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Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator

Strengths: It has 1.54 MB of RAM, 480 KB Flash ROM and 30 pre-loaded Apps (this makes it apart from the standard TI-84) and includes statistics and financial features which is useful for daily usage.

Weakness: Battery (4 AAA) seems to drain pretty fast (about 3 months). Although the included Silver Oxide backup battery seem to protect RAM so no data were lost. A built-in solar battery would be nice.

The science lab of my local high school uses TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus, this is
the reason why I bought it for my daughter. I feel Ti-84 Plus has better built
quality/case than 83-Plus. The equation solving time is faster too.

An included USB interface cable can connect to PC to backup data, applications from RAM
and/or Flash. You can also backup all RAM and mode setting (no applications) to another
The face-plates are changeable (a silver one is included to make it a 'Silver Edition')
but extra (color) one has to be purchased separately. An optional kickstand slide
case might be great for desktop work but I'd rather make it flat on desk.
A build-in internal clock is handy to show calendar and time.

I got it from Office-Depot with rebate, and the price is better than the standard version.

By wchu - Dec 27, 2007

Great Calculator

Strengths: More memory. runs fast.

Weakness: a little expensive.

This is a great calculator, very powerful and useful. But it's a little expensive, if you have tight budget, you might choose TI-83 plus, since it's similiar to TI-83, but wiht more memory and functions.

By goooo38104 - Dec 9, 2007

Nice Calculator

Strengths: Tons of features, visually appealing.

Weakness: Steep learning curve, bit bulky, price

This calculator has tons of neat features, I would not know where to begin listing them all so I wont. The calculator itself is a bit bulky, but the design is fairly sleek and it is visually appealing. The case seems to do a great job at protecting the calculator and so far mine shows no wear on it. The price is a bit high, but thats to be expected from a graphing calculator. The worst thing having to figure out how to use it, its extremely difficult for someone who has no experience with them and the instructions dont do a good job at explaining it. All in all though fairly nice calculator.

By nadroj1485 - Nov 2, 2007

TI-84Plus Silver Programmable Graphing Calculator

Strengths: Ergonomic body and keys, large screen, rich in features.

Weakness: None found so far.

The TI-84Plus Silver programmable graphing calculator is both ergonomic and function rich. The eight-line display screen shows previous calculations and is easy to read. The graphing function allows you to step through point by point. In addition to the manual which comes on a CD, there are many sites on the web with free tutorials and programs for the calculator. Just type in a search string such as "TI-84 calculator tutorial edu" at google or another search engine and you will get an idea of the wide range of support sites for this engineering marvel. (Note: the edu is to help select university-based sites as opposed to .com, or .org sites which sometimes offer tutorials or programs for sale. The .edu sites tend to offer online tutorials for free.)

By srenals - Oct 8, 2007

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Programmable Graphing Calculator

Strengths: Upgraded memory, periodic tables, USB connection for upgrades & downloads

Weakness: This calcualtor is somewhat complicated to get used too for a first-time user but is very powerful. Seems to be big and bulky to carry around in backpack with all the other stuff I have to carry.

My new best friend. This calculator is awesome once I figured out how to use it's features. Got a really good deal on it, worth it's weight in gold.

By kajunmantx - Sep 11, 2007

TI-84 Plus Silver

Strengths: Functionalities

Weakness: Bulky, outdated design

It's a good calculator and many schools require students to use it. It has many functionalities. However, the design is outdated and it is very bulky. For the price one can get a Pocket PC that can do mostly much of the same.

By hgong2002 - Sep 5, 2007

This is the perfect calculator for chemistry and trig at the college level.

Strengths: This calculator has many viable features...Periodic Table, graphing, biology tutorial...and once you learn the basic operating proceedures, it's a God-send.

Weakness: It took some time to master all of the features, but that's probably more my fault than anything...I don't like to read instruction manuals.

I am a pre-med student taking chemistry, biology and trig this semester at the university. I originally purchased this calculator to help with my trig class, but soon discovered it would be a valuable asset in my other classes as well. I especially like the Periodic Table and biology tutorial. The display is very clear and easy to read. A superb purchase...there always seems to be a sale on this item and a matching rebate...try to take advantage since this is not an inexpensive calculator.

By tinab158 - Sep 4, 2007

What a wonderful tool for student!

Strengths: Easy to use with the basic stuff. It comes with a unit converter and the periodic table. You can also do almost anything in math for high school and college once you get used to it.

Weakness: The price is a bit high, but worth every penny once you know all the functions.

I just owned this baby for several days. Both my son, HS starter, and I are playing with it to make sure things working as stated. We found out that it is a lot of fun of playing with it. Tons for features. The graphic plotting function is really nicely displayed once you input the formula. My son has already used it for a couple algegra honor classes, he was impressed very much and fell in love with it right away. Did a search for apps & games for it, wow, found a bundle of them. Need to find time to download some useful and fun once. Anyway, great tool for students and amazing toy for adults. Buy it when it is on sale.

By yukun8388 - Aug 26, 2007