Alpine Type-E SWE-1242 Subwoofer

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Type-E subwoofers are ideal for upgrading your factory sound system. Pair an SWE-1242 with the right amp and get clear, crisp bass. Now at an affordable price, you can get the best performance for your buck.

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Diameter: 12 in

Total RMS Power Output (4 Ohms): 250 W

Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm Nominal


Product Title: Alpine Type-E SWE-1242 Subwoofer

Manufacturer: Alpine

Power Score: 4.1 | 7 Reviews

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Strengths: well underated on rms could run higher but there great

Weakness: none really

i have 4 of these in the back of my car in 2 sealed boxes it is extremly loud for a good price good starter sub i have way to much power going into them i got 2 alpine 1k watt amps and im planning on upgrading to type x's alpine type e's are great for entry level or just a all around good sound and quality when u go with alpine u cant really go wrong 5 stars all the way

By deafcord - Nov 29, 2008

Nice Sub

Strengths: Very clean and tight bass, one of a kind 12"

Weakness: Lacks in very deep bass

I have two of these in a Ported box witch is currently being torn apart by these subs. I also own a 15" Rockford HE2, and these 12's sound great for their size. We often get compliments. These subs sound very good with loud music such as rap, we also have it tuned for rock. These subs will make any music sound great.

By toloudforyou - Jan 3, 2008

alpine 1242

Strengths: clean smooth

Weakness: single voice

very good sub when on a budget i have two of these powerd my a kenwood amp in my truck with a custom sealed box souns really good for the price i paid

By anonymous; - Dec 4, 2007

alpine 12" Type e sub

Strengths: Very nice sub

Weakness: i cant really find any

i have had one of these in a truck. they are very nice and sound great. i got a ported box and bought this second one. i cant wait to hear them both together.

By billytoe - Oct 6, 2007

made me snap my fingers

Strengths: none

Weakness: where do i start

bought them for my girl we're both bass heads hooked up brutus 1200 and the first song with high bass (poppin - chris brown ft wayne) sounded great played (buy you a drink by t-pain) smoked them suckers not good for bass heads good for pretenders

By anonymous; - May 20, 2007

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