Proxim Orinoco 8410-WD Classic Gold PC Card


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The ORiNOCO Classic Gold PC Card is designed to work as a client device as well as in an access point, providing connectivity to users anywhere. Easy to install, the PC Card gives you the convenience to work anytime,anywhere and any way you want.

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Device Type: Wi-Fi Adapter

Network Architecture Supported: Wireless Ethernet - 11 Mbps IEEE802.11b

Frequency Band: Low power consumptionIndustry-leading radio design

Slot/Port Type: PC Card


Product Title: Proxim Orinoco 8410-WD Classic Gold PC Card

Manufacturer: Proxim

Lowest Price: $19.99 from Marketplace

Power Score: 4.3 | 10 Reviews

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The Orinoco gold card is as good...

Strengths: easy installation great range support external antenna

Weakness: none

The Orinoco gold card is as good as its reputation. I use it with my Fujitsu tablet where low power consumption is most important. The range easily exceeds any card that I've used.

By joearfa - Jun 4, 2005

This little card is a very very...

Strengths: Great Signal Strength, East to install and works great with external antennas!

Weakness: A little flimsy but still very sturdy

This little card is a very very good one. Signal strength is awesome and the card is built like a rock. Im currently using it with a external antenna which makes it a very very powerful combo!

By cop35758 - May 14, 2005

I went through three other network...

Strengths: Great signal strength, solid connection, easy to use.

Weakness: None that I have found.

I went through three other network cards and bridges before someone recommended that I purchase a card with the Orinoco chipset. That was the best move I could have made. This card has been so reliable I wouldn't bother with the cheap brands with fancy rebates any more. I get full bars on my connection at work when others are only getting 1 or 2. The software is easy to use but could be refined a...
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By Furly37 - Mar 25, 2005

i've gone through several other...

Strengths: phenomenal feature set, self-detecting drivers, external antenna connector, jewel case, and 3 year warranty.

Weakness: none whatsoever.

i've gone through several other cards and have yet to find one with as good a range and feature set as this one. i had this card running in two minutes after simply plugging it into the slot, and the jewel case is a nice touch, particularly if you're on the go.

By burning_desire - Feb 1, 2005

I got this card a month and a half...

Strengths: Good range. Good software compatibility. Overall, works very well.

Weakness: None.

I got this card a month and a half ago on a recommendation from a friend, and it has worked great for everything I've needed it for. I can pick up a signal from anywhere in my house, and have had no problems using the card. I would definitely recommend it.

By boshlag - Aug 31, 2004

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