HTC One X 16GB GSM Unlocked Android OS Cell Phone (Gray) Silver/gray

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HTC One X - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS - 3G - 16 GB - 4.7 - Super LCD 2 - gray

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Color: Grey/Gray


Product Title: HTC One X 16GB GSM Unlocked Android OS Cell Phone (Gray) Silver/gray

Manufacturer: HTC

Power Score: 4.6 | 39 Reviews

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This phone was great for about 2 months, then it completely flaked out. Cuts-off for no reason, and won;t come back on for maybe 10 minutes, maybe an hour, maybe a few hours. Very unreliable.

By sydthekid on AT&T - Dec 21, 2012

Excellent phone

This phone is so light weight and extremely easy to navigate. The screen is so clear it looks fake.The android operating system is miles better than any other. Had a windows phone for 8 months and as soon as I could upgrade I did.There is nothing I don't like about this phone, if you get the chance to get this phone DO IT!!!

By mindyg123 on AT&T - Dec 16, 2012

Great product

I have used this phone for three months now. I have not had any issue with it. Voice is clear, but the speaker phone is not that good. The screen size is perfect, big enough but not too big. I still have many things to explore.

By jewl94c on AT&T - Dec 10, 2012

Love this phone. Great mini tablet too

I upgraded from an iphone 3gs. The HTC one x is light years beyond my old iphone. First the screen. It's 4.7 inches. I can view a full week on my calendar, and instantly punch down to the day view. I tried it with netflix, and it works great. Brilliant. The screen is big enough to use it as a small tablet. In fact, I rarely use my tablet anymore because the HTC works so well. Next the processor....
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By Telecasterman on AT&T - Dec 6, 2012

Awesome phone,I call it my communicator

after reading all of the reviews from consumers and experts i was ready to go with an iPhone upgrade but at the last minute i changed my mind and bought this one and i made the right choice this is a great piece of technology i also purchased the otter case which really makes the phone look really good ,a nice brilliant screen and it is super fast ,tons of apps this is really a good piece of...
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By paris863 on AT&T - Jul 13, 2012

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