Pioneer Premier TS-W3004SPL Subwoofer

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Stand back. The Premier TS-W3004SPL subwoofer is designed to produce enormously powerful music. Just take a look at its super-heavy-duty construction, all designed to handle up to 3,000 watts max. The titanium voice coil bobbin. The ceramic-coated voice coil wire. Double-stacked magnets for higher power, and a step-up radial surround for superior control and long excursions. We used an aluminum heat sink and even constructed a cast-aluminum basket for this sub. Add in our patented IMPP cone and you've got a monster sub that can handle whatever you want to throw at it.

Quick Glance

Diameter: 12 in

Voice Coil: Dual

Total RMS Power Output (4 Ohms): 1 kW (RMS) / 3 kW (PMPO)

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm


Product Title: Pioneer Premier TS-W3004SPL Subwoofer

Manufacturer: Pioneer

Power Score: 4.7 | 18 Reviews

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Strengths: These subs can handle a lot of power and they are just amazing.

Weakness: NONE AT ALL

I have 2 12' subs in my mustang and they are just the best subs that I have ever owned. My friend tell me that they can hear me from a mile away. When I first bought the speakers 4 yrs ago powered by a 1400.1 autotek mean machine amp I had them hooked up in a 95 Galant. They pounded so hard that i broke the brake light. Now I have them in my mustang and I already broke the rear view mirror. I...
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By jase7783 - Mar 31, 2010

ts-30004 spl

Strengths: everything

Weakness: nothing

i have ts-3004 spl i need to know the size of the box and if i should go for ported or sealed
i have bxi1608d brutus hifonics amp

By anonymous; - Dec 8, 2009

Best subwoofer i have ever had

Strengths: The price is cheap for the quality you get.

Weakness: havent found any yet

This subwoofer hits harder than any other sub i ahve ever had. I have had a 15" kicker L7 a 2-10" rockford t2's and 2 12" alpine type-r's (and a lot more) and this single 12" subwoofer hit 144.7 db on termlab mounted on my dash. Thats almost 10db higher than i got with my L7 so everyone who sayd Oh kicker is the best is wrong. I got this premier for $40 on ebay because the guy had it spelled...
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By anonymous; - Feb 23, 2009

Excellent Subwoofer

Strengths: well itz a premier sub, so that speaks for itself, itz Pioneer's top of the line, and it performs as such.

Weakness: As one person said, if you don't have the right enclosure it won't perform as well as it should.

I have two of these beasts hooked up to a PRS-D2000SPL amp and man it really slams, people know itz me from nearly a quarter mile away. These subs handle all types of music impressively, i would recommend them to anyone and I wouldn't trade them for any other brand, except a newer Pioneer Premier model, ;)

By ZerocooLXlr8 - Jan 16, 2008


Strengths: special finish quality hard bass excellent concentraction 1000 w rms very cool look 12 kg qweight mean heavy duty matrial

Weakness: nothing

this sub is the best i heard in my life its very powerfull and very good looking i recomend it for everyone to use it it extremly loud

By exellent; - Sep 9, 2007

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