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Infinity Primus 160

Strengths: Low distortion; lively and dynamic; efficient; detailed presentation

Weakness: Slightly brighter than I prefer; cosmetics not extremely appealing

The Infinity Primus 160 is a bargain speaker that performs well beyond its price point. It's not perfect (no speaker is), but it's good. It's musical, has low distortion, good pace and rhythym, good dynamics, is easy to drive, and presents very good detail levels. Its two weakest points are its cosmetics, which are utilitarian at best, and the fact that its frequency response is somewhat uptilted, which requires careful matching with source components lest it get too bright. All in all, a great performer for its price.

By lesho - Nov 15, 2005

Infinity Primus 160

Strengths: Room filling sound; nice size to be inconspicuous

Weakness: Not fancy looking

These are nice sounding speakers at a reasonable price. There are a good size for me to work into my d├ęcor. They reproduce sound in a realistic way and seem to fill the area where they are placed with lots of sound, even though the room is large and has a high ceiling (my system includes a subwoofer). They look o.k. and can be unobtrusive.

By kehlm - Jan 11, 2006

Nice speakers

Strengths: excellent sound

Weakness: pricey, but expect to pay much more for other higher quality speakers

I am not an audio expert or audio techie but I really enjoy the sound from these speakers. I have two and use them with a Pioneer receiver. They were quite easy to set up and get working. I have no complaints as I just wanted something better than my old "package" Pioneer speakers from several years ago. I use them in a small media/TV room and the speakers fill up the room nicely. Movies and music sound much better than my old setup. I like the basic black finish which makes them scream simplicity and ease of use.

If these speakers are in your price range, I recommend taking a look/listen.

By blackcapten - Jan 30, 2007

Fine Sounding Speakers

Strengths: Crisp clear natural sound and very fine for home theater use.

Weakness: Sound is a bit bright (treble) and is a bit shallow for symphonic music.

I purchased these speakers for use with both home theater and for stereo music reproduction. I am using them along with a Yamaha subwoofer, the Infintiy C25 Center Channel speaker and a pair of Advent surround speakers (with specs similar to the Infinity Primus 150's).
This is my first venture beyond two channel sound and I didn't want to spend that much since we do not watch movies all that often.
I read many reviews of these speakers and they were quite accurate. The speakers provide clear accurate sound for voice and individual instruments (such as solo piano or solo guitar). I find them equally pleasing for listening to rock music and jazz. They also sound great when used for watching movies or TV. In a small room, they would provide a decent amount of bass, but in a larger room or for floor rocking sound effects, a sub is recommended. I am a classical listener and these speakers along with my Yamaha RX-V995 receiver do just an OK job with my instrumental classical CDs. I think they are somewhat lacking in the lower frequencies and while my sub provides decent bass, there is no speaker to boost the midtones. On the other hand, my receiver has neither a midrange tone control nor an equalizer, so the receiver is most likely equally responsible for this "problem." Considering what I spent for the pair, I'm perfectly satisfied for now.
At their current price, these speakers are definitely worth your consideration, most especially for home theater.

By im2late - Aug 20, 2006