Sony Grand WEGA KDF-42WE655 42" LCD Projection TV

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Sony KDF-42WE655 Projection TV Assembly with High Quality Original Bulb Inside


Product Title: Sony Grand WEGA KDF-42WE655 42" LCD Projection TV

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 4.6 | 25 Reviews

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Outstanding Set

Strengths: Picture qualtiy (especially in HD), audio quality, color reproduction, design

Weakness: Non-HD channels

Overall, this is an excellent television. HD channels are really fantastic (better than I expected). Regular channels are either so-so or terrible, but you get used to it (just do not watch them as much). Color reproduction is very accurate. I am very happy with this purchase.

By mzaretsky99 - Dec 20, 2005

Happy I didn't get plasma

Strengths: unsurpassed picture quality in HD. I was shocked. You gotta pay extra for the HD channels, its worth it!

Weakness: no video out connections... but I guess I know why do to copyright controls. And the split screen is designed to only work with 4 or 5 of the inputs instead of all 7 for some silly reason . So that sucks, when trying to tape, view and control different so

great tv. I upgraded from a 27" and glad I quit waiting. It's not as good as a plasma if you want to watch from side angles during the day, but I'm still happy! Everyone who visits after seeing the quality asks if its a plasma. They are surprised when I tell them its not.

By casawaikiki - Dec 2, 2005

good value - dlp might be better

Strengths: Nice setup menu allows amount of translucency, Cable Card and HDMI input allow true digital input, full suite of other input formats (component, s-video, optical), flash card reader, nice HD picture

Weakness: bulb dim at startup. have to shuffle through all 7 video modes to get from TV to DVD (HDMI is last one...should be first). Speakers are fixed in external audio mode and remote not universal enough

overall very happy. Do not like that I have to press video mode button 7 times to get to HDMI input, which is where my DVD is attached. Since HDMI is likely to be the standard, TV should be mode 1, and HDMI mode 2. Also do not like that the TV's speakers are fixed (turned off) if you want to use an external audio system. THis would be OK (actually preferable), but the universal remote is not...
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By anonymous; - Nov 21, 2005

Great TV - just wish there were more HD channels!!!!

Strengths: Great when HD transmission is received...great with DVD player, VCR, etc.

Weakness: ANAOLG transmissions really will wish your old TV was back....but you get used to it.

You can't go wrong with this television. Price vs. quality cannot be beat. The only drawback it that analog transmissions suffer....(smaller picture unless you "wide-angle zoom" it...which worsens the resolution). HD broadcast is superb, DVD playback is excellent (not true close as you can get via DVD) The TV shines when watching a full-blown HD channel. It is astounding...and your main...
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By keathotis - Nov 10, 2005

Outstanding TV

Strengths: Everything...especially picture

Weakness: narrow angle for remote control/vertical viewing axis

The weaknesses I mentioned are inherent in most rear projection LCD TVs and are certainly within reason. The most obvious outstanding feature of this HDTV is the picture quality! I marvel at the color and clarity...I have no missing pixels and don't think the black levels are nearly as poor as some have suggested. The setup is easy and, although it does take 50 minutes to tune the channels, you...
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By anchorman - Aug 1, 2005

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