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Great compact and efficient amp

Strengths: Very compact, very stylish, and wastes very little power

Weakness: Tends to run hot

This is a great amp. I'm using it to power a 1000watt rms sub (Alpine SWX-1243D). It's VERY small... 1000 watt RMS amps are typically 2-3 times larger than this. It's VERY cool looking. If you get this, definately look into getting a matching PDX-4.100 4-channel amp down the road - they look the same and they're stackable (you can mount them on top of each other).

The only weakness is that it runs pretty hot at times. At times it gets too hot for me to touch, but it still hasn't gone into thermal overload mode yet (in the one month that I've had it).

Also, this amp is very efficient. It uses less current to produce 1000 watts rms than other 1000 watt amps, so that's less work on your alternator (1000 watts @ 12 volts is 80 amps minimum! My new Mustang alternator is 130 amps MAX at 2k-2.5k rpm... so efficiency is important here)

By steveilee_1772243531 - Sep 26, 2007

potent, powerful, and compact like dynamite

Strengths: great bass control, efficient, small, looks great

Weakness: no bass boost, no speaker level input, understandably warm/hot

Perfectly designed for subwoofers that require endless power without taxing your car's electrical system. This is true for nearly all class-D amplifiers, but this PDX's size and sound quality make it worth the extra money. It's damping factor (speaker movement control) is 150+, very good for subwoofers and excellent for class-D amp which currently averages 50.

I originally had a PDX 4.150 bridged @ 300W with a damping factor of ~70 running my sub and changed it to the 1.1000 and the bass is tighter and punchier and deeper. I'm sure the additional power is giving me louder, deeper bass. And possibly the damping factor or that the sub is not sharing the PDX 4.150's power supply with other speakers or both is making that tight, quick, punchy attack.

Both 1.1000 stacked on the 4.150 total 1600 watts in that small 10 square inch space turned up as loud as my speakers and ears can take it, it has yet to pop a 40 amp fuse meaning I can't stand more than around 500 watts! My car only has an 80 amp alternator and I don't have headlight dimming after bass settings have been tweaked.

It does run warm-to-hot, but is completely understandable considering its size and power. It has line-level inputs/pre-out. No bass boost and crossover goes down to only 50hz, but is a steep 24 db octave. It also has subsonic filter at 15hz/30hz or none. I hope Alpine updates the PDX to include volume control and extend the 1.1000's frequency response to beyond the subwoofer frequencies just like the new JL Audio HD series.

By rgascon - Jun 10, 2008


Strengths: It is nice!!

Weakness: Could have a better style as looks...

I think this product is a great product and is well worth the money!I would totally recomend this to anyone who asked!! I love this!! Its the best ive ever had...

By anonymous; - Jul 25, 2007

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By - Aug 7, 2009

Alpine PDX-1.1000

The Alpine PDX-1.1000 is a mono power density digital amplifier that delivers 1000 watts of power, making it the most powerful in the Alpine PDX series. It is the same size and shape as the rest of the series (10-1/8" Width, 7-9/16" Height, 2-7/16" Depth) and is designed for stacking. Combine the PDX-1.1000 with any others in the series to make a compact powerful tower that can...
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By - Nov 5, 2008