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Steer Clear of Netgear!!!!!

I have been using Netgear for many many years, installing it whenever and where ever I could. And as time has gone on their product line has gotten fancy, but with junk soft/firmware. All previous models, as this one, have good hardware, but bad software that hobbles their hardware. I have moved all other models to DD-WRT firmware and the true great nature of Netgear's hardware appears. Not only is that a factor with R6300 series, there is an openly admitted fault in these with no word on what they are doing to address it. And their Tech Support is across the board is the worst I have ever experienced. I wrote a similar review on Newegg and got a reply from the manufacturer to contact them in regard to the "known issues" with this model. I have written to them at the address that they left four times and have not heard back. Newegg is playing dumb to the "Manufacturers Reply" process in their reviews.

I had been conversing with Netgear since last Spring and now all my online tickets have been close with resolution in their end, but nothing was ever done and or addressed. In the reply on Newegg they admitted to issues while offering to help. But all the months before when I was dealing with Netgear (offshore) TS directly, no one ever said a word and stretched out the interactions until my warranty expired, then cut me off. I still get eMails from Tech Reps introducing themselves and offering to help and then closing the ticket in the next sentence.

Go ASUS or another brand. Forget Netgear.

By FarmerBob - Jan 9, 2014

Netgear R6300


By rj57 on HP - Mar 16, 2013

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