievable. Off charger for 10 hours and still have 93% battery after checking emails regularly, browsing news articles and downloading a few apps. Not loaded with bloatware like the Samsungs. If anything I wish the speakers and ringer were a little...
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By BeyDashian on AT&T - Nov 4, 2013

My first Android phone and I couldn't be happier..

This is my first Android phone and I love it. The screen is amazing, the UI isn't offensive and this thing is fast. Absolutely no lag to be found. The ability to play 24/192 FLAC files is a bonus for me. I could do without the AT&T bloatware, but otherwise it really is a great phone. I found the buttons on the back to be quite natural after a few days, and the "knock-knock" feature to wake the...
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By Jrussojr on AT&T - Oct 29, 2013

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