Reviews for Audio-Technica AT6012 Record Care Kit

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Very good basic record cleaner.

Strengths: Top-quality materials, good design overall.

Weakness: Funky fluid dispersion system

I've been using this for a few months. It replaced a Discwasher D4 that I lost; when I went to look at new Discwashers they simply aren't as well-made as they used to be... So, I got this instead. It's a very nice high-quality Japanese-made deal with noticeably good materials and workmanship. It has a nice, clean look and a pleasant feel. There's a tray with a built-in scraper brush to clean the unit, a very nice touch. The one odd thing about it is the two little holes in the top where you're supposed to put the fluid and let it disperse for a few minutes. Who has a few minutes? I've got records to play! So I just apply fluid directly to the velvet like I did on the Discwasher, and it works fine. Nice, compact unit, well recommended.

By Sam; - Apr 8, 2009