Terk Audiovox FMPRO FM-50 Indoor/Outdoor Dual-Drive Amplified FM Antenna

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FMPRO FM-50 Indoor/Outdoor Dual-Drive Amplified FM Antenna captures signals in front of and behind antenna with equal strength. FMPRO FM-50 FM Antenna makes optimum FM reception of weaker and distant stations. Its Dual-mode amplifier allows a choice for best gain setting.


Product Title: Terk Audiovox FMPRO FM-50 Indoor/Outdoor Dual-Drive Amplified FM Antenna

Manufacturer: Terk

Lowest Price: $91.99 from Amazon.com

Power Score: 4.0 | 6 Reviews

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Product Reviews (6)

Works Great!

This antenna works great for us. We are in a mountain area and this antenna picks up stations we haven't been able to get with other antennas.

By Jerry on Home Depot - Apr 1, 2013

Excellent product

Antenna works very well. Live in a restricted townhome so I put the antenna in the basement and now enjoy all the stations I couldn't receive before.

By KenK on Home Depot - Apr 10, 2012

FM Pro Indoor/Outdoor antenna

Strengths: works like it's supposed to

Weakness: none that I can think of.

The FM-Pro antenna
works like it
says its supposed to. I would highly recommend it for people who have problems getting
good FM reception for their radios and stereo systems. We are now getting radio stations that were impossible to get before purchasing.

By dlrw64 - Feb 8, 2008

Partial Satisfaction With Antenna Assy.

Strengths: Nice looking antenna

Weakness: Doesn't amplify weak signals; adds static, introduces cross-talk

On weak FM stations, turning the power injector on (for amplification) causes a significient increase in static with no increase in the signal. Sent (at my cost of $15) enitre antenna assy. back to Audiovox for repair. Repaired antenna now introduces cross-talk and some static on my favorite weak station (95.1) with no increase in signal strength. I physically removed the power injector and use...
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By mahatgramps - Dec 18, 2006

We've lived in a townhouse for 15...

Strengths: Strong FM signal pickup. Better than any indoor antenna I ever purchased.

Weakness: Somewhat large, hard to hide out of view.

We've lived in a townhouse for 15 years and have been unable to pick up any FM channels on our stereo. With the FM Pro we are now able to get about 30 FM stations that are crystal clear. We live about 90 miles outside of New York City and are able to get many city FM stations. I would recommend this product to anyone who is having difficulty receiving FM channels.....

By pchelak - Mar 3, 2005

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