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My first sub/amp install in my 2005 RSX

Strengths: Great bass, very convenient size, and clean finish.

Weakness: None so far

I was looking for a powered subwoofer and happened across the Infinity Basslink. After reading one good review after another, I decided to buy one for my car and try it now. I am TOTALLY satisfied with the purchase! I'm not a bass junkie, but I do want some bump in my music. The Basslink provides a good amount of bass in the cabin, but doesn't shake neighborhoods (exactly what I wanted). The size and black enclosure really compliments the interior of my car nicely.

By fuzzielitlpanda - Sep 4, 2005

I just got this powered sub from...

Strengths: Super Bass!

I just got this powered sub from Etronics. Delivery was super fast so in one day I already hooked it up. So I just want to say that I've got what I missed - super deep bass. I have Alpine headunit four polk 6,5 and Infinity Basslink. So now my audio system is comleted. Of course you not gonna shake a car next to you, it wasn't my goal though, but definetely you will love that deep smooth BASS.
And by the way I still have a lot of space in my trunk, course it is so compact, but powerefull enough. I highly recomend that sub!

By Koreets - Nov 24, 2003

This was the very first sub I had...

Strengths: Clean sound, small size, very easy installation

Weakness: Not the loudness system.

This was the very first sub I had in a car. It was very easy to install (did it the same day I got it). It worked great with my simple headunit and works great on stock stereos(comes with speaker wire to hook up to stock systems). I listen to everything from rock to rap, but my favorite music is clasical and jazz. The I enjoyed basslink's clean sound when listening to such music. Great starter sub and perfect if all you want is the missing bass from stock systems.

By qynar - Oct 31, 2004

Good sub, purchased for a little...

Strengths: Hits well, cheap price, easy to install with minimal hassles. This isn't the earthquake some may be looking for but if you wanna turn some heads and like nice clean sound, this is the thing to get!

Weakness: None for such a great price..if you want to spend 600 on a seperate amp and sub, then pass this up

Good sub, purchased for a little over 200, and it's compact, i drive and rsx, didn't want to sarcifice the extra room for a box.

By kastor - Jan 14, 2004


Strengths: Easy to install and operate. Good clean crisp bass that you can really feel. Won't empty your wallet and saves trunk space.

Weakness: It hasn't happend to me, but I hear the verticle mounting brakets can break easily, so be careful when securing them to your car.

WELL worth the money! It really does produce fantastic bass you can feel. It won't shake the ground or pedestrians, but it fills in the sound exteremly well. It's not intended to win competitions, but is perfect for people like me that want the extra bass and keep the space in my trunk!!

By lotar_6 - Apr 9, 2006

This product ROCKS! if you like...

Strengths: compact, easy install, more bass than expected, great sound control, very crisp lows,

Weakness: not for people that want to bleed from their ears.

This product ROCKS! if you like good music and great sound quality than this will please you very much. It's worth every penny. I've owned many bass systems and I love this one the most! Install was very easy and the results are outstanding! I recommend going all Infinity with your speakers too.

By nio15 - Jun 19, 2006

Sub for my Pathfinder

Strengths: Amount of Power for the Price. Small size makes it easily concealable, and surpriseing power. Easy installation. Flexible mounting. Ability to control sound level from remote. Fit and Finish.

Weakness: None so far.

I am very impressed with the Basslink Powered Sub from Infinity. It has a tremendous amount of power for the small size. I had a factory system that has a Infinity Sub in my old vehicle and this blows it out of the water. It is very small and easily concealable, which will come in handy. Also the "remote control" that I had installed in the dash makes changing the level of the sub very easy (the turn of a dial). I am very excited about my purchase and would recommend it to anyone, especialy someone with a SUV or Hatchback.

By uffrank - Mar 24, 2006

Great fix for the impossible BMW Z3 Roadster Stereo

Strengths: Amazingly clear sound. Lots of power. Low price.

Weakness: Large housing to install in a roadster.

This Infinity powered sub is amazing. I was skeptical that it could improve the sound in my BMW Z3 since the stock stereo was horrible, and I had resigned myself to having a sorry stereo in exchange for driving my fun car. After installing the sub, I'm amazed by the clarity and power coming out of the system now. The existing stock speakers and amp are capable of producing only highs and mids, and the Basslink easily takes care of the rest. Did I say it was amazing? I read the reviews before I purchased and thought it was a good bet since everyone was raving about it. I installed it in the trunk using an installation kit I found on eBay for about $45; the install kit is specifically for the Infinity Basslink and BMW. Having zero experience installing anything, it was relatively easy. I ended up bolting the sub down to the removeable carpet piece in the trunk, directly over the battery. The plywood base on the carpet is sturdy enough to keep it in place, and I can remove the sub easily along with the carpet if I need the extra trunk space. Tuning the Basslink to your music style, car, and listening habits is an art all its own. However, there are only three controls used to tune it, and the instructions Infinity provides are clear. If you need to upgrade the stock system in your BMW, especially a Z3, this is a great option. I highly recommend it.

By kmantexas - Nov 7, 2006

All I can say is WOW! This is, by...

Strengths: Easy installation; compact; built-in crossover, gain control and volume; wired remote gain control; RCA and high-level speaker inputs

Weakness: None if you know what you're buying!

All I can say is WOW! This is, by far, the best $200 (on eBay) I have ever spent on car audio. My days of custom sub boxes and room for dual 12" subs is long gone. I wanted something to add the missing depth and "thump" to my Sony Xplod head unit, even though I already had dual 6.5" factory subs in my 2004 Mazda MPV. Not only does this box sound awesome and perform beyond my expectation (and I've been a loyal Infinity speaker buyer for year and years), but it's extremely compact and unobtrusive.

You CANNOT go wrong with this unit UNLESS you listen to rap and want those incredibly low sonic vibrations. This unit has all the "thump" and "rumble" needed for every other type of music (and I listen to a very wide range, from metal to classical). Cranked up, your vehicle will still shake and rattle, it just won't blow out your windows.

Note: I did not use the wired remote gain control in my installation since the Xplod head unit has a subwoofer volume control built-in (as well as RCA sub outputs).

By karaktu - May 16, 2005

Infinity BassLink 10

Strengths: Great sound, and compact size.

Weakness: None yet!

Not the biggest bass sound you can buy, but considering the size of this unit, it is more than enough bass for me. Simple to install, and does not steal space from my trunk like other sub enclosures I have had in the past.

By wolfesystems - May 20, 2006

I've had my car broken into twice...

Strengths: Compact size, Hooks up to pretty much any system, Lots of sound

Weakness: None that I've found yet, and I doubt I'll be able to come up with any complaints

I've had my car broken into twice in the past 3 months, so when I started looking for a sub, I wanted to find something compact and easily concealable. This was the first unit that I looked at, and I was amazed at how much positive feedback this product was getting on various car audio review boards. I found one at a nearby Circuit City, and tested it out for myself. I was definitely impressed with how much sound comes out of such a small unit. I was able to install the Basslink myself the same day that it arrived, and have been rocking out pretty hard ever since. I wasn't looking for a sub that would shatter windows and shake the car next to me, but rather something to add that extra kick to my system, and this unit does way more than just that. I listen to a wide variety of music, and have not found a genre that this sub doesn't play flawlessly.

By iplaythemic - May 15, 2005

not much bang for your buck

Strengths: extremely small, mounitng options nearly unlimited.

Weakness: i think for the price you would be better off with bazooka. not very deep at all. underpowered and suffers from small enclosure.

this was one of those good ideas that just didnt quite work as well as planned. sure, its got some boom to it, but it just doesnt hold a candle to a traditional 10" subwoofer paired with a good amp.
i have been spoiled by JL Audio 12" subwoofers for the last 10 years in 3 different vehicles, so this is a very biased opinion.
however, this infinity fits very well in my trunk and takes up very little space. plus it came with the car so i cant complain. it will get me by until i find a box (that will fit my trunk) for my good ol' JL twelves.

By anonymous; - Jul 4, 2006

Compact powerhouse

Strengths: Small, compact, great bass sound, Infinity brand name

Weakness: Limited upgrade ability

I downgraded from 2 12" subs in sealed box to this item. I didn't want to sacrifice cargo space and I still wanted full clean bass to complement the music I listen to [mostly Electronic, Jazz and Spanish]. I'd highly recommend this and I don't think I've read a bad review anywhere on it anywhere on the Internet.

By dleclair - Aug 8, 2005

works well in the trunk, nice bass. exactly what i wanted and needed

Strengths: great power for such a small sized unit. fills in where stock speakers lack. quality plastic casing/box. remote gain control is nice. great price less than $200

Weakness: the screws to mount the brackets onto the floor of the trunk were too short. i just used some screws i found in my garage. it wasn't free =)

the first thing you need to know is that this unit does not come with an amplifier wiring kit so you're gonna have to buy one. make sure the cables are long enough. it was easy to install. the instructions were clear and to the point. the unit fits snug in the corner of the trunk on the driver side. the enclosure and mounting brackets are made of plastic, but it feels sturdy. the bass sounded great in my accord. it fills in the low ranges in my music. dont get this if you are looking to shatter glass and set off car alarms. it is capable of making your car vibrate though. the basslink sounds loud enough even closed off in the trunk, but i bet it would sound even better if you had an open space such as in a small suv or a hatchback car.
of course tools are needed to install this and if you have never installed an amp/sub before, i recommend you go to the infinity website and download and read the owners manual that tells you how to install it.
overall this is a nice subwoofer. more than i need
you wont be disappointed in this ever as long as you dont overdo it(cranking it up and blowing it)

By jn504 - Aug 4, 2008

Infinity Basslink

Strengths: Small/compact, decent bass output, Very good sound quality do to a good subwoofer, Easy to install.

Weakness: The amp in this unit is a peice of garbage, and its not upgradeable!

I had this unit since July 27 2005 and it just quit working last weak because the piece of garbage amp couldn't handle the sub it was powering, I also had severe problems with it overheating and shutting off on me during the summertime (do to the bad amp) This unit would be excellent if it wasn't for these problems. After owning one for two years I would NEVER buy another, I did like it when i first got it but after about 6 months it started being a P.O.S, I would recommend a 12" sub and amp which takes up about the same amount of trunk space and if the amp dies u can replace it and same for the sub, It will save you some money in the long run. After owning this unit and being dissapointed but loyal to infinity speakers because they are by far the best out there, I broke down and spent the money that should be spent when buying infinity equipment. The Basslink is not even comparable to how infinity builds products and is simply a way for them to make tons of money on garbage cheap proprietary parts thrown togather in one PLASTIC box. anyway I ended up getting a Infinity Perfect 12" VQ with a sealed box and a infinity 611a amplifier which literally blows the basslink out of the water. Esp the amp, This thing is a BEAST.

By anonymous; - Aug 2, 2007

very happy

Strengths: easy install good clean crisp sound

Weakness: none

I have a 2004 Silverado Ext cab with a factory head unit 50 watt per channel alpine amp and alpine speakers. The basslink fits under the back seat and really woke up the system. Install was a snap and I havent had any problems or complaints with the quality of sound

By anonymous; - Apr 2, 2007

I have installed lots of stereo...

Weakness: It's JUNK!

I have installed lots of stereo systems, speakers etc. in numerous vehicles. Wanted to replace my Bass Bazooka with a bigger sub.

No matter how I wire the BassLink, and set the gain, crossover, phase etc. the speaker sounds like it is torn. It reverberates (FRAAAPPPP) at any stereo volume setting other than about 1/4 of the total volume control on the head unit. I tried low level inputs, line level etc. Neither makes a difference.

TRUST ME, I do not have it wired wrong, or phase set wrong etc. This device is defective or it's just pure junk.

I put my old bass bazooka back in. I'll give this P-O-S to anyone who wants it. Tossed it in the "parts bin" in my shop. I know if I try to return it, the seller will give me a hassle. Live and learn. You can't get a decent amp and sub for $200 even with a brand name like Infinity. I thought they made quality pieces!

By anonymous; - Mar 7, 2007


Strengths: Good deep rumbling bass, but NOT too boomy.

Weakness: None that I've come across.

I like it when you know the bass is in the music, but not bass only. The Infinity BassLink, fills in the sound field nicely.
For my main speakers I have four(4) Rockford Fosgate "P162C" (good price, if bought online.) They do a great job, with mid's and highs, but are lacking when it comes to bass. And that is where the Basslink comes in and finishes out a great audio set up. Heavy Metal has never sounded so good!

By christstyro1 - Jan 8, 2007

Overall, this is a great unit....

Strengths: Good price, good sound for small size, easy to install

Weakness: Has a tendancy to distort with high levels of bass at low volumes. Does not happen all the time though.

Overall, this is a great unit. Initial install was in the trunk of an 05 Camery. The unit does not have enough power to be heard in the cabin when mounted in the trunk, although dynamat was also installed. Unit was remounted
inside the cabin, behind passenger seat on floor. Now it sounds great and the size is not a problem. It is easily hidden and the rear seats are used for child seats anyway.

By cksdallen - Nov 16, 2006


The Infinity BASSLINK is a 10” subwoofer equipped with a class D subwoofer amplifier. The first subwoofer in the BASSLINK series, the 200w Infinity BASSLINK is a predecessor to the upgraded 250w BASSLINK 2. In addition, the BASSLINK comes equipped with an internal low-pass filter, user-adjustable controls, and a servo-control circuit that continually measures the voice coil’s position...
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