HTC 7 Surround Smartphone - 3.5G - Slider - Gray - AT&T - Windows Phone 7 - 3.8 LCD 480 x 800 - 5...

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Unlocked HTC Surround Bluetooth Camera WiFi PDA Phone The HTC Surround is a Windows Phone 7 that supports Dolby Mobile and SRS surround sound, audience noise suppression and the aforementioned integrated stereo speaker . The phone was released on November


Product Title: HTC 7 Surround Smartphone - 3.5G - Slider - Gray - AT&T - Windows Phone 7 - 3.8 LCD 480 x 800 - 5 Megapixel Camera - Quad Band GPS Reciever - Bluetooth - USB - 4 Hour Talk Time

Manufacturer: HTC

Power Score: 3.9 | 153 Reviews

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HTC surround phone all around

The HTC surround phone hands down has the most features and powerful OS that a phone could ever need! WOW

By stupidforbuying on AT&T - Oct 1, 2011

awesome phone minus the battery...

Let me get straight to it. 1. Windows Phone 7.5 (updated from 7) this OS is, in my opinion, the best OS out there for mobile phones. Sure it lacks some features that Android and iOS have, but It makes up for it with its great visual language and the directness of how information is conveyed. Windows Phone is designed to get you the information without having to navigate through grids of icons and...
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By TripletsDad on AT&T - Sep 30, 2011

Sleek, intuitive, and user-centered

I shopped the other major smartphone offerings and got tired of wading through a sea of icons trying to find the information I was looking for. WP7 is a fantastic OS that drives data straight to the user. It also provides developers with a ton of tools and capabilities to make the phone even better long after purchase. The only problem with the Surround (specifically the Surround) is that the...
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By paneerakbari on AT&T - Sep 27, 2011

Good phone for business use.

Overall the phone is very nice, and has some great features. I read the reviews before I bought the phone, and so far I have had no problems. I am very pleased. The only drawback with this phone, is you cannot download any ring tones.

By MamaSan on AT&T - Sep 25, 2011

placement of the online search key

The phone, overall is ok. But having the bing online search key as hard key at the bottom of the phone next to the only two phone nav hard keys is awfull. Its @ the bottom right hand corner so changing the phone from one hand to the other while talking can send you searching on the internet. whats worse, if you accidently hit this key while using an app, it ends the app and goes to bing search....
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By dken on AT&T - Sep 14, 2011

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