Players THD400 Add-on HD Radio Tuner

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Love local radio? Then it's time to check out the crystal-clear reception and high-quality sound that HD Radio technology brings to AM and FM broadcasts. Just connect this THD400 tuner to your Clarion receiver, and start enjoying what HD Radio has to offer. On participating stations, you'll hear AM that's as clear as FM, along with FM that's almost CD quality. This tuner is compatible with select Clarion NX, NZ, VX, and VZ multimedia receivers. With your iPod connected, you'll be able to "tag" tunes that catch your ear on HD Radio so you can buy them later at the iTunes store. Many HD Radio stations also broadcast more than one channel on the same frequency. The THD400 tuner allows you to select these additional channels, giving you even more listening choices


Product Title: Players THD400 Add-on HD Radio Tuner

Manufacturer: Players

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