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I am planning on using this...

Strengths: Comfortable to hold. Logical placement of functions on keypad. Nice display screen. Instruction book easy to follow.

Weakness: A little bit hard to remove from carrying case, but not unreasonable.

I am planning on using this calculator for PreCalculus and Calculus courses and it has all the necessary functions for graphing and function analysis. It also has all the functions required for Statistics and would also be helpful for Geometry. This calculator will assist me with my upcoming math courses and for teaching high school math. This product is intuitive enough for someone who has not studied math for more than 15 years.

By mwbianchi - May 21, 2005

I teach math. Almost all of my...

Strengths: The amount of memory is a strength.

Weakness: none

I teach math. Almost all of my students use Texas Instrument graphing calculators. I use a number of programs with my students that use a lot of memory. The TI-84plus silver edition has plenty of room to store them all. No need to have some programs stored on multiple calculators.

By noelks - Mar 21, 2005


Strengths: Nice key pad layout, a lot more functions than TI-83 and, Good user manual

Weakness: The carrying case is hard to remove (sometimes)

TI 84+ silver edition is a big step forward from TI-83+. The memory is much larger and the speed is clearly faster. If you are familiar with T-83+, you will go through the manual very fast and still find it useful. The instructions are mostly in table format for easy reference later. The package contains everything user needs: two type of USB cables, CD, manual, and 4 AAA batteries (I wonder why the description in all websites say "batteries are not included"). With all the improvements over TI-83+ the price difference is only $20. It is good deal and I highly recommend it over TI-83+
The only small problems are the carrying case is quite hard to slide out and the color is actually gray not silver!

By dcv - Mar 17, 2007

A powerful calculator for students

Strengths: A great and powerful calculator for high school and college students.

Weakness: None so far

This TI-84 plus is powerful calculator from Texas Instruments for the student in high School and College student. Its design is nice and easy to operate.This Calculator is great for your maths studies and exams needs. Its built-in functions and formulations are pretty helpful in Algebra and Chemistry. We love this powerful calculator.

By cocoxu - Sep 6, 2007

Great Deal !!

Strengths: price and quality

Weakness: none so far

My son needed a calculator for high school and this model was an upgraded version of the minimum requred. It works great and the price was even less than at Walmart were a previous version was carried. Shipping was fast as well!

By nickcolucci - Oct 7, 2008

TI-84 Plus Silver

Strengths: Easy of use and upgradable and it thru USB connection you can connect to PC

Weakness: so far not found any

I found this very easy to use for an high school student and I am sure if will be use full in higher math classes in high school and college. I recommend the calculator and it is better features than the TI-83.

By dejos479 - Aug 19, 2007

Nice upgrade from TI-83 Plus

Strengths: Added memory; USB connection to PC; addition of periodic table; upgradable; similar layout as TI-83 Plus

Weakness: Prices haven't come down much compared to PCs

TI has basically cornered the market on graphing calculators. This is a great calculator with the faster processor and added memory over the TI-83. Like the added features of the periodic table and area formulas for geometry. There are some great prices, but you have to look for them. IMO, the TI-89 is overkill for most high school students.

By raswanson51 - Aug 24, 2007

TI-84 Silver Plus

Strengths: More memoryand faster compared to Ti-83 plus

Weakness: none

Great looking. Operates like the TI-83 Plus. Comfortable to hold. It's a very powerful tool. It uses 4 AAA batteries and has good battery life. It has lot of functions, but you have to learn how to use it.

By goooo38104 - Dec 9, 2007

Review for TI -84 calculator Plus silver edition

Strengths: Very strong calculating ability. Good Ploting; Nice for math calculation.

Weakness: None

I bought this calculator from Office depot. It is nice and decent. I used it for my STAT class and it works very well. It has very powerful calculating ability. In that case, I do not need to use Matlab to do some complicated calculations. The calculating ability of this calculator is powerful. Besides, the plots generated by this calculator is nice, I am enjoying in this excellent calculator.

By woshihaoren - Oct 28, 2007

Nice Graphic Calculator

Strengths: Nice for studying mathematics

Weakness: not found so far

I always want to buy a nice graphic calculator. TI-84 Plus is exactly what i want. It just functions like a little Matlab program. I love it and will use it everyday.

By linghend - Sep 5, 2007

TI-84 Plus Sliver Edition Graphing Calculator

Strengths: Excellent

Weakness: None

I have older TI-83 model and always wanted to buy a better model but the price was high and waited for sometime and grabbed this one from online vendor. I am using right now and it's a better buy. I would highly recommend this.

By sardarji - Aug 30, 2007

This is a great help for my...

This is a great help for my Algebra I class. It's a little confusing to figure out at first, but once you get going, it's great. The tests are an added plus. Expect to use it alot more with my Algebra II class.

By nancy_klemm - Feb 15, 2005

Lots of funcions, standard tests.

Strengths: standard tests, lots of functions

Weakness: heavy, thick and bulky, more expensive

Well, there may be something more than Ti-83 plus but to the extent I use it I don't see much difference. it is more expensive than ti-83. bulky and heavy. It does do all the sorts of things even matrix reversion. but I would say the cheaper ti-83 pretty much funtions well for most college students.

By f64 - Dec 13, 2007

TI-84 Silver Edition Review

Strengths: Very powerful for graphing geometry problems.

Weakness: LCD screen is not very bright.

Great product, and lots of applications that someone can
use. I wish the LCD screen were a little bit brighter and the screen size were a little bit wider than the current one.

By fmrkng5 - Jan 2, 2008

Another good one in the series

Strengths: fast feels nice allowed for SATs

Weakness: a little ugly slow

This is definitely the calculator to buy your middle/high-schooler when she gets to geometry and beyond. It's easy to use, it's the de facto standard most places, and it's accepted for use at the SATs. My daughter likes it a lot.

By sarinole - Jan 1, 2008

Good product -a little pricy

Strengths: great calculator user friendly solid design

Weakness: pricy, bulky

have owned the TI 82 and TI 83S Silver Plus before this. TheTI 84 is another wonderful product from Texas Instruments for the student in high School or College student. Any complaints about speed is irrelevant. I personally found the TI 84 very easy to read, fast, nice case-I like it better the TI 83 Silver case-and it included some programs that were not on the TI 83. It is supposed to have other stuff that the TI 83 did not have but I did not notice this. This is because I bought it to assist me in Algebra, trig and etc. For the money it is a great investment and a very useful tool. I will say that one area I noticed a great difference in was viewing the window. For me, (and I wear bi-focals) the TI 84 was noticeable in its clearer image and etc.

By Cminor - Nov 30, 2007

Nice calculator - steep price

Strengths: PC Interface

Weakness: Over Priced

I never really like TI calculators before. The only reason I bought this one was because it's what my daughter's school requires. It's overprice IMO although you can get it cheaper with the right deal. I was able to buy it for a very good price using coupons and rebates from Office Depot.

My daughter likes it and she learned using it pretty fast. She is a 7th grader. The 84 plus adds more storage capacity to the 83 model.

I tried connecting it to the PC and it worked fine though the documentation was not good in that area.

By khaled12 - Nov 26, 2007

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

Strengths: Powerful graphics capability, SAT approved calculator, memory, type of battery

Weakness: Size

I bought it when it was on sales and the price difference between the silver edition and the regular TI-84 Plus became narrow. I already have a powerful Casio Graphing calculator from my old days but this TI one is what current SAT approved. So I bought it for my kid. The graphing capability is powerful enough even in college standard. It has a huge memory and the graphing is fast. I like a lot that it uses regular AAA battery other than those expensive button battery. I easily went through a couple of set of button battery a year with my Casio. We always have AAA battery at home. I also like that you can download equations and other stuff to this calculator using the included USB cable. You can also go to the TI website to download some exercises. The keypad is good size and comfortable. The only thing that I dislike is the size of the calculator. It is relatively big.

By goodrisktaker - Nov 8, 2007

Nice calculator

Strengths: upgradable;compatible to TI-83;strong build-in function support;big font

Weakness: none

Everything is good, the look, interface design, functions. Suitable for high school and entry-level college use. People familiar with TI-83 puls will find no difficulty to migrate to TI-84 plus.
However, for those accustomed to the formulation presentation style as in Mathematica, you may like the command line of TI-89, which looks more formal.

By eelover - Sep 27, 2007

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

Strengths: Faster & more memory than the TI-83. Includes functions for chemistry (periodic table), physics, and statistics

Weakness: Price. Not too many advanced math functions (e.g. for calculus) minimal derivatives & integration functions.

This is a great calculator, especially with its statistics package, finance, physics and chemistry apps. It’s adequate for most college students; however, I wouldn’t recommend it for those taking more than the basic calculus courses. For serious math students, it’s probably better to invest in a TI-89 (check if your college allows it on exams first).

By reuv - Sep 22, 2007

TI-84 Plus Silver

Strengths: quick loading time, extensive features, AP compatible, downloadable programs

Weakness: somewhat difficult to learn and the manual is not always clear

The TI 84 plus silver is widely used in most classrooms and is suitable for advanced math courses, including advanced placement. It loads much faster than its TI 83 counterpart and can be very helpful if you know how to use it well - the downside is that it does take quite some time to learn all the functions and get used to the keystrokes as they're complicated at times. Regardless, it's still a very solid piece of equipment with many features and is definitely a worthwhile investment for the blossoming mathematician.

By PGreviewer05 - Sep 20, 2007

Finally my First TI-84 Calculator

Strengths: fast processor better design and looks durability

Weakness: difficult to learn all the functionality, need a course!

I finally got a hand on a TI calculator. I always wanted this calculator for 4 years now because it was always too expensive for me.
Great calculator. I like the silver look more than the black version.

By aedemo - Sep 15, 2007

Wonderful Calculator!!!

Strengths: has a lot of functions, easy to use, more memory, can download files to it

Weakness: none

Wonderful product. This is my second calculator of this version, and I still love it just as much as my first one. The calculator is extremely long lasting and my old one never broke--the only reason I bought a new one is because I lost my previous one. It has a lot of functions, but is still accepted by high schools.

You won't be disappointed if you buy this, as long as you don't need the functions of a TI-89. Great buy.

By mll143 - Sep 14, 2007


Strengths: Powerful, fully-loaded, good batery life

Weakness: bulky, not user-friendly PC interpace

I bought this TI-84+ for my son in high school. He seems to enjoy its both cool design and advanced scientific computing features. It uses 4 AAA-sized batteries and also has a good battery life.

The only thing I need to complain is the bad PC interface of TI. It took us a lot of time to get the 1st download and upload working.

Bottomline, one of the best in its class.

By icminor - Sep 11, 2007

Ti-84 rocks

Strengths: Great functions

Weakness: different design

I used to have a ti-83, and got this at a pretty low price after rebate- it is much sleeker and faster than before, now, people are actually noticing my calculator!

By DeusExa - Sep 10, 2007

Great calculator

Strengths: does what you want it do

Weakness: not a ti-89

You can take this in with your SATs and such, I think they still allow this one. Works well with Algebra, pre-calc, calc and geometry, great addition for a high schooler. Oh also really does well with statistics for the college kid.

By DaffyDuck - Sep 10, 2007

An Improvement over the TI-83 and GREAT VALUE

Strengths: User friendly (but I recommend reading through the manual take take advantage of all capabilities). Capable of very advanced problems (like derivative graphs and definite integrals).

Weakness: It takes some practice learning all of the functions to really utilize the power of this calculator. Lots of bells and whistles and that CAN be overwhelming.

This calculator is a definite step up from my prior calculator (TI-83). This edition of the TI-84 has tons of storage and there are many great applications that are available. The display is very crisp and clear. It's definitely the appropriate calculator for advanced math, algebra and trigonometry. It will take some dedication to sit down with the user manual to learn about the capabilities but once you do, you will really be able to harness pwer features that this calculator has to offer.

I would recommend this product to people. I do have a friend that has the TI-89 and says that it too is a great calculator. The TI-84 has basically the same capabilities (there may some advantages to the TI-89 which is a step up but it comes down to learning how to use the additional functions) and is probably a better value for the typical user.

By resalerail - Sep 10, 2007

Awesome Calculator

Strengths: Works wonders in many subjects. Can use it on the ACT and SAT.

Weakness: Almost need a course to learn how to use all the functions.

A great tool for sure. A little complicated, so get the two "Dummies" Guides. Liked the Study Cards you can use this feature to create new stacks. Texas Instrument website offeres some study stacks, and you can make new ones easily.

This calculator is allowed in most testing scenarios. Highly recommend this product.

By savy001 - Sep 8, 2007

You may be able to get by with TI 84+ or TI 83

Strengths: More memory and applications

Weakness: Very little improvements over the previous models and price.

If you can get it on sale, then it is worth it. Otherwise, it is a bit overpriced. Just be careful, silver edition is not the same as the TI 84+. However, the differences are very minor: more memory and applications. Quite frankly, if you have a tight budget, look for bargains in TI 84+ or even TI 83.

By No Name - Sep 8, 2007

Sweeet! !

Strengths: The ability to download applications, change covers to suit my daughters changing tastes.

Weakness: Relearning how to change problems without losing them all together. Daughter still craving the familiarity of her last calculator.

I am very happy with the strength of the silver TI. I love the fact that my daughter can use it on the SAT tests.

My daughter loves that she can hook a keyboard up to it, has a clock and can change the face cover to a different color.

Perfect for school!

By gothummingbird - Sep 6, 2007

TI 84 Plus Silver - Nice High School Tool

Strengths: Well Made, Easy to add custom logos, Lots of features

Weakness: Expensive, especially if lost Quite large

I purchased this calculator for my son as he started high school. He really likes it, especially the ease to add custom graphics to the screen, and custom print labels (From the TI site, and a printer. Hopefully he will not loose it. The calculator covers pretty much everything needed for high school, and college. The larger 89 model is only for those doing advanced calculus. The added features of a periodic table and the geometry calculations make the silver plus a little nicer than the standard 84plus.
Its a large calculator, so it does not fit a pocket, and needs space in the packed school bag. All together, it should be the last calculator you need for your kid, as they finish up the last years of school and college.

By Barryo2 - Sep 5, 2007

Nothing like the calculator I used in school

Strengths: Versatile (trig, calc, algebra, graphing), faster than previous models

Weakness: Bulky

Just got one for my high-school junior, who is sweating pre-calc this year. Not sure how good this will be at figuring out differential equations, but it looks really capable for trig and graphing.

Some kids may be turned off by the sheer bulkiness. May not fit well in a backpack already crammed with books.

Supposedly it has a function whereby it can give you test questions for ACT/SAT practice. Sounds good, haven't tried that yet.

By kgivens - Sep 1, 2007

Good calculator

Strengths: Graphing capability

Weakness: Hard to find

The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition features 2 1/2 times the speed of the TI-83 Plus and 9 times more memory! Features more classroom application software such as Interactive Geometry software and Periodic Table for Chemistry. Preloaded with personal study tools and applications such as Organizer, Study Cards, Topics in Algebra, Area Formulas, CellSheet, and Fundamental Topics in Science. Also includes official AP Biology review questions.

By knippralph - Aug 24, 2007

good calculator for HS and college

Strengths: faster and more memory than TI-83, USB port,

Weakness: heavy

I bought it with a good deal at Office Depot. This is the best calculator for students in high school or college(may need a TI-89). It looks nice but a little heavy.

By anonymous; - Aug 22, 2007

worth the price

Strengths: I'm an IT student and I can this comes in handy no matter what classes you're taking.

Weakness: none so far

Texas Instruments have always made the best graphing calculators, I wouldn't have passed statistics without my old TI-83. I'd recommend for reading up on some of the newer features that they added onto the TI-84 to tap it's full potential.

By jenwei2000 - Aug 20, 2007


Strengths: Easy to use Affordable Reliable

Weakness: the batteries it requires

When I purchased this calculator it helped improve my grades in Calculus. It helped me graph equations effortlessly. It was well worth the money. I recommend this to any student who graphs equations.

By macki123pi - Aug 20, 2007

useful tool for an engineer student

Strengths: better than normal calculator

Weakness: heavy

I like it so much even it will take a while for a newbie to get to know how to use it. but it will definitely worth it if you think about how much you are going to benefit from it. hightly recommended to any high school students , and college students.

By windmillkity2001yahoocom - Aug 19, 2007

TI 84 PLus SIlver Edition

Strengths: periodic table, upgradeable, more memory, usb cable

Weakness: hard to understand if you havent previously owned a ti 83 calculator

Unlike the TI 84 plus there is a periodic table. I like the fact of being able to upgrade it. It has 6x more memory than the TI 84 plus. It comes in different colors. THe USB cable is extremely nice because it allows you to hook your calculator up to the computer and download applications or games.

By alicat22790 - Aug 15, 2007

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator

Strengths: Awesome calculator and just what my son needs for his advanced math and science classes in high school.Very user friendly.

Weakness: None

As an educator and mother, I highly recommend this calculator for anyone taking Algebra II or higher math classes as well as those science classes that require higher math and graphing.

By bonbon32119 - Aug 15, 2007

an excellent calculator

Strengths: Easy to use. quick has nice graphing features. user friendly.

Weakness: lacks some features found in TI-89

Amazingly TI keeps improving their calculator and this is one of the best yet. There are 25+ pre-installed applications including SAT preparation and games. Its easy to learn and not too complicated like some of the TI line.
One thing is for sure: you need to read the manual to discover and use the most advanced features, take the time and you will be rewarded even if this isn't your first graphing calculator.
I would say its worth its cost without a doubt.

By MentekoTechProducts - Aug 14, 2007

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator

Strengths: Excellent programmable graphing calculator. Indispensible for junior high and high school. A must buy!

Weakness: Directions were a little bit hard to understand at first. Take the time to get to know this great gadget.

Excellent calculator. The programming is easy to learn once you read the directions. This calculator has been indispensible to my kids in junior high and high school. Well worth the investment and something they can use in college.

By evanzobel - Aug 13, 2007

TI-84 Silver Edition Graphing Calculator

Strengths: Does alot of stuff and can use on the SAT, etc.

Weakness: Don't know yet.

I think that this is a great product. I think I will buy one of the face plates to make it stand out among the others in my class so that I will know that it is mine.

By SRPerry9432 - Aug 13, 2007

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator

Strengths: Allows my son to achieve desired reults in his advanced Academic Alegbra and Physics classes

Weakness: Have not been able to discern any as yet.

This calculator was recommended by the instructor of my son's classes. It contains all the needed graphing techniques required for participation in this class. So far it has lived up to its billing and I would highly recommend its purchase.

By TomLambert080452 - Aug 8, 2007

Get this calculator if you need one for high school or college.

Strengths: More memory and capabilities for geometry. Also useful for chemistry

Weakness: NONE

I traded in my older TI-83 for the silver TI-84. Though seemingly very similar, for the need, there was a lot more of the capabilities for geometry and chemistry such as formulas and tables.

By mr1am - Aug 4, 2007

Worth the upgrade from the TI-83 and TI-84...

Strengths: Greater memory and more capabilities for geometry uses. Really useful for chemistry than prior versions.

Weakness: None really.

Worth the upgrade from the TI-83 and TI-84... Unless you become familiar with all the features, figuring out all the functions from the levels of buttons can be confusing. But as mentioned, if you plan to use this for Geometry or Chemistry courses, this is worth the upgrade for the 84 silver edition.

By mr1am - Aug 3, 2007

A nice calculator

Strengths: holds a lot of applications, Is able to do a lot more calculations. Can make display graphs and many more

Weakness: none

The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is perfect for people who are going in to Highschools and Colleges. It comes with a cable to allow you to connect to the computer to download different types of application. The keys are very easy to use. I would definitely recommend it.

By CMAJ - Jul 31, 2007

TI 84 Plus Silver Graphing Calculator

Strengths: It's having great functionality with easy operation, excellent display, fast, and lot of memory compare with TI-83.

Weakness: None

My son was so exited and started to read the manual came along with the calculator and started working with math, chemistry, science formulas easily. It's also great for practicing / preparing for SAT on the go.

By ssrk - Jul 18, 2007

Ti-84+ Graphing Calculator

Strengths: Nice display; Increased memory; Long battery life; Clear instruction manual.

Weakness: None

This was bought for my daughter a year ago. She likes it so much. It’s better than TI83 with increased memory; easy to operate. The screen gives you a nice and clear display. Expect it last longer.

By xmliu92 - Oct 4, 2006

This is an AWSOME calculator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strengths: Long battery life, great with making graphs for homework, perfect for high school or college student.

Weakness: NONE!!

This is a great calculator. I am in the tenth grade this year and i used in last year also and it helped me alot. The battery life for it is very long, i have not changed them yet. It's good for trigonometry and geometry.

By mmccoy19 - Oct 18, 2005

What our school required

Strengths: More than anyone could want for school

Weakness: none

This model is what our High School required. Shopping around can be confusing. We purchased the Silver model for the additional memory and USB. I feel it's better to spend alittle bit more than to find out you don't have all the functions you need and have to repurchase again.

By mjeong - Oct 4, 2005

TI-84 + SE

Strengths: Has multiple function for all area's in math and added for physics and chemistry. Plus a SAT prep tool.Memory is good,but could have been upgradable for more when needed.

Weakness: the main weakness is not rechargeable, any unit with a USB port could have been very easily rechargeable, Second would be nice if the screen was color, and should have been @ this price.

All schools now are trying to get there students to buy these by name, I assume Casio and HP forgot to donate to someone's slush fund that only acceptable calculator turns out to be Texas Instuments?

By rayodgers - Sep 9, 2005

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

Strengths: its silver color makes it different from the other models

Weakness: heavy (just like other graphing calculator models).

This is the most appropriate calculator for chemistry major. I find the installed applications useful, e.g. Periodic table, statistics, organizer. Keys are user- friendly. The interchangeable face plates feature makes this graphing calculator looks new all the time.

By mark505 - Aug 2, 2005

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