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I've sent my broken machine to the...

Strengths: good machine, many pro's use it. Worked fine till it broke.

Weakness: Input microphone section broke. I can't get it repaired by the JVC company repair site in either NJ, or Ca. see comment section. Upset at JVC.

I've sent my broken machine to the West Coast JVC repair center and they don't have the spec's to fix it. I called the New Jersey repair center and both groups said that machine purchased from the New Jersey guys at Electronics City designated as part number "XLMV303" was not supposed to be sold in this country and they can't repair it. Yah, I know, it's weird. I may get info next week and will add another review to this sight. Call the NJ or Ca repair centers with this part number to verify that info yourself. I would say I could be in error if I didn't ship the machine to the repair center, they called me with this explanation. I wrote JVC, but no word yet. I'm still confused by JVC, just ask about the subject when buying, it's a pain in the butt right now. If anyone at JVC reads this with the answer give me a call, you JVC idiots.

By khiggins - Aug 16, 2003