Energizer AA NiMH General Purpose Battery

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NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries are designed for high-tech, high-drain devices. Quick and easy to charge. Each lasts for approximately 1,000 charge/discharge cycles (four to five years of normal use). Particularly well-suited for devices requiring high-energy development over a short time. Batteries offer far higher power reserves than standard alkaline manganese batteries. Ideal for everything from digital cameras, portable cassette players, PDAs, handheld games, portable CD players to notebook computers. Durable rechargeable batteries do not contain cadmium.


Product Title: Energizer AA NiMH General Purpose Battery

Manufacturer: Energizer

Lowest Price: $12.83 from Mwave.com

Power Score: 4.0 | 20 Reviews

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Weakness: Will not hold its charge.

If you charge this battery and use it with in the next 5 days your ok. But wait a week or more and forget it, no more power. I need lots of power for location work and can't afford not to have good batteries when i need it. the duracell 2650 have always worked.

By anonymous; - Jun 9, 2007

Nimh, nicad, what's the difference?

Weakness: 1 month before the batteries are flat? more like 1 week.

I used these cells on a cordless joystick and I can say these batteries really stink when going dead quickly and failing to hold any charge after about a week and then if you have to wait for several hours to recharge your batteries. If your device doesn't support Li-Ion batteries then alkaline is the only way to go, sad.

By orpanyd - Oct 24, 2006

Great batteries, but use it or lose it

Strengths: Incredible run time for my very battery-hungry digital camera and a great deal at $10 for a 4-pack of 2500mAh cells.

Weakness: As mentioned by others, use the charge or lose it; leave them for 2 months and they are completely flat.

For any device you actually use, there is no reason to use anything but NiMH rechargeables. You can get a 4-pack of 2500mAh cells for $10 and a 15-minute charger to go with them for $15-20. I've yet to find a device that has a longer run time with alkalines than with these NiMH rechargeables; the higher the drain, the more noticeable the improvement with these. The 15-minute charger really makes...
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By der_saeufer - Oct 24, 2005

Pricey, but worth it

Strengths: Constant voltage, quick recharge time, and durable.

Weakness: Twice as expensive as non-rechargable battreries; charge "leaks" rather fast while in storage, forcing you to recharge them before use.

I bought a set of these along with a quick charger just before my second deployment to Iraq. They were a whopping $8 for the four-pack, and with the charger they were $25. But seeing as how I used these AAs over and over again in my digital camera and Gameboy Advance, I quickly learned to appreciate how these batteries could recharge so fast and gave me constant voltage until they dried up...
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By RustyDragon - Sep 9, 2005


Strengths: High current charge, long time before charging

Weakness: none

I bought these to use with my digital camera after the batteries I got with it kept losing their charge in days. These batteries last a long time. I have no complains.

By merwynp - Aug 12, 2005

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