Pioneer PD-M426 Magazine CD Player

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If you prefer to store your CD's in magazines, the PD-M426 is a perfect 6-disc CD player for you. Its magazines (sold as accessories) hold up to 6 discs and can be used to organize a CD collection by music type or by artist. For convenience, the PD-M426 features random play and several programmed play options.


Product Title: Pioneer PD-M426 Magazine CD Player

Manufacturer: Pioneer

Power Score: 4.8 | 2 Reviews

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Pioneer PD-M426 6-Disc Magazine CD Changer

Strengths: Very easy to setup. Easy to operate. Multi-disc cartridge holds 6 CD's. Random play feature automatically plays tracks from all 6 CD's. "Repeat" feature can be used with the Ramdom" feature.

Weakness: Does not play MP3 or WMA formats.

This is the second unit I have owned. I purchased the first one in June 1988 (PD M400). I used the heck out of it. It worked flawlessly until 3 months ago when the drive motor finally failed.

By t16043 - Mar 25, 2008

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By - Oct 31, 2009

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