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WUSB600N Wireless Router

Strengths: Connects great, strong signal and doesn't drop out

Weakness: Set-up is hard, do not use LinkSys set-up Wizard CD-ROM disc

Operating system is Windows XP Pro 64 bit Edition. Had to use the Windows set-up Wizard to get adapter to connect properly. Once that was done network works great.

By skip_wilson - Oct 31, 2008

WUSB600N is a solid product.

Strengths: Very good reception, even with a wireless G router.

Weakness: None that I can find.

I purchased one in early July and used it with my wireless G router. I was getting the full 54Mbps without any signal loss. I decided to get another one for another machine further away from the router that was getting only 11Mbps and sometimes dropping the connection. When I replaced the wireless network card with the WUSB600N, I was getting up to 36Mbps and was not getting dropped. I decided to replace my router to the Gigabit router and now I have a bigger smile on my face. I get 130Mbps on one machine and get upto 76Mbps on my other machine that was only getting 36Mbps. It works great with wireless G routers but really shows its strength when used in a wireless-N environment.

By cozmen - Aug 17, 2008

Is the WUSB600 all its cracked up to be?

Strengths: Sturdy Design Linksys Reputation of Quality Works as intended

Weakness: Little bulky

Pretty straight forward installation of this. I did as instructed and ran the CD wizard before doing anything else. From there it walked me through the process of locating my wireless network, communicating with it, and finally synching up with the actual adaptor.

Since it's dual-band, I'm able to choose which one I want to run off of. This is a great feature for me since I have a fully array of various-band wireless equipment in my home. I'm running at anywhere from 5-10 times my old wireless-b connection speed.

My only complaint, and it isn't even a legitimate one, is the size of the adaptor. I find it a bit too large and bulky for my tastes. This is supported by the fact its literally dropping down a little bit while plugged into the USB port. For people constantly moving the laptop, it runs the risk of falling out or breaking off if you're forgetful of its presence. All and all, a definite good buy though.

By GarryinNJ - Jun 2, 2008

Wow, so much faster

Strengths: Sturdy, Quality Linksys Product That Works

Weakness: Bulky and heavy

Straight forward installation. Pop the CD in and follow along. Since it is dual-band, I'm able to choose which one I want to use. This is great since I have both G and N. It is so much faster than my older G. My wife loves it. The adapter is a bit large and tends to drop down while plugged into the USB port. It would be much nicer if it turned somehow at 90 degrees. It just seems to easy to bump or break.

By ronross86 - Jun 16, 2008

Nice adapter

Strengths: Excellent range and up to 130mbs downloads with Linksys 150N router.

Weakness: By this time I would like to see better software from Linksys.

If you need range and more speed its the way to go. My only concern is that with computers running XP home and this adapter (I have three on my home network) I have had issues where the unit will not connect automatically, it will scan for the router forever and then I will end up connecting manually to get it to recover the connection. Once its up it works great. This could also be an XP issue but I never had the problem when using the 300G adapter from Linksys.

By cpleblow - Mar 23, 2009

Better than expected

Strengths: Great reception, super fast, high speed even when signal is very low.

Weakness: None so far

I've had this product for a few days now. Setup was very quick and easy. Product came with an USB extender and stand, so it works great with a desktop. If using with a laptop it is a bit bulkier then typical USB flash drives. Speed is consistently fast and signal strength is good for the most part. Closer router is 3 floors down and I get 81 Mbps, with a Low signal. This product is highly recommended. Even without a N router.

By Anonymous - Oct 7, 2008

WUSB600N Wireless USB Adapter

Strengths: None

Weakness: The Wireless Adapter was not compatable with the application I had. There was no way to tell this in advance.

Product description should include listing of viable applications and those known not to work. I tried to use the Wireless adapter on a home network to connect a 46" LCD TV with USB port to the home network. Hardware may not be compatible with the adapter. This is not evident prior to purchase. This was a costly mistake.

By schurdell1 - Oct 1, 2008

WUSB600N Wireless USB Network Adapter (802.11a/b/g, draft 802.11n

Strengths: Works perfect and is extremely fast. It is easy to install. Never drop connection.

Weakness: None

I highly recommend the WUSB600N Wireless USB Network Adapter (802.11a/b/g, draft 802.11n.
I have been using it for a few months and I have no problem to report. The price is good for a USB wireless N in this class

By ironpipe - Aug 24, 2008


excelent information and skill

By Anonymous on HP - Apr 12, 2010

Poor range

It works OK on both bands but the range of coverage is disappointing at best. I compared this with the internal Atheros-based wirless G network card in my low-end Compaq laptop and the Linksys adapter consistently showed lower signal strength. I realize the laptop has larger internal antennas but it's also 2+ years old; I guess my expectations were too high for wireless N on a USB stick. Also to note, I found that even though the 5GHz band is wide open, the signal seems to be affected much more by physical objects than the signal on the 2.4GHz band. In other words, the signal isn't as strong on 5GHz as it is on 2.4GHz and you will likely have even less range.

By TimTown on HP - Feb 1, 2010


I originally bought this wireless adapter to replace my old one since it was slow. Amazing improvements. Now my computer goes 10x as fast.

By ComputerBoy124 on HP - Nov 26, 2009

Great Device

I bought this device a week ago and i think it's amazing with lots of unbelievable power, i must say that it's a lightening fast to reach out the far distence of wi-fi signals in your area and the signal strenth is amazing with this product, i would strongly recomend thanks

By KDAUD on HP - Apr 23, 2009

WUSB600N Wireless USB Network Adapter (802.11a/b/g, draft 802.11n, 300 Mbps, 256 Bit WEP, WPA2).

Strengths: Very versatile.

Weakness: not many

This piece of equipment is phenomenal. It is super versatile with all the bands it can connect to. I comes with its own easy to use software,.(getting around windows wireless zero) and it comes with a stand if you do not want to connect directly to your computer.

By desulas - Oct 1, 2008

Very good/great device - would purcase again :)

Strengths: Very easy/quick to install, with great performance to boot.

Weakness: A little bulky (or wide)

Since it's an external USB, it was very easy to install and to setup (virutally plug and play after installing the bundled driver/software). The performance (signal strength, speed, etc.) is also very good.

However, it's little bulky (or wide) so if you don't use the USB cord extension, it'll cover most of the USB port space around it. But this is really a minor issue (most likely to affect laptop users who uses several mobile USB devices on very limited ports).

By im0y - Jul 28, 2008

Quite Impressed

Strengths: Very fast, easy to install,

Weakness: If you are using this for a laptop, can be bulky

I'm using this for one of my home computers, and I am getting the same DL speeds as my computer connected through a CAT5 cable. Way faster than my built-in laptop wireless card.

By bigknows - Jul 16, 2008

Review the product (WUSB600N Wireless USB Network Adapter (802.11a/b/g, draft 802.11n, 300 Mbps, 256 Bit WEP, WPA2)) you recently purchased.

Strengths: My older notebook, 802.11a/b never worked properly with my new draft 802.11n router. This product was the perfect solution. I'm getting faster connection speeds than hooked up via cat5 cable.

Weakness: A little slow synching with my local network when notebook computer first turns on.

The unit comes with an extension cable for a mounting bracket so you can move the device to a more favorable reception location. I wish the device itself would allow you to rotate the unit in the 45 - 90 degree angle for it does stick out pretty far and is in danger of snagging.

By Smokeball - Jul 13, 2008

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By - Dec 13, 2009

Linksys WUSB600N

The Linksys WUSB600N is a USB wireless adapter allowing for connectibity with 802.11 a/b/g/n connection. ... PROS: (1) Great reception (2) can connect directly into a laptop or be used in the included desktop stand (3) compatible with all recent Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7) (4) unofficially compatible with Mac OS X ... CONS: (1) Windows 7 driver not included with the product -...
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By - Oct 28, 2010