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Strengths: GREAT UNIT

Weakness: GREAT UNIT

Trash the cd that comes with it.
unplug the power from your modem.
hook the router up and make sure you put the wires properly.
then plug all in and plug modem back in.
your internet should be working perfectly for all pc's u hook to it.

if not u didnt follow directions.

ip address to unit
in webbrowser type
user admin
pass admin
whala your in the setup page. NOT SPECIFIC TO OS..

advanced users get proper version and drop dd-wrt or tomato on it and u will love what your 40 dollar router turned into with lots more control.

By anonymous; - Jan 24, 2009

Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

Strengths: Linksys WRT54G wireless router works perfectly for our three home computers.

Weakness: No weaknesses discovered as yet.

The product was easy to install on three computers (two wired and one wireless). All computers worked instantly without any problems. I couldn't be more pleased.

By MikeRyan1111 - Oct 16, 2008

Overall a robust router

Strengths: Easy to set up. Very robust, does not drop out at all.

Weakness: Does not set up for WPA2 if using the easy link software.

Overall, the WRT54G is a great router. I never have to reboot the router and the signal strength is great. The only issue I see is that when you use the easy setup it will only set up for WPA security. I needed to access the router directly to set WPA2. WPA2 should be an option with easy setup for those who don't know how to access and setup routers.

By kaufman1001 - Mar 30, 2008


I am very pleased with the overall quality and afforable price of this product. Very Easy to use with the guided info that was included. Thanks

By myh61 on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2008

Great Router

I purchased this router to replace another popular brand that sometimes worked. This router was exactly as advertised. I reviewed many brands before buying this one. Overall easy setup, exceptional range, no dropped service and value for price was above average. I ordered online and the transaction went smooth. I would recommend this router to my friends.

By polaris on Home Depot - Dec 30, 2007


Strengths: Very easy to set up

Weakness: none

Very good router to set up with cd and excellent site help, if needed. I am not sure how far the signal goes, but I am only using it in a 3 bedroom house.

By neil45 - Jun 28, 2007

Best Router I've tried.

Strengths: Fast setup, upgradeable to third-party firmware.

Weakness: Standard linksys firmware WILL cause router to stop functioning when using Bit torrent!

I've tried the D-link [the one that supports 108mbps] but it kept restarting on me after a few hours, some times minutes of usage. I returned it for the Linksys WRT54GS Which is almost identical to the WRT54G except for the larger internal memory.

Imediately I reconized a difference in that the router is much more stable; no random restarts or slowdowns. However, you will definately experience problems when using Bit Torrent with this router [even using the latest linksys firmware] which is why you need to upgrade the firmware to DD-WRT. This third-party firmware will fix issues with BT and will allow better logging of packets sent over the network [best to use WRT link logger program] and you can telnet to the router to program it. There are alot more features to the firmware that I am not using.

Overall this router is recommended but due to the fact that it doesn't work with BT out of the box I give it 4/5 but once it is properly configured there's no need for any other router!


By anonymous; - Apr 19, 2006

Customer Service Is TERRIBLE!

Strengths: was great when it was working!

Weakness: if it dies, don't count on getting it replaced anytime soon...

the router stopped working during a firmware update, power was not lost and the process was never interrupted. The router no longer works after 6 months of continuous use (and previous firmware updates). Customer service is absolutely horrible, as the unit is on backorder and has been for over a month now. No one cares to update you on the status of the RMA or to even consider sending a new unit with an updated hardware version.

Be very careful in choosing this unit, it may be popular, but it can definately fail at the hands of even experienced users.

UPDATE: I solved the problem using a very simple process found on wikipedia. Linksys customer service didn't even provide this simple information to get to "Management Mode", so I'm still not happy with them, but the product works fine again!

By FloridaGator1 - Jan 14, 2007

I'm a 5 year veteran in IT....

Strengths: -Ease of use, great set-up (hint: don't use the CD) -Value for the dollar

Weakness: None yet

I'm a 5 year veteran in IT. Although I prefer a CLI to the GUI interface, this is simple enough for the non-technical. I decommissioned my Cisco AP340 for the Linksys WRT54G to take advantage of the 3-in-1 (Access point, router, 4 port switch). Don't bother with the CD setup - simply plug in all periphials and follow the set-up fold out provided.
-Wireless network-
-works with Cisco 350 Client adapters for laptops
-works with the Dell 1100 compact flash wireless adapter
-DHCP server works flawless
-Wired network-
-Same as above (minus the wireless network cards)

1. Quick hint for the all (technical and non-technical)
ALWAYS update the latest firmware available from vendor website on ALL hardware you purchase. If you can download a file from the internet, you can update firmware.

2. Wireless throughput, signal strength, etc is a 99% your environment. i.e., cordless phones (2.4 ghz), microwave oven use, brick buildings, metal (air/heating ducts), your neighbors, local business, local government's wireless network, etc can all effect your results. Use common sense and place the router/access point is as central a location of your environment as possible. Use your laptop wireless network card to help identify if your neighbor is running wireless, it helps you select a channel change if needed.

3. If you have initial set up problems, you probably didn't read the documentation (RTFM, RTFM, RTFM). Double check the vendor web site for updates/changes. It happens all the time.

4. If you still have problems - take it back to place of purchase. It happens folks. Sometimes defective units make it past manufacturing QA screens. Try a different unit before trying tech support. Previous posts are correct in that technical support is off shored to various countries (India, Mexico, Phillippines, Costa Rica, China, etc). That's business for you. Get it over it, it's here to stay.

5. You get what you pay for. This is a great product for the home environment and small office (real estate, insurance agency, etc). I don't recommend this for any larger commerical property - time is money - if your business relies on this for business critical - spend the money and go with SOHO/SMB hardware.

All in all, I give it a buy recommendation!
Good job Linksys!

By ehalbritter - Jul 25, 2004

Reliable router Linksys WRT54G

Strengths: Reliable, WEP AND WPA encryption, strong WLAN signal, flashable with Linux

Weakness: Power consumption higher than necessary without sleep mode

I am using this Linksys router for several months and had definitely no problems with it. The setup with a Comcast cable account was a little tricky since I first configured the account with the modem only and then had to copy the IP address to the routers settings. But there are several webpages which offer help here and this is not a problem to the router but to the Comcast settings. I am a little disappointed that there is not sleep mode, so the router always takes approx. 15 Watts per hour...

By kidnej - Apr 5, 2008

Ok... Read all the reviews before...

Strengths: Very fast...firewall...easy, intuitive web interface...easy to host web page with this router

Weakness: Setup was not as easy as one would wish

Read all the reviews before I went and purchased this product. First, I cannot believe some of these 'networking professionals' and 'electrical engineers' are having the problems they are. While I did have to abandon the automatic setup CD (would not work), I had no more problem setting up this router than I did with any other. My problem revolved around the fact that I could not get my cable modem to assign the IP to the router. Once I held the 'reset' button in for about 30 seconds on the router, powered off the cable modem and router and did all that in the right combination, the IP was assigned and I was off and running. That was, no kidding, the only hiccup I had. And, again, that seems to be a recurring problem with every router I've used with this particular ISP, so it may not even be a problem with the Linksys router.

Everything else from the web intereface to the speed of the router is superb. This is my third router and I switched to this one because I'd purchased really cheap ones before (you get what you pay for!) and I couldn't host web pages through 'em and it was a real pain to get the Belkin router web interface to come up...a real hit and miss affair. So, I ditched the Belkin router for the Linksys and I'm more than happy now.

Only reason I didn't give it Five Stars is because I did have to rely upon my limited networking knowledge to get it running. The install CD did not work (said my computer did not have an Internet connection...I could surf the net, so something is dorked up with their automated processes). However, it only took me about 15 minutes for it to finally get the IP loaded and I've now got two computers hooked to it and I'm transfering data between them and surfing the net on both as I type this.

Since this is my third router in less than a year (hard wired, to 11b, to 11g), I'd say buy Linksys and stay away from own personal opinion of course. But, one that I've learned from experience.

By grunds - Jul 10, 2004

I have been completely satisfied...

Strengths: Set up was easy for a techie, quick connection, good range, works well with other brand cards, little to no packet loss, and a great section for dynamic dns service

Weakness: none

I have been completely satisfied with this router. I originally had an SMC and was not happy with it's perfomance or reliability. I would recommend this router to any of my family or friends looking to set up a wireless network.

By Furly37 - May 7, 2003

Mac application quick painless

Strengths: plug in and go

Weakness: short distance through walls, maybe 75 feet

We purchased 3 and put them in our studio in different places. We plugged in the dsl ethernet, turned it on and bang it was on. The same with our cable feed. No brainer. Cheap no installation of software was needed. Even our lone PC saw the feed. ...itza nice!!

By johnlovrien - Aug 4, 2007

Don't do it

Strengths: Easy config interface

Weakness: No Static DHCP. Didn't work with friend's VPN

For more than a week this router frustrated my friend and I. He was trying to use it to connect into his work VPN and it absolutely would not do it. We tried all the known settings. He kept trying to tell me that he would take it back and get a different one and I told him it was the configuration and not the router itself. Finally he returns it and gets a netgear and he has been problem free ever since. Made me look foolish. Beware

By mattb99 - Apr 12, 2006

I had the D-Link 614+ and this is...

Strengths: Firmware updates doesn't restore the router to factory defaults. Great signal strenght.

Weakness: Updates: Need to update both Firmware and drivers for best performance.

I had the D-Link 614+ and this is much better. Router is mounted upstairs under the desk (upsidedown) and my signal strength with this router is 80 - 85 being downstairs in the opposite end of my house. I have 2 2.5GHz wireless phones (one near the router and the other where I am downstairs)and have NO problems. My signal stays strong while on the phone and I don't lose my connection.

The Linksys router (WRT54G) has givent me a 10% - 20% better signal strenght than the D-Link, even after a driver/firmware upgrade.

Connectivity to my ISP has been flawless and communication between two desktops and a laptop has been perfect. I print from my laptop to a shared printer on one of my desktops and have had NO problem.

This unit is by far MUCH better than the D-Link. With Cisco aquiring Linksys, I can only expect even better things to come.

Another point to note, my neighbor has a wireless router in there house. With the new PC Card (WPC54G) I am seeing their network with a signal strenght of 40 where before I was seeing at 32. Guess there is a difference between the two PC Cards.

Linksys Router does have WEP, SSid broadcast blocking, and MAC filtering.

By ITDifference - Mar 26, 2003

Linksys PCMCIA card Model WPC11,...

Strengths: Easy to set up with the CD and Wizard driven Setup. Fully compatable with XP.

Weakness: Not easy to setup Raw without the wizard.... Even with understanding of WEP and other Wireless features on the older Access Point I had.

Linksys PCMCIA card Model WPC11, that IS on the list of supported cards, would not work. Had to buy a new card after 2 hours on tech support with Linksys.

Other than that... I love this router.

Once I got it set up... the router and card have worked flawlessly. Although my apartment is small, I never have line of sight, and the signal is always around 90% or better, with it never once dropping me off completely.

By Skizzmm - Mar 25, 2003

I would recommend this to anyone...

Strengths: It has lightning fast reception from my laptop and works within anywhere in my home; even outdoors up to 1100 feet. What an outstanding solution to CAT5 cable.

Weakness: Disconnects when the cordless phone is turned on, but still not enough to downgrade because once the phone is hung up the reception returns to excellent.

I would recommend this to anyone that has a desire to upgrade to wireless and who has an appreciation towards high-speed transfere and who actually knows what they are doing. I read a lot of reviews and it proves that many people just don't read directions before buying or installing. This system will work great for you if you own a cordless phone and are able to use the phone from anywhere in your home or office. NOTE: If you have brick walls I would not consider purchasing. Most times brick walls arfe reenforced with steel rebar and it greatly reduces the output of your wireless devices.

By pc09123 - Aug 29, 2004

Piece of junk

Strengths: None

Weakness: Complexe installation, no support from Cisco, unreliable

I am about to change this piece of junk. Took me more than a month to set it up. Everytime there is a modification to be done to the network such as adding a new Ipad, it takes forever to reinstall. Got no support at all from Cisco, it seems that their approach with their customers is: don't call you are bothering us. At the office, as CFO, I am responsible for computers and all my techs are aware that purchasing a Cisco product is a no-no.

By MonsieurSylvain - Jul 25, 2011

The product is well packaged, and...

Strengths: Extremely simple to setup __IF__ you have ANY technical "know how". Excellent reception, depending on placement. Superb web interface.

Weakness: None found yet. Although if you DO NOT know what you are doing, then do not attempt to setup yourself.

The product is well packaged, and contains simple step by step instructions, that if you know WHAT YOU ARE DOING technically, you should have ABSOLUTELY no issues with installation. DO NOT purchase, or attempt to install if you do not have an understanding of networking. ALSO, the tweaks in the WEB/UI are sufficient to accomplish most networking tweaks. ALL IN ALL, nice product.

By faidwen - Aug 18, 2003

I was very concerned about going...

Strengths: Ease of set-up with the wizard good signal

Weakness: Haven't found any yet.

I was very concerned about going wireless in as much as I hadn't even used a laptop before, but I bought the IBM T-40 and the WRT54G and everything works perfectly. It was easy to install, plugged everything in and no problem. I have had it about 3 weeks.

I get a good signal all over the house, in the back yard and in the front yard.

I love it.

By rewagner - Jul 12, 2003

Once you get the equipment working...

Strengths: Good Signal, diverse, good tech support

Weakness: not AOL Broadband compatitable with current version firmware

Once you get the equipment working with Tech support, the system works like a charm. However the PC World "Best of 2003" and all other documentation that I could find, omitts the fact that as purchased, the system is not comptiable with AOL Broadband. Only after LYNSYS Tech Support personnel (Harry was a life saver) contacted the Engineers overseas and received the corrected firmware updates and many HOURS on the phone did the system work. If you have AOL Broadband you will have to download the firmware update of 21 July 03 for the system to work

By dopeydean1 - Aug 13, 2003

Don't believe the bad hype that...

Strengths: Very fast connection speed, easy set a dream! And it takes up a little less space than the oldschool Wireless B router it replaced...

Weakness: Still looking for one!

Don't believe the bad hype that this router and/or Wireless G has rec'd as of recent reviews. I have decent technical knowledge of networking so it was very easy to set up without the overkill Setup CD that comes with it. Even novice users are better off without it, especially if you can find someone who can assist you. The speed and extras of this router are totally worth the little bit of extra money spent on it. As for the reviews about tech support emailing drivers? Come on...they are all on the Linksys website! I'd recommend installing the new firmware (again...located on their site) just to stay fresh with the functionality, but if you are not experienced with flashing firmware please get some advice on what to do and not to do first. It is pretty easy to learn, but if done wrong can really ruin your day. Enjoy the speed (and get some skills all the rest of you naysayers!!)!

By Charles-I-Am - Sep 11, 2003

Setup was easy. I like the web...

Strengths: Easy setup, firewalled connection, and very fast.

Setup was easy. I like the web base setup. As soon as I updated the firmware to v1.30.7 and set Wep settings I was surfing the internet lightning fast. My internet bandwidth is 1385.9Kbps tested on I'm also sitting downstairs and with no direct line of sight. Very pleased, after all of the horror stories I read about this product. I also have the linksys 54g wireless network card on my laptop.
Good luck and happy surfing

By 588Pro - Aug 15, 2003

Look for a better router if one is...

Strengths: It works, after hours of headaches and torture. Fairly stable once it's up and running.

Weakness: Amateur tech support, only really capable of emailing out drivers. My cable modem service ISP provided a lot better tech support on the router although they don't like the MAC address issues w/ router

Look for a better router if one is out there. Otherwise, I think things are going smoothly now. If you have a static IP, you may need help from your ISP, which mine gave freely. But, be prepared for a whole bunch of questions about the validity of your physical MAC address that is being logged...

By MrAce72 - Aug 17, 2003

when using my laptop downstairs in...

Strengths: easy to set up.

Weakness: very low signal strength when not in the same room as this router.

when using my laptop downstairs in my house with this router upstairs i could only get a low signal strength, if i even got it to connect at all. Using the Belkin 54G I can get a very good to excellent signal.

By burke031 - Sep 21, 2003

Try another router

Strengths: None

Weakness: Does not work

I am a general computer guy. I surf the web, send email, buy & sell on eBayand purchase many things online. I can do some basic things on my computer, so when I went to the local Radio Shack to buy a wireless router, they guy said this one is very easy to install. Just follow the directions and you should be surfing in no time.

Well, several hours and phone calls to Linksys tech support resulted in nothing. We tried everything to get this router to work without success.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a Belkin wireless router. Slapped the CD in the drive, followed the on-screen directions and in a matter of roughly five minutes I had my desktop working, my laptop with wireless Internet access working and my new Palm TX with WI-FI working perfectly.

So much for the Linksys. Maybe I got a bad router, but that's just poor quality control if so. I now know it wasn't anything wrong with my computer or cables - it was a bad router.

Good luck to those of you brave enough to try this one.

By kemasch - Dec 23, 2006

Wont buy it again!!!

Strengths: Easy to set up

Weakness: Low signal and unstable connection.

I am living in a 800 sq. apartment. I can get a OK connection in my room, but very low connection in the living room. I have upgraded the software, but it still doesnt work well!!!

By vj0223 - Dec 23, 2006

nothing but trouble

Strengths: easy set up

Weakness: Everything else.

Router worked fine for one week and then began knocking me off of the internet every ten minutes. I called for help and they said they would help but I would have to pay $29.99 because my warrantee had expired one year before I hade purchased the product. Yes you read that right. I said thanks for nothing and returned the router.

By gorgon; - Oct 30, 2007

I purchased this router to replace...

Strengths: Good wireless range, Simple setup (you need to have some knowledge in networking), very Stable even when it feels like it is overheating

Weakness: Setup wizard failed to reconize my internet connection, Unfinished looking web setup interface, Minor security flaws, only includes a printed quick start guide (Full manual is on the setup cd)

I purchased this router to replace a MN-500 wireless router (it started to fail after only 6 months of use). Generally I have been pretty happy with this product. It has been running about 2 weeks straight without needing to be reset, even when the unit feels like it is overheating. I have also noticed some security flaws in the firmware. This product has a pretty good wireless range (better than the MN-500 wireless router). Even though I have noticed some faults in the recent firmware, I have been pretty happy with this product. I can't wait until the next firmware upgrade.

By Vanderl7 - Sep 18, 2004

As a networking professional, I...

Strengths: Strong signal in a 1400 sq ft apt

Weakness: Would not work with World of Warcraft at all

As a networking professional, I did not have any issues with the setup of this product at all. Setting up the security was no problem, and all the computers in my apartment had at least a Very Good signal. However, for you gamers out there, this router does not work with World of Warcraft. Apparently, there are issues with packets and security that this router does not allow to pass through it that WOW requires. When you log in, your characters (and all other characters in the game) are called Unknown Entity, and you cannot associate with anything. To confirm it was the router, I plugged directly into my cable modem, and did not have the problem. Nor did I have a problem when I used my old Linksys Wireless B router. It's something specific with this router. Linksys has indicated they are aware of the problem, and were supposed to release firmware to correct it back in March 2005, but that hasn't happened yet. As my whole household is gamers, I nearly had a riot on my hands until I removed the router from my network and replaced it with the old Wireless B. Guess I'll look around for another manufacturer so that my roomies will be happy.

By nirwen - Apr 11, 2005

i had to get a remote...

Strengths: reasonable price

Weakness: signal strength is weak at 40 feet..signal dropped often and for short periods of time

i had to get a remote antenna...had to replace the card in the computer with another brand...these changes improved reception but it is still not good...the signal is available about 90% of the time but is always week and again this is at only 40 feet and 2 walls.

By tmwsliberty - Dec 23, 2003

Tech support suggested a bad CD....

Strengths: Nice case, and it works. Price ($58 & Wal Mart). Easy setup if beleive the claims.

Weakness: Setup CD loaded, and ran, and said their was no internet connection on the computer. Funny since Internet Explorer could find the interenet. NO MANUAL EXCEPT ON DISC!! TECH SUPPORT IS USELESS

Tech support suggested a bad CD. Funny, since I ran the disc fine on two seperate computers (one XP, other 98SE) Both were connected to modem one at a time, and had functioning internet (Explorer)when CD setup disc was run. The "Wizzard" claimed there was no interenet connection on both PC's.

After locating the IP of router in manual, I was able to configure the router just fine. Dunno, if setup CD is bad or not, but it sure is useless.

Overall, I like the router alot (my 3rd router). I have not tested the wireless part. My friend had this router, and wireless worked well. I just needed a router at 9:30pm, and thought, "walmart's open."


By MacEwen - Mar 16, 2005

Have this router connected to a...

Strengths: Everything now that the firmware is being made by thrid party people instead of Cisco.

Weakness: None

Have this router connected to a BEFSR41 and have no problems with newest firmware by HyperWRT. Use to have VPN issues with the Linksys firmware as it does not allow GRE protocal 47 to go through. Newest firmware fixed this but NOT Linksys versions. Got it for cheap from Amazon. Overall a very good wireless Router.


By roberteyewhy - Dec 14, 2004

I purchased this product due to...

Strengths: Strong signal

Weakness: Difficulties setting up

I purchased this product due to all of the positive feedback that I had read in regards to the product's useability, however I was dissappointed at the difficulties I encountered while trying to set it up with my cable modem. I called customer support, unfortunately they are located in India so it was a little difficult for me to completely understand the instructions.
I eventually got help from an IT friend of mine and he help me set up the WAP. It has been working fine thus far and I'm very happy with its strong wireless signal.

By matausi - Sep 9, 2004

don't buy if you have a sony vaio

Strengths: works well if no one else has a wireless router in your area

Weakness: causes your computer to crash when overlaping service areas with newer model

I used this product and it was fine for 4 months. As soon as my neighbor bought a newer version (don't know why he did it since he could have used mine for free?) my computer started to crash continuiously. $250 of repairs later I had an expert finally find out what was going on. As expected, lynksys blamed sony and sony blamed lynksys so I got stuck with a bill larger than the purchase price of the router. If I has been useing a land line I never would have had my computer crash..... Be cautious, Lynksys owes me $250 for the repairs in my opinion and wont pay. There is a compatability issue between their older model (6 months agao) and the new one. Just a warning as it still doen't work properly after my neighbor got his....

By itwasyours - Dec 11, 2005

Where do I begin? I am a...

Strengths: You have to be kidding me! Stregths - there are non

Weakness: Loss of connection within 5 minutes of establishing it Poor signal strength Full signal strength no IP

Where do I begin? I am a networking professional that decided to install the WRT54G and WPC54G card within my home. I purchased the product three months ago and initially I was able to get it all working. I later realized that I kept losing my connection after a few minutes of establishing it. Frustrated with this experience, I worked with technical support to no avail and exchanged the access point / router with another one at my local BestBuy.

The same problem persisted and I slowly realized that if I reapply the config settings each time I establish a session, the reliability of my connection would increase. So to “resolve” this issue I figured I would update the firmware on the router and update the driver that just got released this past July. This now complicated my situation where I get a strong single strength but can not get an IP while running DHCP. I have done all the standard trouble shooting activities such as rebooting everything and checking all my TCP/IP settings to no avail.

Onto my next issue: single strength – I live in a 1300 square foot townhouse and one would think that 802.11g could handle this and provide strong single strength across for 30 feet, but this is not the case. Single strength is significantly impacted once you leave the room where the access point is located. Being completely frustrated with this experience I have tried to return the product to Best Buy – well since it is past the thirty-day window they will not take it. I have talked

By John_Galt - Sep 5, 2003

This is a great system to use, as...

Strengths: I have my router downstairs on my desktop PC, and the laptop, MANY FEET away upstairs in my bedroom, currently my connection is "excellent" and i dont know where all these bad reviews are comming from

Weakness: Tech support.. english please? Fixed on my own, but still loose IP address everynow and then (my fault) i just click repair and i'm running at the speed of light again.

This is a great system to use, as long as your hosue isn't 300 years old with lead walls, what do you mean no signal? are we using wireless g router with wireless g? Please, its great for the money i paid for it, couldn't be happier!!

By linksysuser - Feb 20, 2004

I recently bought a laptop with...

Strengths: None

Weakness: Compatibility, Ease of installation

I recently bought a laptop with wireless G capability. So I replaced our wired Linksys 5 port hub and generic router with the WRT54G. I anticipated no struggle. However, it took my father and I (both electrical engineers) and a tech support person from Linksys 1.5 weeks of messing with this thing, replacing it twice, to figure out that there was some sort of incompatibility. We are running a network of 3 desktops and a laptop, with OS's of WinXP and Win98. With the WRT54G, the wireless network worked, but the wired network didn't. After much frustration, we exchanged the WRT54G with Netgear's WGR614 (same specs and price) and to our relief, after simply hooking everything up, everything was functioning correctly! I have heard some say that their WRT54G works correctly. So if you must, try the WRT54G. But if that doesn't work, GO WITH THE NETGEAR!!!

By joemcp - Mar 31, 2004

While l would'nt call myself a...

Strengths: None !!!!!!!1

Weakness: Could'nt get it to work at all !

While l would'nt call myself a novice l'm not a geek either.l spent several hours trying in vain to set this up thinking it was a problem with me l called Lynksys support.Each time was at least an hour spent either rebooting or asking the tech to repeat what he said due to a language problem ( they DONT speak english well AT ALL )and they come across as being CLUELESS. Eventually they said l should return the router as well as the card ,saying that one or the other was defective. So after a pleasant 2 hour round trip l thought l'd be back in business .... how wrong l was . l had the exact same problems ...the router and the card never seemed to work with each other .. So in vain to go wireless l bought the 802.11b version (again after that lovely 2 hour round trip) and am using that to write this review . Do yourself a favor .. if your already wireless with an older version l say wait till they get this to work properly . A note to Lynksys.....hire people that speak english's VERY frustrating dealing with your product being junk without your tech's adding to the mix ..

By Stota - Jul 16, 2003

The new firmware will help. It's...

Strengths: 5 times faster than 802.11b, and about 2.5 times faster than 802.11a; compatible with 802.11b; VERY easy setup!

Weakness: Not compatible with 802.11a

The new firmware will help. It's true for all vendors, but here's Linksys' notes for this product:

Product name: WRT54G, Wireless-G Broadband Router
Classification: Firmware Release History
Last Firmware Version: 1.01.4
Last Release Date: 01/29/03

Bugs Fixed:
• Fixed intermittent association problem in Mixed Mode with old 802.11b wireless devices
(e.g., Cisco, Symbol, Lucent, etc.)
• Stabilized performance and throughput variations.
• Fixed problem of "Settings are failed" message appearing when several small changes were
applied in succession.
• Fixed intermittent IP Address assignment to clients when DHCP Server is enabled.
• Fixed the DNS Services failing problem.
• Fixed Network Time Protocol (NTP) continuous retry problem when router was not connected
to the Internet.
• Updated the warning message to "The values you entered are invalid “ from “Setting are
Failed" when the user entered an invalid Internet IP address.
• No longer possible to click an Apply button more than once.
• Add the Internet (WAN) and LAN & Wireless into Dynamic Routing (RIP) under Router Mode.
• Added the TZO service support under DDNS.
• Added new time zone: "Newfoundland”.
• Improved the Web browser user interface.

By DellTechL2 - Feb 24, 2003

Instant Setup With Sprint DSL...Works GREAT!

Strengths: Instantly set itself up with enclosed CD

Weakness: signal occasionally weak to far side of house but it continues to work even then.

I bought this router to enable my wife to use her notebook computer anywhere she wanted to while I was online with the desktop. Purchased other brands first and none of them would work with Sprint DSL. I spent hours on the phone with Sprint techs and the other manufacturers techs and the other brands were simply not compatible.
When I bought this Linksys router I was expecting another hassle but, to my utter delight and amazement, the thing set itself up the first time with the enclosed CD. No problems, no hassle, no ifs ands or buts.
If you're running Sprint's DSL don't bother with anything else...and don't bother with a higher speed Linksys. This one sets up in a breeze and uses all of the speed my Sprint DSL is capable of.

By SOOTHSEEKER - Jan 3, 2006

I found the set up somewhat...

Strengths: Looks

Weakness: Difficult set up. Unreliable connection and very limited range. Tech support knowledge very poor

I found the set up somewhat fustrating and the connection reliability even more so. I purchased the matching laptop card with this unit and it made no difference. As long as I was withing 10 feet of the router there were no problems with the connection. when I leave the room with my laptop in hand, the speed dropped dramatically and connection went from "excellant" to very low with about 20 to 25 feet from router. Links technical support are worthless. I called four times, and all I got was some kid reading off a computer screen. Not real tech support!

By thomasfurman - Jun 8, 2003

I bought this intending to add a...

Strengths: Never found any...

Weakness: A nightmare to set up. Even with firmware 1.01.04 I could not get this router to maintain a consistent connection in my wired peer-to-peer network. I never got to try the wireless features.

I bought this intending to add a PC located in another room to my existing home office fast ethernet wired network. But after spending 6+ hours failing to get this router to reliably reconnect my two wired PCs after shutdown / restarts, I reinstalled my 10/100 hub. The six hours would've been more productive if I'd spent it running CAT5 cabling to the next room (which I did after I returned this router). The browser-based set-up didn't work with IE 6, only Mozilla 1.2. I never got to try the wireless features, so I can't comment on them.

By r_harvey - Mar 17, 2003

WRK54G Fantastic Customer Service, Below Grade Product

Strengths: Easy Install, Fast Connection

Weakness: Constant need to reset router because of dropping connection

Have had extreme problems with having to unplug and reset the router because it dropped my connection. Many time a day. Talked with customer service at least 6 times and finally they agreed to replace the router. The customer service was the best I have ever encountered but I decided not to take them up on the replacement because I did not want to go through the hassles again. Am going out to by a different one today

By tintman - Jul 12, 2005

Trouble Starts after 6 months

Strengths: none

Weakness: Noticed 6 months life time onoly

I bought this on the circuit city and started using initially it was fine after 6 months it started showing its color, the speed drops drastically and i got a replaced with customer service(useless fellow) and after 6 months same story.

I don't recommend this as it looks like not stable among the existing products


By rebootme - Mar 8, 2007

Bad Linksys service

Strengths: Good setup interface

Weakness: expensive and bad support

I have WRT54G v7. From the start I had connection dropouts (DNS failure) and have to reboot the router every 5-7 days. After a firmware upgrade which I got emailed from linksys support as it was not availble online it became even worse, every 2-3 days a reboot. Even without heavy internet usage it had to be rebooted as it just dropped the DNS connection from my ISP. Now i'm in a RMA procedure which should take up to max. 10 working days but after 6 weeks Linksys does not know where my shipped item (through UPS) is and no one at Linksys can tell me when I will get a new one. Linksys are having major RMA problems as they have major WRT54G problems and a huge amout of customers are returning faulty items...

By Schredder - Feb 11, 2007

Lack of support. Drops connections (and I do not mean the wi-fi part).

Strengths: Easy to set up

Weakness: Unreliable. Technical support below par. Waiting for replacement for over one month.

Does everything it says, until it goes wrong. For background, I am a retired Network Administrator and Microsoft Systems Engineer. After talking to 5 techs for about 10 hours over a two week period, I finally received an RMA. To expedite matters, I authorized cross-shipment by giving my credit card. That was on December 14, 2006. It is now January 17, and still no reply to my emails and no router. Apparently it is on back-order. Since December 14?

By pierre131 - Jan 17, 2007

what a dud

Strengths: Barely got it working after 6 hrs with tech support.

Weakness: It failed and the power light started blinking. Unrecoverable error. Threw this router in the trash.

Don't even think about buying this cheap piece of crap. All I was looking for was a router to put between my modem and two home computers. Don't believe the hype! If you are not an experienced network person, do not attempt this thing yourself.

By bigpeach - Mar 6, 2006

I have always had problems with my...

Strengths: Solid Product, Ease of set-up, Linux based

Weakness: None

I have always had problems with my netgear wireless routers so i bought one of these. Set-up was a brease, and the router has never given me a problem. I recently found out that they are linux based and there are several people out there that have added features of there own to the routers firmware. One such feature allowed me to change the broadcasting power from 28 millimwatts (Factory set) to 84 milliwatts!! doubling my range. these altered vesions are 100 % legal since linux is free source and linksys has actually added some of the features into there own firmware update. (not the power changing though, sorry) i have never had a working netgear product so i strongly suggest a linksys.

By Billypiii - Jun 22, 2004

TECH SUPPORT is terrible. Linksys...

Strengths: I'll let you know when I find some...

Weakness: See Comments...

TECH SUPPORT is terrible. Linksys has outsourced their tech support to the Phillipines and I could barely even communicate with the guy. It took three tries to find someone that could properly speak English.

The signal strength is also low through old brick walls.

By AnnoyedConsumer - Jun 14, 2004

I made a huge mistake by selling...

Strengths: None

Weakness: It doesn't work

I made a huge mistake by selling my Netgear 801.11b access point/router to buy this piece of junk (I thought I was future proofing my network with 802.11g). First of all, it is very temperature sensitive - once it gets warm (and it will) it stops routing. It won't reboot either, until it's cooled down again. After a few occasions like this, wireless access is now totally nonfunctional. I have some good Cisco diagnostic software (ironically, the parent company of Linksys), and it shows a strong signal but the IP address of the AP shows as (even though it is set to in the config), and it no longer serves up DHCP to any of my clients. Sending it back for a refund. I wish I could get my Netgear back.

By gramix - Jul 22, 2003

i am only about 20 feet away, one...

Strengths: set up was easy

Weakness: signal fluctuates and drops on a regular basis.

i am only about 20 feet away, one floor between the router and pc through an open stairwell (un obstructed). but signal constantly drops. this is my first wireless router. I feel I should have made some holes and ran some cable.

By knowalittle - Feb 9, 2004

Unfortunately, there was terrible...

Unfortunately, there was terrible range when I installed into my house. I have very little envirnomental contraints and was completely appauled to notice I could barely get 30 feet. The way the product was marketed I thought I could get much more. Very disappointed

By fohoh - Sep 8, 2004

I love this router. It is the only...

Strengths: Great signal strength from across house. Has more access points for a wired network if needed. Plenty fast for my needs.

Weakness: Signal occasionally cuts out for no apparent reason.

I love this router. It is the only one I have ever had so I must admit that I really don't know much about other routers. But this one is beautiful, and it looks nice too. It has a great signal range and works plenty fast, very fast for my needs.
Only real complaint is that it occasionally cuts out, which is rare, but it happens. It isn't all that big of a deal but can be annoying while on the net.
Overall I would recommend this router to anyone. My dad loves it because he gets the cords out and hooks up his laptop to the back of it so the three of us have internet access. He is too cheap to buy his own wireless card.

By Exodus220 - May 9, 2004

I love wireless networking and...

Strengths: Wireless

Weakness: Price, range

I love wireless networking and Internet and this product works for me, however there are new products on the market today with better parms. i.e. US Robotics Turbo with 100mbs and as they advertized better range and 20-30% cheaper.

By pentium2p4Ghz - Nov 14, 2003

It worked as advertised for a few...

Strengths: Keeps the room in a nice green glow

Weakness: Doesn't work, techs barely speak english and they just read from a book and don't know what they are doing.

It worked as advertised for a few months. I started having wireless connection problems with my laptop using their WPC54G card. I flashed the firmware to see if it would help per their tech support. Wireless connection now DOA. Techs have no clue as to why, reversed the firmware and still DOA. I can't connect and they can't figure out why. Their techs read from a book, you can hear them turning pages. If you ask them why they are changing a particular setting they don't know why, only that their book says so. I also have their wireless WCF12 card for my iPaq. If you flash this router with their latest firmware the WCF12 will not connect to it using WPA encryption at all. There is no driver for it yet and their techs replied they have no plans as of yet to fix this situation. The only way I can use my iPaq now wirelessly is by removing the WPA encryption which is why I bought the router in the first place. I live in a condo complex and there are multiple WiFi's in my area who I don't want logging into my network. If your's work out of the box count yourself lucky. My friends all are having the same problems as I am.
07/28/2003-Router now working as advertised after flashing router with another new firmware update. Still can't get WC12 to function yet w/WPA and my iPaq.

By DH21187 - Jul 16, 2003

I am using this wireless router...

Strengths: Easy to set up using the setup CD

Weakness: Signal strength dropped significantly.

I am using this wireless router inside a building with walls made of cinder blocks. Due to the layout of the small offices, there are 4 walls within 40 feet and the signal disappeared completely.

Absolutely not recommending this product in commercial building.

By dsatria - Jan 21, 2004

I bought this router after a bad...

Strengths: Signal strength, speed

Weakness: None so far

I bought this router after a bad experience with netgear ( two bad routers and a tech saying my lap top was broke) I noticed that I was picking up my neighbors linksys sys B from +- 700' so decided to give it a try. Took an hour or so and after 2 weeks so far so good.

By Yllekcp - Apr 26, 2004

I have worked with linksys...

Strengths: Good configuration options, ability to backup and restore settings a plus.

Weakness: none noticed.

I have worked with linksys products for over 5 years and have had good success with all my purchases. The WRT54G is no exception. I was able to plug it in and configure it within minutes of opening it and was working through it right away. Many security options to choose from, nice feature set, and the wall mount kit I purchased seperately allows me to mount it up and out of the way. All in all a very satisfying product.

By vsampo - Jul 4, 2005

Previously had a D-Link DI-624 and...

Strengths: Extremely EASY to set up.CD-Rom is really simple.

Weakness: Have not found any at all.

Previously had a D-Link DI-624 and it kept dropping the connection.After having to reset the router every morning
for a month,I took it back and bought the Linksys.Had absolutely NO problem getting it set up and running security.Cannot speak highly enough about this router.

By StanTheHam - Mar 23, 2005

I'm extremely satisfied with the...

Strengths: Easy to set-up instructions. High quality. Strong signal throughout my house so that at a minimum I'm capable of receiving 36mbps at over 75ft. Small foot print with nice long power cable.

Weakness: Haven't found any yet.

I'm extremely satisfied with the Cable/DSL router. I have 3 desktops, a laptop and a printserver all integrated with each other with flawless performance. All of the equipment I use is Linksys so that is why I probably have no problems. My wireless network is secure and very stable. I have 3 2.4 ghz phones that I use and the router doesn't interfere with them what so ever. The backwards ability wireless-b definetly comes in handy so that I don't have to spend extra money on an older computer that can't handle more than 11mbps. As far as I'm concerned this is by far a great working piece of equipment.

By cbdunemann - Feb 20, 2004

This product has made me really...

Strengths: Setup was a breeze! After store technician told me it would cost $100.00 to have it installed i decided to try it myself. Glad i did it took 30-45 minutes.

Weakness: None that i know of.

This product has made me really LOVE going wireless. I Had been thinking about it for severval months only because of the expense but i LOVE it, i'm able to use it out doors with my laptop and still have a very strong signal. I have a 2 story house and router is upstairs NOOOOOOO Problems!!!!! LOVE IT. I would definitely recommend this product.

P.S. I'm no techie and was able to set this up with my desktop and laptop. My rating is a 4.5. Don't know why it shows up as 3.5.

By sint007 - Jul 5, 2003

I get consistent throughput of...

Strengths: Fast and easy to use

Weakness: Needs full Upnp support

I get consistent throughput of 13-23mps. Obviously the futher away you are from the router, the slower it will be. I get a "good" signal all the way on the 3rd floor. Extremely happy with the performance of this router.

By IlKevinlI - Mar 23, 2003

Will not link to other WRT54g's....

Strengths: Ease of setup; documentation;

Weakness: Tech support knowledge of product is weak. Signal strength.

Will not link to other WRT54g's. PC's on the Lan/WLAN side of the router must communicate with other subnets through the WAN port connection to a "wired" network router. Use the WAP54G instead if you want to bridge between two building.s Good for small network of 4 computers or less. Note: Speed drops down to 30% when 25' away even in direct line of sight.

By bobpeace - Feb 13, 2003

set up and working within 10 mins....

Strengths: set up was easy

Weakness: signal strength, also if you have a 2.4 mhz phone it will knock out your signal and you will lose connection

set up and working within 10 mins. However have three computers networked in my home, two the strenght was fine, however the third (same distance away) got very poor to no signal. trouble shot with manual, and found that with trial and error you can find a channel (mine was ch8) that was
acceptable to all, currently have signal strengths of 36mbs and 24mbs, more than enough for even gamers. So far so good.

By bep2857 - Mar 24, 2004

Easy set-up as are all of the...

Strengths: This is one GREAT wireless Router!

Weakness: NONE

Easy set-up as are all of the Linksys Router-Gateway Products.
I've never seen so many people complain about such an excellent product (in it's price range). Do any of you low raters have ANY computer or networking experience at all? Do you know how to install a PCI card and it's driver. Set-up and make sure you have the IP stack available for the card? Duh, I think you guys just need a little training then you'll know more than just how to only push a button to turn on and off your computers! Don't blame it on Linksys guys.

By daveMcc - Nov 17, 2003

High Speed Broadband Internet Connection

Strengths: High tech design, with great networking capabilities wireless or wired.

Weakness: Absolutely none

This product works great! High speed internet connection with a long wireless range. No dropped signals and the connection remains fluid and strong throughout the day. And the security feature is a plus, encryption can keep unwanted hackers or users off the network.

By ipxconex - Nov 18, 2005

I have an 802.11b Siemens router...

Strengths: Setup is easy and product looks very nice.

Weakness: Signal strength is not very good.

I have an 802.11b Siemens router that I have owned and used for well over a year. When connected to the Siemens router, I get anywhere from 80%-100% link quality and anywhere from 80%-90% signal strength. When connecting to the Linksys router from the exact same spot I get 60%-66% link quality and only about 60% signal strength.

Overall product is nice but due to the lack of performance it offers, it may be better to stick with an 802.11b router for now. Keep in mind I am also using a Belkin wireless 802.11b PCMCI card, but it should work similar with both routers. In the event that Linksys develops a signal booster for the G router, it should be better, but keep in mind that is an extra cost people will incur and the G router is already $40-$50 more than most 802.11b routers.

By phaack - May 3, 2003

It took me a little while to...

Strengths: Great Performance, excellent reception

Weakness: No written document. Everything is on the CD ROM which is hard to deal with when you running linux or a MAC.

It took me a little while to figure out how to get this router hooked because all the connects on the back of the router was covered up with a sticker that said "Run CD first" I kind of wish that manufactures would stop putting everything on the CD and spend a dollar on printed documentation.
After digging out my windows2k based notebook, I was able to run the setup utility and get everything working. After I got the router setup, I used the web-based interface on my linux box to configure everything.
The wireless part should have been a snap but I spent 12 hours fighting with my D-link G650 in order to get an ip address. After that I haven't had any problems.

By Harry Cat; - Apr 30, 2006


Strengths: very easy cd set-up.....while the cd worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



By Maggie28 - Mar 6, 2006

not that good

Strengths: many features, works, range

Weakness: when I download a lot, the connection with router would become extremely slow or non-responsive.

I've noticed when I am downloading @ 170kb/sec or beyond, the connection would slow down a lot (not only with internet, but router is not responsive either)...

I've contacted the technical support for 8 times, they suggested me various solutions, and nothing works. I wasted a lot of time on that. Its also a PIS to get a replacement.

I've read other reviews and some report similar problems.

By flyck9163 - Apr 1, 2006

Good router so far but haven't tested the wireless side yet(v 5 model)

Strengths: Easy setup without the disc... so far the wired performance is as good as my DLink DI-604

Weakness: logs don't show time/date

The WalMart near me had alot of computer-related stuff marked down with the red price label, so I picked up the WRT54G version 5 for $40 plus tax, along with a WPC54G notebook card for the same price. I don't have a laptop/notebook just yet so I can't test the wirless side. The wired side is working fine so far with 2 PCs. I get approx. 5000kbps down/600kbps up on my 6000/768 DSL connection, which matches the performance I get with the D-Link DI-604 ver. E1 I've had for 9 months(which has worked flawlessly btw). My only real gripe so far is that the access logs don't show the time or date as the D-Link does. The built-in switch works well and performs at least as well as the 3 other switches I have whether I'm transferring small or large files between PCs or streaming media across the network.
I would like to give this router a better rating but until I can test the wireless functions I will give it a satisfactory rating for now.

By FixManTx - Dec 28, 2005


Strengths: easy setup



By surecure999 - Oct 12, 2006

Having lots of trouble

Strengths: None

Weakness: Never has worked

I have wildblue satillite and every time I hook up this router I lose signal....don't understand why. Any suggestions? Does anyone else have satillite that has this problem? I am trying to hook up to my laptop in the basement of my home.

By anonymous; - Sep 26, 2009

Not for online gaming

Strengths: Easy set up Good internet speed Strong signal

Weakness: Slows way down for broadband hogging games.

In spite of telling the clerk what our uses for the device was, even one system connected to the internet through this router couldn't stand up to our online gaming. We have no use for it, since someone is always gaming. Note to self, go for higher Mbps or even gigs when broadband usage is important consideration. Otherwise, normal browsing and surfing? We have used two systems on it with no problems or slow downs. But really it stays disconnected collecting dust. Used for three weeks out of four months of ownership.

By anonymous; - Nov 25, 2008

V5 is poor choice overall

Strengths: Runs up to 1 megabit per second encrypted. Runs for more than 1 hour before losing connection. Reconnects in less than one minute after losing connection.

Weakness: Does not work for Windows file or printer sharing. Loses track of entire setup, including passwords, during short power outage. Logging can be turned on but does not work.

Sort of works for some things most of the time if just using a single wireless computer and all wired connections go through a different router. See Tom's Hardware tests showing cannot have more than 8 connections open. For a web browser fetching a page that has pictures that means no more than 2 web browser windows open at once in entire house.

By anonymous; - Jul 14, 2008

If it fails under warranty – It could cost you.

Strengths: _

Weakness: Poor Warranty Policy

I must make you aware of Linksys returns policy. This is the case is the item fails under warranty.

“The Customer bears the cost of the expedited shipping charges for the replacement unit, and shipping the defective unit to Linksys, including all fees which include but are not limited to Customs and WEEE fees and all applicable taxes.”

>>> The best part is - -The returns address is in the Netherlands.

By anonymous; - Jun 10, 2008

May be good as a very short-term solution

Strengths: Easy setup, the 5,689 times I had to do it.

Weakness: Useless after 3 months and the worst customer service I’ve ever seen.

All reviews regarding customer service I’ve read about seem to be a lot better than my experience. I got shut down after I told them I bought the router only 3 month ago. Evidently they don’t expect it to last much longer than that. They told me the warranty has expired and it would be “ONLY” $39 to continue. That’s about the cost of the router it’s self. Besides the horrible customer support, this thing has been given me problems on a regular bases sense day 1.

By KMB3 - Feb 6, 2008

pptp pass through doesn't work

Strengths: Good price/performance

Weakness: pptp vpn pass through doesn't work.

Have an older unit that worked fine. Bought newer unit and couldn't get pptp pass through to work. Found internet article with similar experience.

Until they fix the problem I wouldn't get another.

By fglos - Nov 14, 2007

Decent for the home

Strengths: Setup was straight forward and it has operated flawlessly for months. Sits nicely on top of the Linksys cable modem.

Weakness: Signal is weak. My neighbors 2-Wire in the next apartment comes in stronger than this WRT. After working on the right location I am now at 100%.

This one is not the Linux version so you cannot add an features with third party software. I had to spend a lot of time finding the right location so that I got a strong signal throughout the apartment. The documentation that came in the box was useless. The real manual is decent but you have to download it from their website.

By anonymous; - Oct 10, 2007

I wish I had purchased a different brand.

Strengths: Low Price

Weakness: Has to be re-set several times a week with Comcast Internet. Sometimes twice a day.

When originally purchased, it was the least expensive, thus I based my decision on that fact alone. I feel I am paying for that now. I am not savvy enough to set it up on my own without possibly making mistakes. So my neighbor, who is a professional network administrator did for me. Thus, it seemed like it was very easy to set up and get working. I was pleased.

However, since that time I have had to involve the Comcast techs, as well as my neighbor, on several occasions. We have attempted to resolve the issue of it constantly losing connection with Comcast. At first I thought it was Comcast, but after a some checking it was determined they were not the problem. At one time I even had a Comcast tech tell me (under his breath, of course) that they had this problem with Linksys all the time.

I just know I am fed up with it and am ready to start learning about which router will be the best to replace this one with. Maybe you will not have this problem. Maybe I just have one bad item. I really do not know enough to say definitely. However, what I do know, is what I told you above. Just be sure to check around first, before buying one. Maybe ask your neighbors to see what they use, and how does it work in your area... assuming you have Comcast Internet.

By anonymous; - Aug 28, 2007

Linksys WRT54G beware

Strengths: Look great

Weakness: Locks up whenever it feels like it, especially in the afternoon when it gets hot under the collar.

I have spent months with the nice people at Linksys trying to ge them to get me a router that doesn't lock up every week, day, 5 minutes. When then made the WRT54G v.5, they changed the firmare from Linux based to VxWorks and decreased the RAM memory. This software is buggy and unstable. Also, the RAM is inadequate. This router is cheap and popular, but it is not worth the hours you will spend trying in vain to get it working reliably.

By anonymous; - Jul 27, 2007


Strengths: good signal strenght. Network connections

Weakness: CD Set Up. IP system to reconfigure information

Lousy CD set up. Do not use it. I've had problems logging in the IP system. Whenever I tried tech support some of them do not know what they are doing. We had a power failure the system went down.

By anonymous; - Jul 24, 2007

Not at all impressed with the V6

Strengths: Installation was a breeze. Even easier was connecting with a Linksys wireless NIC... but that's the end of the happy song

Weakness: the "non-Linux" based 54Gs are a waste of time and money

Followed "standard" procedures... opened the box, hooked it all up and went immediately to update firmware. All SEEMED to go well. a couple of weeks later started noticing intermittent networking issues. Then the death blow came. Couldn't get anywhere. So I did a factory reset. Still unable to access anywhere. Reloaded the firmware. How it comes up with a screen saying something like "Management Firmware Upgrade" with a browse button, etc. Went to the store, bought something else, plugged it in and presto... I'm back on line. Never again will I buy a non-Linux Linksys-on-the-cheap

By SenseiC - Jan 3, 2007

Linksys gutted this router

Strengths: Easy to set up.

Weakness: Low signal, weak processor

The version 5 of this router is a different from v4 and before. Linksys cut the RAM and ROM capacity in half. They also started using a processor that is half as strong as a cost cutting measure. This is not the router that it used to be. As an IT professional, I look for older versions of this router and keep them on hand to sell to my customers.

The v5 should have been given a different model number entirely. It's not the machine it used to be.

By anonymous; - Apr 19, 2006


Strengths: Cheap. Might work for a year.

Weakness: Won't work for two years.

This is my third linksys product. It's a brick right out of the box. The last one (a wired router) slowly lost function over a year, to the point that it was dropping most of the packets sent through it. The time I've spent troubleshooting these things would have paid for routers that work more reliably.

No more linky bricks for me.

By anonymous; - Feb 28, 2006

if you have a mac, you need a pc...

Strengths: great performance

Weakness: cannot install with a mac

if you have a mac, you need a pc to run the setup disk once, but once that's taken care of, you can use macs with the router

By angel333 - Nov 16, 2004

Hooked up to Comcast doesn\\\\\\\'t work at first....

Strengths: Works fine once you figure out its tweaks, I definately wouldn\\\\\\\'t use the setup CD, it never worked correctly for me.

Weakness: I wrote this review because of its weaknesses, of course this is my first wireless router, I have to say it taught me a lot in order to set it up, but now works great.

I just wish I knew exactly what I did to make it work, DO not use the CD thats all I know, unless it works the first time... IF it doesn\\\\\\\'t, there is plenty of advise on the internet (this is a review). From Scotty--

By scottca21 - Dec 28, 2007

Wireless Router

Strengths: Yes

Weakness: No

Comment: I purchased a wireless router from this seller. The product was received on time and is working great. I would recommend this seller to others for similar purchases. Thank you.

By anonymous; - Nov 3, 2007

My old Linksys died so I upgraded...

Strengths: Easy setup

Weakness: None found yet

My old Linksys died so I upgraded to a new wireless router so I can use with my laptop (built in Dell). Configuration was a breeze, yes I used the CD, but who cares. I've read were the WAN port won't work with a DSL modem, but, I connected and it works fine like it should. Even my old Linksys wouldn't work in WAN.

I fired up my laptop and configured the wireless network. Nothing much to do and then selected the Linksys router and was on-line! Wow! A success the first time. My home is large (3k) and I was able to go to the far end and still have a signal and connected. If I were to use it that far away from the router, I'd probably install their booster to amplify. For the time being, I'll leave it alone.

I've always had good luck with Linksys products and so far this hasn't disappointed me.

By weendoggy; - Jun 2, 2007

Ease of Use

I received the Router very fast. It was easy to hook up and install with windows vista! The security is great and range is good, I can hook up at 54mbps outside my house in the shop or carport easily. Haven't lost connection yet, except when the Wife turned of the main pc!! Thank you.

By busybody on Home Depot - Mar 31, 2007

Tricky Installs

Strengths: Good product, when it installs right.

Weakness: Install bugs.

The CD guidelines aren't worth the name. They are extremely easy to follow but they have about a 20% success rate of actually working. I always have to go in and change settings manually. I would advise not using the cd.

By kulflame - Dec 29, 2006

One question

Hi there,
Is there anyone who uses this router with P2P programs. I am using a Trendnet router but it really made my life difficult. Even I don't use it with P2P programs and don't force it to connect to many pages,it is halted and have difficulties to give me correct ip address and dns server number. If anyone has experience this kind of problems, please let me know... I don't wanna spend another 40 box to garbage.

By anonymous; - Nov 2, 2006

get it for a lower pice= 43.29

Strengths: 3-in-1 Access point, router, 4 port switch; easy to use

Weakness: ??

do not use the cd. i got it from and can't complain about the price and the features that it has. make sure you update it. by the way if you go to the website, choose 2-nd day shipping to save money!!!

By anonymous; - Oct 9, 2006

Effortless installation

Strengths: It ran perfectly right out of the box thanks to Mac OS X Tiger & Panther!

Weakness: none

Having read a few posts describing this particular wireless router being difficult to install on a Mac gave me some concern. But the majority of the posts indicated if you could get the hardware installed that the unit was a top notch router.

Well, I did what I had done with my first Asante router> After making all of my cable connections, I just plugged it in and turned on the Mac. Voila... instant connection to the Internet and established a local area network (LAN) at the same time! (On the back of this piece of hardware was a label that said "RUN CD FIRST before connecting the cables") This must be for the PC customers. I did not have to hold down the unit's reset button or any other combination of steps as other users had mentioned in their posts. IT RAN PERFECTLY RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!

I did nothing else but install the Linksys firmware now at Version: 1.00.9. file downloaded from their web site.

I have a non-Airport extreme G4 PowerMac (Panther OS) and a G5 iMac (Tiger OS) running Airport Extreme. Both links worked the first time I attempted the internet connection. The iMac found the linsys network as soon as Airport was turned on and after selecting linksys from the network choices listed.

I ran a broad band speed test and had the same excellent resulting speeds as was available before my old router's WAN (wide area network) port died yesterday.

This was just TOO EASY! Another reason for buying a Mac!

By flymetobkk - Aug 10, 2006

This product sucks

Strengths: Cheap, $50

Weakness: buggy hardware, frequent disconnects

I brought this product from Best-Buy. I wanted to use this product as an access connecting to my wired router:linksys VPN router.
Problems that I have encountered trying to do this. First I couldn't even reach the setup screen via internet explorer 6.0... you know the thing. The setup screen was all buggy. I couldn't see the tabs or the various settings. The ONLY way I could set it up for WPA protection was through the Setup CD. I thought that after I set up the various items/settings via the CD, I would go to the website and download the new firmware update executable. But the new executable couldn't even connect to the wireless G router. Only the setup CD could it seems.
So I return it for a new wireless G 54 router. And guess what? The same thing happens.
I just think this router is incompatible to XP pro with service pack 2 and all the lastest patches that I have installed on my 4 computers and laptop.
In the end I just return the 2nd item to Best Buy for a refund. It is just too much of a hassle to figure out why I can't access the setup screen from internet explorer 6. I read earlier that someone was able to access the setup screen through Mozilla. But I am glad to return this buggy hardware.(Once I was able to setup it up through the CD, it had frequent internet connection drops after 1 or 2 days of usage.) They really need to fix this useless hardware. $50 might be cheap, but customer satisfaction is priceless.

By tom1015 - Mar 27, 2006

Good quality, good money

Strengths: Easy to use

Weakness: Have to config by software, can not use telnet to config

This is really easy to use. Just plug in and follow the instruction from the CD and your network is running. The only drawback is that you have to use its CD every time you config it.

By anonymous; - Mar 5, 2006

Linksys Wireless Router Problems

Strengths: Somewhat easy to install. Once working it works well.

Weakness: The wireless connections take long to connect.

I'm having mixed reviews about this router. I have 4 machines, 2 wireless and 2 hardwired. They worked great for a week and now have had nothing but problems. Support is not easy to work with since you can't really understand anyone, not just because of their origin but the phone connection is very poor. I'm debating on taking everything back.

By anonymous; - Mar 3, 2006

The Linksys setup utility...

Strengths: Easy basic setup.

Weakness: Poor advanced setup instructions.

The Linksys setup utility (available on their website but not included with the router)connects computers--both wired and wireless--easily. For remote desktop, some email programs, and other port-requiring applications, was a much better resource than the Linksys material.

By jpiebenga - Feb 6, 2006

Don't buy, breaks easily

Strengths: Easy to setup

Weakness: My second one just stopped working after 2 months. My first one went completely dead after one year.

Not dependable. Two of these routers have stopped working on me. The first one went dead, the second one lost the ability to connect to the internet. I would not buy another Linksys product!

By welshwitch - Feb 2, 2006

Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router Revoew

The world's top selling wireless router. Soon to be replaced by the WRT54G2
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By Small Net Builder - Jun 5, 2005

Linksys SecureEasySetup WRT-54G v.3.1 Router

Finally, network simplicity wins out over pure technical prowess. For a very affordable $79, the Linksys SecureEasySetup (SES) WRT54G V.3.1 router creates a wireless network that includes all of the latest security features enabled, simply by pressing a button and clicking an option in Windows XP. Unlike previous attempts to simplify security, Broadcom’s SES system works, without any hassles....
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By - Jul 26, 2005

Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router has collected 7 expert reviews for Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router and the average expert rating is 75 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to find all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Mar 11, 2011

Linksys WRT54G

The Linksys WRT54G series of wireless routers, that includes variants: WRT54GS, WRT54GL, and WRTSL54GS, is an extremely popular among computer enthusiasts because of its ability to run third-party open-source firmware such as DD-WRT and Tomato Firmware as its firmware source code was released publicly under the GNU GPL. The first version was released in December 2002, but many different versions...
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By - Jul 23, 2009