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If you're a mobile professional using a Pocket PC or other Windows CE-based mobile computer, you'll want to get ahold of NETGEAR's MA701 Compact Flash Card. It gives handheld devices a new level of connectivity and versatility! Slip it into either a Type I or Type II card slot on your handheld device and you can send and receive e-mail, wirelessly synchronize with your notebook computer, and browse the Internet - all from the palm of your hand. The indispensable MA701 delivers the ultimate in convenience to enterprise and public IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN systems for access to the Internet, e-mail, and corporate servers. Now you can work wherever you're most productive - in a conference room, on the road, in a coffee shop or hotel, or at the airport. The reliable MA701 protects your privacy with 40/64 and 128-bit WEP encryption and allows you to roam between 802.11b Access Points without resetting or reconfiguring.

Quick Glance

Network Architecture Supported: Wireless Ethernet - 11 Mbps IEEE802.11b

Device Type: Wi-Fi Adapter PIFA Antenna

Frequency Band: 2.46 GHz

Slot/Port Type: PC Card Type II


Product Title: Netgear Wireless Adapter

Manufacturer: Netgear

Power Score: 3.8 | 4 Reviews

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Product Reviews (4)

I am new to setting up a network,...

Strengths: Easy installation. Plenty of flexibility.

Weakness: None so far.

I am new to setting up a network, let alone a wireless one. The task seemed daunting at first, and the new terminology left me wondering if I could do it. Install and set up was straightforward for basic installation. Then I tried for more sophisticated stuff like remotely controlling my base PC. Was a little tricky at first, but managed to get it working just fine. NO nearby hot spots, so I have...
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By ecnal_la - Oct 30, 2003

I had no trouble installing &...

Strengths: Simple installation, nice configuration software, very happy with connection speed & signal strength

Weakness: Not specific to the Netgear, but wireless is a battery killer! The Netgear website navigation is non-intuitive, but everything needed for support is there.

I had no trouble installing & setting up the MA701 on my Intermec 6651, which runs on Windows Handheld PC 2000. Very happy with the performance for the price.

By m5 - Feb 28, 2003

Haven't had a chance to check...

Strengths: Trivially easy to install on a dell axim pocketpc, great reception

Weakness: slightly bulky form factor

Haven't had a chance to check battery life with it, but so far drain does not appear too bad. Setup was incredibly easy. Now I just need to figure out how to get realone mobile to work from behind a NAT firewall...

By ee_man - Dec 16, 2002

I own a Cassiopeia E-100 CE2.11...

Strengths: Netgear has really improved tech support... Wait time on a saturday night was only a few seconds!! Installation was simple, complete with paper documentation. A real improvement over old netgear :)

Weakness: Even though this card could be good for some palmtops(power mgmt, good size), it won't work (as is stated) on a CE 2.11 device. No green light, no hardware recognition.. It's kinda ugly too...

I own a Cassiopeia E-100 CE2.11 Palm-size PC. In the store, I selected this netgear card because of it's stated compatibility and power management features. It's a nice looking card- somewhat slimmish...easy to hold. Although the setup program seems to install correctly under both 'palmtop' and 'pocket' choices, neither of the two's configuration utilities are able to recognize the card (which...
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By Uruguayo - Nov 30, 2002

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