Aitech HDMI Over CAT-5 Unit


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HDMI Over CAT-5 Unit is a matched pair. It includes an HDMI transmitter and an HDMI receiver that can be connected using CAT-5 cable and extends your HDMI signal - up to 50 meters. Simply connect the transmitter next to your HDMI sources such as DVD Player or set-top-box, and the receiver next to your display. Easily achieve 50 meters distance between your source and display using CAT-5 cable.


Product Title: Aitech HDMI Over CAT-5 Unit

Manufacturer: Aitech

Lowest Price: $352.02 from Studica

Power Score: 5 | 1 Review

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Now, I got HD everywhere in my house.

Strengths: To find a way around the extremely limited (and expensive) HDMI cable, I found this item that works exactly as advertised with no signal degradation or problems. Now, I got HD everywhere in my house.

Weakness: none

I have my home theater system in the media room and want to transmit the 1080p video signal to my bedroom, dining room, kitchen …etc. This is a great solution for my plan.

By Jordan Grant; - Dec 24, 2008

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