JL Audio 10w7 10 W7 Subwoofer

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The W7 embodies JL Audio’s commitment to pushing the envelope of speaker technology, with six patented technologies and a completely unique set of component parts. Each W7 model has been meticulously engineered to reproduce sub-bass with extreme fidelity at any volume level, provided it is installed and tuned properly.At first glance, you may only see a rather massive woofer, but as you begin to analyze the technology and the performance envelope of a W7, you will realize that they are much more than just another big SPL speaker. For us, designing a pure SPL speaker, with no regard to sound quality, would have presented a far lesser challenge than the one we chose to undertake with the W7 project. The goal was to design subwoofer drivers that deliver immense output with an extremely high level of fidelity. It wouldn’t be enough for the speaker to sound great or be loud, it had to do both. This goal required us to develop a deeper understanding of the inner behavior of speakers, proprietary modeling systems and six patented or patent-pending technologies. We could have made a good-sounding, big speaker without going through any of this effort, but we chose to stretch our limits and devote the time and resources necessary to create a real breakthrough. Along the way, we encountered many obstacles and dead ends which affected our design direction. We considered countless solution sets and discovered, through modeling, experimentation and dozens of prototype generations, which ones would help achieve our goal (and which would not).

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Diameter: 10 in

Nominal Impedance: 3 ohm(s)


Product Title: JL Audio 10w7 10 W7 Subwoofer

Manufacturer: JL Audio

Power Score: 4.5 | 7 Reviews

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dont waste your money

Strengths: none

Weakness: cheaply built and sounds terrible campared to others that are much cheaper

dont waste your money on this piece of crap it is very cheaply made and not worth any were near what you pay for the price of this you could get an amp,subs,and box for cheaper and it will blow this out of the water check out powerbass 3xls better known as the jl w7 killers and are cheaper all im saying is you are just buying the name.

By anonymous; - Jun 9, 2010

the best

Strengths: the best 10" ever

Weakness: price...which is compounded by the explination below.

this is the best sub you can buy...it is well worth saving up for this, however dont be expecting this to make your stereo. You need top of the line amps, mids, tweets or else this WILL drown out everytthing else in your car. Although they sound good at any volume, these are made to pound fast, clean, and loud...don't waste the power or money if your not into getting a complete stereo.

By anonymous; - Feb 1, 2008

W7 is the way to go...if you have the money

Strengths: So clear, even when not turned up it sounds amazing. As a 10 inch sub it doesnt take up a lot of space. Can blow girls clothes off when turned up!

Weakness: Price, also this is a heavy sub...but that is also why it rocks.

I have had a number of sub set ups in my various vehicles. I started with 2 12 inch sony explodes, then switched to 2 10 inch MTX subs, then 2 JL 12 inch W6 and finally 1 10 inch W7. My set up is using the factory built box with a 500/1 amp. The W7 is by far the best I have heard or used. The box takes up a lot less space and sounds much cleaner then the 2 12 W6 i had before at low volume. The 2...
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By kicker240 - Sep 28, 2007

Not for the weak hearted

Strengths: Clean loud sound. I can't emphasize how loud and clean this sub is. For the size, this sub is clearly in another league of it's own, bottom line.

Weakness: Don't put this sub in a clearly unperpared vehicle! Again, not for the weak hearted or poseur types.

How many " 10 subs do you know out right now that rivals subs in the "15 range and better? Better yet, just do the research, this SUB has no peer at this size, regardless of category, period. I'd urge anyone that's thinking of using this sub on a daily basis to rethink the notion that they could use two of them. Trust me, on a daily basis, just one "10 W7 is well more than enough. It may seem...
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By Thanos_Exodus - Feb 22, 2007

great sub.............period.

Strengths: all

Weakness: none

da** man this speaker will bump no bull****. i got one 10 w7 with a 500/1 amp hooked up in my mazda 626 and it looks and sounds like my da** trunks coming off..buy one if possible it want fell you!!!!!

By hotone666 - Apr 13, 2006

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