Alpine Type-R SWR-1242D Subwoofer

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Big and bad and built for heavy-duty sound, Alpine's SWR-1242D 12" subwoofer delivers impact bass that you can hear and feel. Alpine has taken the best features from its previous SWR Series subs and added the hottest technology for ground-pounding power and superb accuracy.The pulp cone has been reinforced with Kevlar (the material used in bulletproof vests) for extra rigidity, so it won't buckle under hard play. A rubber surround helps to maximize cone travel for deep bass, while withstanding the decay that can destroy a speaker.

Quick Glance

Diameter: 12 in

Voice Coil: Dual

Total RMS Power Output (4 Ohms): 500 W

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm


Product Title: Alpine Type-R SWR-1242D Subwoofer

Manufacturer: Alpine

Power Score: 4.7 | 36 Reviews

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Ideas for an amp and head unit

Strengths: Solid with the right stereo

Weakness: Can quiet down alot

I have three 12' alpine type r swr-1242d's in my 2000 grand prix they sounded amazing until last weekend when I put a new stereo in my car I changed all the settings in the stereo and I can still barely hear them. They were loud enough my back window flexed out two inches but I still want louder any ideas on how big of an amp I should get and a new stereo. Oh I have an autotek 2200...
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By Thajess1994 - Jan 4, 2012

Nothing But Trouble

Strengths: Loud/Low Bass

Weakness: Don't last long

Unlike most of the reviews on here I will not buy another Type R again I was told buy local audio dealer to run my single 12" in a sealed box on the MRP850 V power amp. I must say that it hit like a champ for a while but blew up after about 6 months, I took it back to the dealer and and had to wait for a replacement (1 week) Being a guy I couldn't wait a week and went out and bought a 15" Type R...
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By anonymous; - May 14, 2010

3 years and counting.........

Strengths: Solid, Deep, and Clean Bass.....

Weakness: None.......................................

I have always relied on Alpine head units, but never on a speaker, until now. I was a JL sub fan until I purchased these two 12" type R's, pushed by an Alpine PDX-1000 and these things hit. They are currently in my 2001 Suburban, and that was a problem. With the open cabin I had to turn the amp volume all the way down so I could hear the highs, but it still shook the neighbors house. Added type R...
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By draticgeronimo - May 13, 2010

Hit hard and sound GOOD

Strengths: 500 watt RMS hits like 1kwatt RMS subs. will not blow(it is alpine only expect the best)

Weakness: none

I started out my system with two Type-E 12" subs and they hit harder then other systems in town with a whole 500 watts running to the two. So i went up a few notches bought 2 type r's 2 PDX 600.1 and a Kinetik Power Cell (800 version). Well basically no one laughs at me driving my 1984 Subaru Wagon around town because they hear me coming before they see me coming. I have been told i will lose my...
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By anonymous; - Mar 5, 2010

Alpine typr 10"

Strengths: very loud

Weakness: breaks my car

I have just 2 alpine type r 10" subs in a pored box. They are both at 2 ohm's on a mrp-m1000 Alpine amp. i have a red top optiama batter and a 4 gage with 3 100 amp fuses going to the back. Right now they site in my 1993 ford explorer and when the bas hit for the frist time i broke my rear wiper. and as i go down the road with my headunit turned half way up i set off car alamrs. I just bought a...
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By exalteddeed6 - Dec 30, 2009

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