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Amazing Sub

Strengths: Very tight, accurate bass

Weakness: requires quite a bit of air space to get full range of bass,

this is for those of u who think the post above me is accurate...because its not, the ONLY reason his sub blew is becasue he was pushing WAY TOO MUCH power from a CRAPY amp to a sub that is not designed to take it...SO THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS...push RMS wattage will sound the very best it can at more, no less...HAVE FUN THUMPIN DOWN THE STREET!!! :)

By anonymous; - Nov 27, 2005

Haven't been able to blow em' up yet!

Strengths: Ribbed rubber surrounds, improved magnet cooling, kevlar reinforced cone and dual voice coils

Weakness: NONE

I bought a pair of these from a local dealer, I was told these speakers could take a beating. So I figured I would try them out, fully expecting them to blow up in a couple of days like every other sub I've tried in the last 6 months. But as it turns out, I was so overwhelmingly impressed by their performance, I just had to write this review.
They are dual 2 ohm voice coil in a sealed, airtight seperated box, powered by a JBL GTO 1201.1II amp, tested and verified at 1275 watts RMS, (1,525 watts peak power), a Road Rage capacitor, Optima yellowtop battery and a 14.4 volt 250 amp alternator in a 1994 Formula Trans AM.
I've tried JBL, Kicker, Eclipse, JL audio and Pioneer Premier subs and they've all blown up, fried or I just didn't like them. These speakers are awesome, you will not be dissapointed.
The bass output is astounding and far superior to any other subs I've used.
When you roll up to a stoplight and it's so loud it pisses people off, you know you done good. You dig?
I spent half the amount of money on them I've spent on more expensive, crapper subs and they really have impressed the hell out of me. I've purposely tried to blow these things up but they just won't do it. I'm just overjoyed I've finally found a sub that can take a pounding and still sound great. Enjoy!

By mrbigstuff944 - Dec 20, 2006

absolutely awesome

Strengths: great, clean, crisp sound and extremely powerful bass. clarity is unbelievable compared to anything else i have ever heard

Weakness: nuthin

I bought a whole alpine type r system. added the sub later and was shocked at how much of a differenece it made. I absolutely love alpine and trust them. Would love a type X system in my next car, but this type r system is better than any of my mates' systems.

By covert77 - Aug 21, 2006

price grabber is so great and easy...

Strengths: the bass is amazing and it was so easy to order from here

Weakness: none

price grabber is so great and easy to use im so glad i used them it made everything go smooth and fasT. The subwoofer is great and hit really hard and is said to be one of the best out there and price grabber mad it easy for me to find it at a cheap low price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

By mitchell05 - Apr 20, 2005

Can you say Bass?

Strengths: Loud, Clear, Powerful, and Reasonably Priced. Need I say more?

Weakness: Just make sure you have the right amp and box. If you don't have a heavy duty alternator, then you might want to invest in a 1 Farad Capacitor.

This is pretty much the best sub you can get for under $300.oo. When you get this beast wired at two ohms to an amp with(600 Watts R.M.S.), and get it in a sealed ported box, then you will not believe the sound quality. People don't just hear me coming, they feel me coming. When my friends first got in my jeep they didn't believe that I only had one sub. This puppy will rattle your eyeballs! I Would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a high class subwoofer without getting into spending bookoo bucks for competition stuff.

By BIGMP - Oct 16, 2005


Strengths: Amazing bass, works well with single or multi channel amps, regardless of brand

Weakness: Can't find one

Started out with a large system. I put 2 12" Type-R's in the back of a modded out 05 Accord V6. At first, I couldn't believe the sound quality. Figured it would lose its crispness and suprising it didn't. Only problem I had with them in Accord was every 2 weeks had to take license plate off and straighten it because bass power would bend it. Totalled the Accord because of too much speed. I'm putting those in the back of 98 Expedition. Have a 2 channel 1200 Watt Amp and I decided to up it with another 2 12" Type-R's and purchase another 1200 Watt Amp to power the new addition. You'll here me rollin' and be hatin'...

By Steverollinwith12s - Nov 6, 2007

Just What I Was Looking For!!!

Strengths: Power bass that people can feel, clear, are extremly strong and will never blow!

Weakness: NONE

I had my friend clock how far away he could hear turns out I was 1 minutes 55 seconds away (around 2.1 miles) and he said he thought I was coming down the street the whole time!!!!!!!!!! Better then the Type X I had! LOUDEST SUB I have heard! I pull up to gas stations and have people in my car play them....some of the shelves in the store rattle....what else can I say

My setup: 2 12"type r's in a slot ported box tuned to 34hz (i think) I have these running on an alpine mrd-m1005 1000watts mono amp!

By dojoep - Jan 24, 2008

Amazing Sub

Strengths: Very Very Clean

Weakness: None found (have had it for almost 2 years(

Absolutely crazy sub. I bought a complete Type R setup (6.5" component speakers, 5x9" speakers, Alpine Head the whole bit)and the Type R 12" sub with the alpine made sub box and wired it up to 4ohms to about 600watts.

My friend has a complete Rockford fosgate set up with 2 12" P2s (he thinks its cool), and my ONE Type R, at 4Ohms 600watts eat his subs alive. Its hits harder, hits lower and most of all cleaner!

Crazy good

Yes, I'm an Alpine freak.

By Bugattifreak - Aug 16, 2006

Wouldn't Recomend Anything Else

Strengths: Handles tons of power, and stays crystal clear

Weakness: Both sides of this product are works of art! Without a plexiglass box, you visually cant do this speaker justice.

I first bought the old versions of these back in 2001 and thought they were amazing.
These new versions are even better!!
I blew one after a few years of abuse and had to replace it with the updated version. I couldn't believe how much better the new ones sound compaired to the old ones!
I have been using the SWR-1242Ds with my Memphis 1000D that I bought almost 10 years ago and it is one of the most amazing setups I have ever heard.
This setup has been in the 4 cars i have had over the years and it sounds amazing in each one.
I've had these in 2 different Maximas, deep in the back hatch of an 02 Camaro (sounds the best because of the way the hatch focuses the sound forward), and now inverted right behind the headrests in my Corvette.
It is just as loud as my roommates 2 Kicker 15"s but it doesn't hurt like his speakers do.
I have fallen asleep in the car with these playing near full volume! It's not painful like other systems that play at half the volume.

By bigleman - Oct 11, 2007


Strengths: LOUD, looks awesome

Weakness: none

This sub is insane. With enough power to it it can go unbelievably loud. I had my headunit turned about half way up and it was too much to handle, my ears are still ringing. I only have one because a friend of mine said that when he had two, it was too much bass, and i believe him now. If you want a good sub that won't be the same price of the car your putting it in, get this one, best for the money, and even if it was more, its still worth it. AMAZING.

By thebobman46 - Apr 30, 2006

Best Sub EVER!

Strengths: Solid Bass, Rattles the heck out of your car,

Weakness: NOne

Ive had this sub for about two months now and its already caused one of the tailights in my crx to break. Lucky for me i only bought one or else i dont think my car would run anymore. im running a 1700 watt amp thats runnin at 500 watt RMS one thing i would recommend is that you get a compacitor i still haven't bought one and everytime my sub hits at night my lights dim way down.. my friend just bought two RF punch 1 Subs and this alpine makes those two 12s sounds like 6 sixes there is just no comparison

By cdawg72 - Feb 25, 2007


Strengths: Everything! These things hit so hard and can take high and low bass with ease. Deff a good buy!!!

Weakness: Dynamat the crap out of your trunk because these babies really shake the trunk...

I have 2 12"s and these things are in a G-Force ported sub box for the extra power. I havent had a problem yet with these. They are a really good buy. If i had a couple hundred dollars more i would deff buy 2 more cuz they are a steal for only like $120.00 a piece! When I first got them my ears hurt so bad and it took a long time to get used to that much bass but it is worth it. If you are getting these(which i recommend) get the 2 ohm not the 4 ohm, you get a lot more power out of them if you do. BOOM BOOM!

By Tello3412 - May 2, 2006

Best out there

Strengths: Everything! Awesome sound, cool looks, and its a Alpine.

Weakness: none

This is my first time putting a sub in my car and now i am wondering why i waited so long. Music sounds soo much better now even when the volume is down low. I have one of these, and it is more than enough. I couldn't imagine having any more. Alpine really is the best out there. I have this sub wired at 2 ohms to get the most power out of my amp. This is definitely a must.

By xtremerider500 - Jul 10, 2006


Strengths: Loud, clean, powerful bass

Weakness: NONE

I recently got a 1000 watt alpine pdx1.1000 amp and a type x subwoofer, well the fuses in the amp blew about 5 times and then the type x voice coil fried, i took it back and got 2 type rs and i am alot happier with those then the one type x, 2 type rs are about twice as loud as that one type x that gave me all those problems, i had to write this review bc i am so impressed by the type rs.

By danknugget - Jan 11, 2007

Unbelivabe bass for 120 dollars a piece

Strengths: you wont blow them up by running 100 or 200 watts over the rms rating.

Weakness: None, but you'll have to dynamat your trunk

Alpine has done it again. I have two 12" type r's and wow they are great. they handle the rms rating and them some. I am running 600 watts from a kenwood excelon and they take well. My system can be heard from 5 blocks away. If you want loud clean reliable bass these are for you.

By sausage22 - Dec 22, 2007

They don't quit

Strengths: Full range and as capable as they said they would be.

Weakness: That I don't have more of them

These sound great whether your pushing 800 or 3000 watts.
They are the only woofers that I have had that can actually perform at their max rating. Most others will up the numbers, but not Alpine.
All Alpine all the time.

By dreamlab11 - Sep 3, 2006

Great Seller

Strengths: Great customer Service

Was Sent the Wrong item but CS fixed problem and I had the right item in my hands that same week Ty for the quick response Would buy from again

By TXSTANG - Apr 29, 2007


Strengths: Decent Amount Of Bass cool Look

Weakness: Cone Surrounding Break Out Easily

I had 1 of these in my van and i had a 1200 watt Memphis amp
hooked up to them when the bass hit a few good times the surrounding came out of them and the cone rattled then came out

By dustinbentley - Oct 30, 2005

Ideas for an amp and head unit

Strengths: Solid with the right stereo

Weakness: Can quiet down alot

I have three 12' alpine type r swr-1242d's in my 2000 grand prix they sounded amazing until last weekend when I put a new stereo in my car I changed all the settings in the stereo and I can still barely hear them. They were loud enough my back window flexed out two inches but I still want louder any ideas on how big of an amp I should get and a new stereo. Oh I have an autotek 2200 super sport amp bridged, a 5 farad capacitor, and a pioneer head unit like what I used to have but newer and less controls on the sound.

By Thajess1994 - Jan 4, 2012

Nothing But Trouble

Strengths: Loud/Low Bass

Weakness: Don't last long

Unlike most of the reviews on here I will not buy another Type R again
I was told buy local audio dealer to run my single 12" in a sealed box on the MRP850 V power amp.
I must say that it hit like a champ for a while but blew up after about 6 months, I took it back to the dealer and and had to wait for a replacement (1 week)
Being a guy I couldn't wait a week and went out and bought a 15" Type R in a sealed box. Lo and behold 7 mo later another sub blown.
I have owned several systems in the past and always hooked them up myself, but i figured I shold ask for their recommendations for the replacement 12" wiring. They hooked it up just like I did and checked my amp settings, all looked great to them. I was told I would have no more problems, well as you guessed this one lasted only 4 mo.
For this reason i will not buy one again

By anonymous; - May 14, 2010

3 years and counting.........

Strengths: Solid, Deep, and Clean Bass.....

Weakness: None.......................................

I have always relied on Alpine head units, but never on a speaker, until now. I was a JL sub fan until I purchased these two 12" type R's, pushed by an Alpine PDX-1000 and these things hit. They are currently in my 2001 Suburban, and that was a problem. With the open cabin I had to turn the amp volume all the way down so I could hear the highs, but it still shook the neighbors house. Added type R components and 400 more watts to run them and it is completely unbelievable how these subs preform. I just recently purchased two more of these, plus complete high's and amps for my wife's car, and will continue until they come out with something better. Now I live and ride with Alpine complete systems.

By draticgeronimo - May 13, 2010

Hit hard and sound GOOD

Strengths: 500 watt RMS hits like 1kwatt RMS subs. will not blow(it is alpine only expect the best)

Weakness: none

I started out my system with two Type-E 12" subs and they hit harder then other systems in town with a whole 500 watts running to the two. So i went up a few notches bought 2 type r's 2 PDX 600.1 and a Kinetik Power Cell (800 version). Well basically no one laughs at me driving my 1984 Subaru Wagon around town because they hear me coming before they see me coming. I have been told i will lose my priviledges to park in my school's parking lot because i rattle the building everytime i pull up. If you want subs that hit go Alpine. If you want subs that will hit like a truck and KEEP hitting get Alpine Type-r's. My system is all custom including my box design. If you want them to hit its what you have to do. If you don't understand enclosure tuning don't try to build your own box go to someone in your area and talk to them. These subs require the proper amount of air to truely sound amazing. Alpine is by far the highest quality out there they may not be sqaure but your buddies with their low quality Kicker L7's will want to sell them off and get these babies for sure

By anonymous; - Mar 5, 2010

Alpine typr 10"

Strengths: very loud

Weakness: breaks my car

I have just 2 alpine type r 10" subs in a pored box. They are both at 2 ohm's on a mrp-m1000 Alpine amp. i have a red top optiama batter and a 4 gage with 3 100 amp fuses going to the back. Right now they site in my 1993 ford explorer and when the bas hit for the frist time i broke my rear wiper. and as i go down the road with my headunit turned half way up i set off car alamrs. I just bought a 3rd 10 for my truck and im going to get 2 mrp-m100 amps
so they each have there own amp to run off for the most power. All i gotta say is the best one i bought yet.

By exalteddeed6 - Dec 30, 2009


Strengths: all

Weakness: none

i have 2 12' type r's on a pdx 1.1000 in my charger and the only thing i'v had to change are the seals on my trunk.....thats all i gotta say..

By LJM6 - Dec 21, 2009

heavy bass shakes the place

Strengths: i have two of these type rs in a ported bassworx box and 4 internal sony speakers and i also put 4 extras ones so clean i shake everything at a stop light people always comment like ur crazy

Weakness: no weaknesses

i shake everything plain and simple you can feel the bass blowing everything single thing its a monstaer highly recomended a ported box these things can be heard of my mrp m1000 //ALPINE

By kibblesz - Dec 2, 2009

Beatin Forreal!

Strengths: Handles enourmous power and sound incredible

Weakness: 185 dollar sound ordinance tickets

I recently put 2 12'' Type R's in my impala. When I first started shopping for subs I wanted to go with a JL Audio 12'' W7. But my pockets just weren't that deep at the moment. A new one was like 700 bucks. The dude at the place I got my stuff recommended the Type R's which would save me a whole bunch of money. He even gave me a lifetime warranty on them. So I figured I would buy the alpines off him just till I get up enough cash for the W7. Well this Dude put these 12'' subs in my trunk with a big boy Alpine 1000 watt amp. I honestly wouldn't do it any other way.
I can't turn them up half way without my ears hurting. The guy had to turn down the amp because my back glass was flexing. So if I wanna really crank them I gotta put my seats down. Definitely won't be buying a w7 anytime soon. I am beating like a mother with these type r's. They sound great and I don't think I would buy anything else out there right now.

By anonymous; - Sep 20, 2009

type R

Strengths: LOUD

Weakness: None

I have 2 Alpine Type R's at 2 ohm in my hatchback. I have 2 alpine v power 850's. One wired to each sub. For the price you cant go wrong. They hit really hard and lows are amazing. I have had the same subs for 3 years and they are finally about to blow. Voice coil is going on them but ive played them really hard for 3 years.

By anonymous; - Mar 5, 2009


Strengths: They Pound

Weakness: The Ukraine us weak lol i blew one thinking i would turn my gains all the way up.

They are wicked i got four just got to keep your gains at half way keeps down distortion and prevents clipping.Sounds very clear I enjoy these speakers lots.

By anonymous; - Feb 17, 2009

Alpine Type R!!!! AWSOME

Strengths: Hits hard can handle some power

Weakness: ive blown 5......:(

These subs are amazing, the sound quality is awsome and can be heard from some distance. but like ive said iv nown 5 of the im running an alpine pdx amp with two alpine type r and i have 2 batterys and a 1.5 cap and i can turnit up loaud and listen to for awile but after a copple of weeks i blow 1 or some times both but luckly i bought them new from custom sound and they have replaced them every time but it worth it even if i have to change it out evry week or so but i am running a lot of power to them each AND TRUST me they can handle ALOT of power! 5 star subs and worth every penny. i have vid on you tube check em out to see. ( search < Alpine type r w/ pdx amp> )

By anonymous; - Jul 26, 2008

Best Speakers For The Price

Strengths: They Slumpin HARD heavy enough to keep my box in place

Weakness: Alpine Baby there are NO weaknesses

I just got 2 12" alpine Type R subs last weak I got a 1200 watt Performance Tecknique Amp with a ported box of course. These subs blew me and my friends away and I dont have them in a little car there in my 94 nissan pathfinder they still hit harder than hell, strong subs at a good price only paid $700 for whole system deck amp subs wiring great choice Thank God, im not made of money THANKS ALPINE !!

By anonymous; - Jan 26, 2008

Sick Subwoofer

Strengths: Clean bass no matter what volume, Love the 'ripple' rubber look

Weakness: None

I have 2 10" Type R's (500W RMS each!) Powered by a Alpine MRP-850 mono amp and it hurts!!! The bass is so crystal clear unlike even my friends who have 2 15" Kicker subs, which really just shake a car and drown out any decent sound. Saying that I also have 4 sets of 2-way Kicker 65.2 Mids and Tweets that are unbelievable too.

But the alpine kick hard...had them for 2 days and my ears are already hurting..


By anonymous; - Oct 21, 2007


Strengths: Can Take A Beating/Pretty loud and clean bass

Weakness: not loud enough

i have 3 12inch alpine type r's running off a 2600 watt hifonics brutus amp, and i am not very happy with them, they are very good subs, dont get me wrong, but they just arnt loud enough, maybe if i get 5 or 6 i will be happy.

By anonymous; - Oct 9, 2007


Strengths: everything

Weakness: nothing

i recently upgraded my system in the 82 cutlass on 20z yah mean i got 2 of these alpines in a ported box with a kicker 850 watt 4 channel amp and this thang BANGS

By anonymous; - Feb 5, 2007


Strengths: deep bass, great excursion, pushes a ton of air.

Weakness: none I found yet

This speaker is crazy, everyone thinks i got 2 12's in my car. By the way dustinbentley, are you insane hooking that amp to that speaker it should have blown apart. We're you reading the specs for a type X. Type R's are only 500 rms. I'm puting about 420w rms to it and it's insane. love this speaker.

By anonymous; - Apr 18, 2006

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Strengths: review will dramatically impact its success

Weakness: review will dramatically impact its success

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By anonymous; - Mar 17, 2006


Strengths: Great SQ worth the cash for real

Weakness: none

2 of these hooked up to my power acoustik 1920 watt amp bridged at 2 ohms flexes the bumper on my car... these subs will pound and take the pounding for hours

By anonymous; - Dec 26, 2005