HP (Hewlett-Packard) Pavilion md6580n 65" DLP Projection TV

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Looking for a big TV that makes a giant impression?. Consider the high-definition rear projection 65" Pavilion MD6580n. In addition to providing you with phenomenal, bold, huge-screen viewing, it will look good in your home and impress the heck out of your guests. Serenade your ears with 2.1 sound through 85 watts of peak performance; there are two speakers (tweeter and midrange) on the left, two on the right, and an integrated subwoofer.


Product Title: HP (Hewlett-Packard) Pavilion md6580n 65" DLP Projection TV

Manufacturer: HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Lowest Price: $63.25 from Mwave.com

Power Score: 5 | 3 Reviews

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Product Reviews (3)

Great TV... the 2nd time around.

Strengths: All good.

Weakness: None bad.

I bought this TV sight-unseen, based on all the glowing reviews I'd read online about it. Something I would typically NEVER do when it comes to something this important of an investment. All I can say is that the gamble paid off... Could not be happier, especially considering that I've had a critical eye on most HD TV's for about the past couple years. My patience paid off. If want details or...
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By trent22 - Jul 31, 2006

A GREAT first attempt by HP in the BigScreen Market !!!

Strengths: Cost per feature/size ratio, Video Quality, Design, Bulb, Dual-tuners(QAM!),1080p HDMI input, others listed.

Weakness: Slow start-up, Bulb again (yes, it's a weakness & strength), PIP features, others listed below.

WEAKNESS: 1.) The set has anywhere from a 35-45 or more second delay, from time of being first turned on, to the time they actually start to show a picture. 2.) The bulb. Its weakness is obvious, it has an average half-life of 6000hrs, creates a lot of heat which in return requires a fan to cool it, which adds background noise. Cost & availability could be issues! The warranty on the bulb is a...
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By Darkonus - Feb 28, 2006

It Only Screams Where It Counts.

Strengths: Fab Picture. Easy-Access Menu. Extensive Setting Controls. Only 1080p Available. Lighted Connection Panel & Bulb Access on Front. Sleek, Unobtrusive Case Design. Non-Reflective Screen. Amazing Sound.

Weakness: Pin Cushioning Very Evident when Viewing 4:3 Material. Standard Definition Picture Quality (SD PQ) Marginal. PIP Only Works with Coaxial Input Sources.

Look, it's very simple, really. A TV's function is to entertain you with moving pictures and sound. AND THAT IS IT. It is not a piece of modern sculpture on display for all to gawk and drool over. Nope. Moving Pictures and Sound. So many TV's these days take case design too far. Big, bulky and just screaming to be noticed. What's with the speaker wings or "dumbo" ears some units sport? The HP...
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By nobbie - Feb 1, 2006

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