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Just got it from Amazon for $20...

Strengths: cheap, good reception, small footprint, and easy to setup.

Weakness: Of course, reception could be better.

Just got it from Amazon for $20 (although it took 3 weeks). Had it set up and it was ready to go with my new Sharp Aquos LC-45GX6U 45" LCD TV.

In my area, there are quite a few HD over the air channels. Some are upconverted and some are "real" HD signals. For the most part, on the major networks ranging from 2.1 to 11.1, I can get between 60+ to 95+ signal strengh. I achieved this by mounting the antenna vertically on its stand. It is quite dirctional as well. So if you get a weak signal when it points to one dirction, then try other dirctions.

The signals are good and clear and without any interference from people walking by and stuff. Which is much better than my Trek FM antenna can do. And for $20 and it being non-amplified, it is a damn good indoor HDTV antenna.

By yikes - Oct 27, 2004

Review for Zenith ZHDTV1 HDTV Indoor Antenna

Strengths: Beats all the HDTV antennas out there for quality, installtion & price

Weakness: None

I have tried atleast 7-8 different indoor & outdoor antennas but this little dude beats all of them. I am using it for last 2 months & very happy about its performance.

By Narendra_Patil - Jul 15, 2005

I bought this antenna since...

Strengths: excellent HD reception, inexpensive, small footprint

Weakness: none

I bought this antenna since Comcast cable provides very little HDTV content in my area -- only ABC, Fox, and ESPN (plus PBS, sevral junk channels, and movie channels). With this indoor antenna, my Sony LCD projection TV now also gets NBC, CBS, WB, UPN (and several few others which I have no interest in). So this antenna meets my needs exactly. The HD reception is perfect. I live about 5 miles from the broadcast towers and have a straight shot to them

By tspacek - Apr 4, 2005

Excellent antenna for the price!

Strengths: Great reception, small, looks cool...

Weakness: Top-heavy (falls over easily), not very durable (be gentle with it, or it will break), it's directional, so you have to aim it in one direction.

I live about 35 miles from Youngstown, OH and about 35 miles from Pittsburgh, PA. The list from showed that I could receive 15 analog stations and only 2 digital stations. Of those stations, a few were rated Red, the majority were reated Blue, and and a few stations were reated violet.

I hooked this antenna up, set it on top of my TV, and pointed it in the right direction. I could receive 13 digital stations total (I wasn't intersted in analog stations). Of the 13 stations, I received 7 from pointing it towards Youngstown and 6 when pointing it towards Pittsburgh. Most of the channels would come in with a 60% - 80% signal, most wouldn't skip very often, and 4 of the channels were in High Definition.

I then set my antenna up pointing out of various second floor windows and could then pick up a total of 24 digital stations, 9 of which were in High Defintion. I finally settled on a position that could receive the channels that I wanted. From this one posistion I can receive 16 Digital Channels, some from Pittsburgh and some from Youngstown.

This antenna is directional so theoretically you can only receive from one direction at a time, but if you experiment with it enough, you'll eventually find a good position for it. It has really good reception for a non-amplified, indoor antenna, I received a digital station that broadcasts from over 70 miles away, but on the same note, there is a broadcast station that is 20 miles away that I couldn't receive because of hills and low broadcast power.

This unit is pretty fragile as it fell off of my TV and the solder contacts broke so I had to resolder them.

By scurtis60 - Nov 5, 2006

Compared to 3 other UHF antennas,...

Strengths: Good HDTV UHF reception , easy to assemble, cable included

Weakness: lightweight unstable base, aesthetics

Compared to 3 other UHF antennas, it provided the best overall reception when pointed for best reception to higher powered stations. Seems best for local reception of HDTV with limited obstructions. Cable design would improve if connected to base to avoid twisting of cable and unstable base. Will try zenith line amplifier to improve distant reception. Value is probably a best buy for indoor HDTV antenna.

By syep - Jan 14, 2005

I receive over-the-air free local...

Strengths: Price, overall performance

Weakness: Slightly flimsy design, can easily fall apart when knocked over.

I receive over-the-air free local HDTV. I tried several cheaper (Radio Shack) antennas before purchasing this antenna and it was easy to set up and install. It gets the strongest signal of all the others, though I occasionally have to fiddle with the orientation in order to receive all the local channels in the area. Only complaint is it's slightly flimsy. I knocked the antenna over while adjusting it for reception and the two small plastic pieces securing the antenna popped off. It wasn't difficult to put back together, but just be careful when adjusting.

By Waltdogg - Apr 5, 2005

In the LA area, all but one or two...

Strengths: Compact, lightweight, sturdy, stylish, removable cable, removeable stand, highly direction sensitive (see comments)

Weakness: highly direction sensitive (see comments)

In the LA area, all but one or two of the HD/UHF transmitters are adjacently located on Mt. Wilson, so a directionally sensitive antenna like the ZHDTV1 is desireable. Pulls in all stations except Avalon & San Bernadino from a 2nd story location in Long Beach. Added a $15 10dB inline amplifier and it no longer needed to be near the outside wall/window.

By tarzan_nojane - Feb 4, 2005

Dont buy

Strengths: none

Weakness: everything

This is a worthless piece of s*&#@t, only receives a couple of stations, in Miami, only 3 or 4 at the time, and if you want to switch channels, you have to reposition the antenna. Weak reception, even from the closest channels. A regular outdoor antenna gives you better option. Or just get cable...

By ftogrf - Nov 18, 2006

I picked this antenna up for my...

Strengths: Easy installation, looks good, works well for unamplified indoor antenna.

Weakness: None for the price.

I picked this antenna up for my home theatre PC after reading many reviews and comments about it. I live in a fairly high and open sky spot in Bucks County PA, so I figured for $20 I'd try this antenna first for receiving some free HD signals, before going out and buying an expensive and much harder to install roof or attic antenna.

I was really looking forward to be able to tune in some OTA HD signals using my HTPC and new FusionHDTV 3 Gold card I just installed. Well, it didn't take but a minute or two, and I was very impressed. I am now receiving free OTA HD/Digital signals from the 4 major networks I was hoping to get, and then some:

ABC (WPVI-DT 6.1) - 19.4 miles / signal 98% - 100% Perfect signal. ABC also has 2 sub-channels, 6.2 & 6.3, that I can also watch.
NBC (WCAU-DT 10.1) - 19.5 miles / signal 89% - 93% Very Good signal.
CBS (KYW-DT 3.1) - 19.4 miles / signal 79%- 85% On most days pretty good.
Fox (WTXF-DT 29.1) - 18.3 miles / signal 78% - 82% OK on many days, sometimes tough to get consistant good signals.
UNI (WUVP-DT 66.1) - 46.7 miles / signal 60% - 67% Couldn't believe this even dialed in it's so far away, but it's too choppy to watch on most days.

Got signal readings on at least 6 other digital channels from 18 to 31 miles away, but with strengths ranging from 22% - 38% they wouldn't tune.

I also picked up all my local analog UHF channels fairly well. This antenna did exactly what I hoped, it has allowed me to get the 4 major networks over the air in digital ... and for free. Can't wait to watch some HD broadcasts on my home theatre PC and 55" Mitsubishi HD TV!

I would recommend this as an antenna for anyone to try first before buying a really expensive roof/attic antenna, it may just give you what you want for under $25!

By Darkonus - Sep 1, 2004

this is the best value for the...

Strengths: Strong ability of reception

Weakness: NO as my opinion

this is the best value for the price range. you can find nothing with such strong reception abiliby but so low price. the signal reception is steady, even someting moves around the antenna. the design is remarkable, it will not take too much space. anyhow, that's the best value for a HDTV antenna.

By siwuxie - Oct 28, 2004

Tried 5 other antennas including...

Strengths: Excellent reception.

Weakness: None.

Tried 5 other antennas including attic and roof mounts. At best I could get 5 OTA digital channels. With this one I get 25. It is somewhat directional but I get all the channels I want Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS at signal strengths above 80 without adjustment. One of the other antennas I tried was the TERK ripoff of this one. It was twice the cost and could only get 3 channels.

By mekidwell - Mar 1, 2005

Zenith Silver Sensor HDTV antenna

Strengths: Best indoor HDTV antenna for the price; directional antenna; providing adequate HDTV reception if not too far from the broadcasting stations.

Weakness: flimsy; lack of built-in signal amplifier.

The Zenith ZHDTV1 HDTV indoor antenna is the same product as the Gemini and Philips Silver Sensor. Its performance is amazing in contrast to its flimsy look. However, if you live too far away from the broadcasting Stations, you will need an external signal amplifier coupled with the Silver Sensor to capture all available OTA digital channels. With a signal amplifier, its reception is comparable to the Samsung TV5.2 SAX indoor HDTV antenna which is selling for more than twice the price of the Silver Sensor. Highly recommended.

By pnghiem - Aug 24, 2005

Tried other more expensive...

Strengths: Ease of installation. Clear HD picture quality.

Weakness: None

Tried other more expensive antennas. This one installed very easy, doesn't require an electrical connection and doesn't have settings etc. to fool with. Best of all it provides a great picture, even better than the one I get through my cable company.

By tradeweb - Nov 13, 2004

This antenna works well with my...

Strengths: Good HDTV reception for indoor antenna. good looks, and small.

Weakness: Needs an amplifier or need to be near a window for maximum reception. Directional antenna.

This antenna works well with my samsung HDTV tunner. I started with the antenna near the window, and it got all HDTV channels when pointed the right direction (directional antenna). when I moved the antenna to the middle of the room, i would loose some HD channels, and I had to rotate the antenna to get the missing channel. I then added an amplifier, and now i get all the chanels. It is much better than a rabbit-ear antenna, but still weak to get all channels, unless you get an amplifier. I do not have an option to add a roof-top antenna, so this is working out ok.

By rob00 - Jan 28, 2005

didn't work for me, really a piece of junk

Strengths: compact size

Weakness: cannot catch more signals no matter how you align it

I am in Columbus, ohio.
After reading so many great reviews on Amazon and also finding that it is one of the best sales in, i bought this Antenna back 2 weeks ago. But to my greatest disappointment, it didn't work for me at all.No matter how i aligh its place: higer, lower,left, or right,i didn't get one more channel on my big 30-inch Olivea Syntax LCD TV.My Tv could pick up only 4-6 high quality picture channels before with my antique Antenna and with this new one,nothing changes. Could it be the distance between my house and the signal center or the place where i set the Antenna?I really have no idea,but it certainly is not the product what i am expecting. I wonder whether i could return it and get my money back.

By maynardflower - Jul 31, 2005

Zenith ZHDTV1 HDTV Indoor Antenna

Strengths: Directivity - a very direct antenna

Weakness: Directivity - If stations are not closely together, antenna has to be moved to change channels

I bought this antenna when I bought my HDTV monitor & receiver. I live about 20 miles from most HD transmitter sites. It(HDTV1)would pick up about half of the stations at best. Fortuneately, I had an outside antenna that I could use. I later tried an amplified bow-tie antenna which worked much better.You can find a bow-tie antenna on the back of one of your old TV,s.

By anonymous; - Dec 17, 2006

Works Great Until You Break It

Strengths: Very clear reception and good price

Weakness: Cheaply made; coax connector pulled away from the antenna with very little force applied. Very difficult to fix.

I was quite pleased with the reception of this antenna. It is very directional so you have to move it around to get all channels clearly. During one of these adjustments I pulled the antenna out of the stand to switch the polarization of the antenna and the coax connector separated from the antenna. Tried to solder it, but the cables there wasn't much cable left to work with and the solder wouldn't stick. Time to buy another antenna!

By caverdude - Oct 1, 2006

Get it from Amazon for $20. A lot...

Strengths: Best for the price. Good reception.

Weakness: Directional antenna. Need to point to the right direction.

Get it from Amazon for $20. A lot cheaper than the Terk TV55 before. Easy to set it up. Once it points to the right direction, it will got most of the HD channels from the air. Small and doesn't take up a lot of space, it's a perfect in door HD antenna. The Terk TV55 has weaker reception and more bulky. So, it's the best for the price for indoor HD antenna.

By suisui88 - Mar 23, 2005

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