Linksys Wireless-G WUSB54GC Compact USB Adapter


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The Wireless-G WUSB54GC Compact USB Adapter connects USB-equipped desktop or notebook computer to a wireless network at incredible speeds by incorporating USB 2.0 and Wireless-G, it delivers data rates up to 54 Mbps (5 times as fast as IEEE 802.11b), without the trouble of opening up the case of desktop computer.

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Network Architecture Supported: Wireless Ethernet - 11 Mbps IEEE802.11b, Wireless Ethernet - 54 Mbps IEEE802.11g

Device Type: Wi-Fi Adapter

Frequency Band: 2.40 GHz

Slot/Port Type: USB


Product Title: Linksys Wireless-G WUSB54GC Compact USB Adapter

Manufacturer: Linksys

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Power Score: 3.6 | 15 Reviews

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Absolute Junk

Strengths: None

Weakness: Does not work.

This item did not work with my HP Windows XP computer. First, I installed the software as directed. Then, my system would not start. After several tries, I was able to get a restore point to recover (which I hope got rid of the updated Linksys installed without asking me -- who knows if there was spyware, too?). Then, I called technical support. They hung up on me twice after having not the...
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By anonymous; - Dec 14, 2008


Strengths: Easy to set up

Weakness: none so far

Comes with a long USB extension cable, and it works rather well with our router. Under Windows xp, it gets 54 MBPS and 4 to 5 bars of strenth (which the router is on one side of the house, and my computer is on the other side!!!) I upgraded from a PCI Netgear wireless adapter, and its a huge upgrade, and a cheap one too! that netgear would every once in a while kick me off of World Of Warcraft,...
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By Someone; - Oct 22, 2007

Excellent wireless USB adapter

Strengths: Works great, tiny size

Weakness: none

This really is a great product,
Very easy and quick to install, the signal is pretty good,
It works well for BT downloading, I found I never lost
connection after using this product.
The connection is much more reliable and has greater range than my laptops internal wireless card.
highly recommended

By yoyoliu - Jan 30, 2007

good wireless usb adapter

Strengths: work flawlessly,

Weakness: too big,

This USB device is great.this is the first time I used the Linksys product, I really like their product. It support for the newer wireless protocals. The installation is very simple, Don't use the Linksys Wireless Monitor program came with it, I have problem to connect the network using their software, So I have to disable the Linksys Monitor software and use the microsoft wireless application....
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By dongly - Jan 28, 2007

This device is only to be used in...

Strengths: Easy setup, reliable reception.

Weakness: Very poor software and drivers, they disabled Windows Fast User Switching.

This device is only to be used in the computer where there is only one user. Software disables Windows Fast User Switching, so that you would have to completely log off one user before switching to another. The device is bulky, and it obscures neighboring USB ports, you would have to use extension cord in order to utilize neighboring ports. Otherwise, provides reliable reception and...
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By lelter - Jan 13, 2007

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