RCA ANT1250 High-Power Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

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The ANT1250 High-Power Amplified Indoor TV Antenna comes with integrated 3-way cable antenna switch and isolated VHF & UHF gain controls. It amplifies up to 45 dB using 3-stage amplification.


Product Title: RCA ANT1250 High-Power Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

Manufacturer: RCA

Power Score: 1.3 | 6 Reviews

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The design will fool you. Looks high tech as far as these things go but worthless in picking up a decent signal. I'm 25-30 miles from major broadcasters.

By anonymous; - Mar 23, 2007

Don't Bother

Strengths: Inexpensive; lots of adjustment options; can improve reception

Weakness: Cheap; adjustments minimal help, needs contant readjustment; minimal improvment to reception

Let me put it this way: the cheapo T-style wire antenna that came with my TV/FM tuner card does a better job across the board than this thing. No kidding.

By fell8 - Nov 13, 2006

Would not recommend.

Strengths: Can decently pull in distant signals.

Weakness: Plenty. Hard to adjust and constantly needs to be adjusted.

As an antenna for HDTV reception, it is a poor antenna. It is hard to adjust the antenna to get decent receptions. The design of the UHF antenna doesn't allow locking in of signals and probably contributes to multi-path issues. Sor some reason, even if the antenna is adjusted to receive a signal, over time the signal degrades and the antenna has to be re-adjusted to lock in the desire signal.
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By magna2 - Sep 14, 2006

Broke After Less than 3 Months

Strengths: Gets decent UHF.

Weakness: Unexpected problem with power connection, VHF reception so-so to poor for most stations.

For such a large antenna promissing an extra long range, I was disappointed with how many local stations got poor reception. It is worth noting that I live in the outer suburbs, but I am not sure how much of a difference that makes. Only one station looks OK, 2 are so-so, and the rest are poor. On this antenna, the connector for the power supply went bad after about 4 months. Pushing down on the...
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By glenk7901 - Aug 29, 2006

Dont buy

Strengths: none

Weakness: anntennas are cheap and snap off easily. Wont pick up anything except dust.

Bought this annenna to replace a cheap $10/antenna that worked fine on 3 out 5 local stations. This anntenna worked OK on only 1. Cant take it back because out of frustration in trying it in just about every conceivable location, the cheap telescoping antenna snapped off.

By ragtopman - Aug 8, 2006

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