D-Link Wireless G WBR-1310 Router

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Create a wireless network for your home using the D-Link Wireless G Router (WBR-1310). Connect the Wireless G Router to a broadband modem and wirelessly share your high-speed Internet connection. Enjoy surfing the web, checking e-mail, and chatting with family and friends online.The Wireless G Router includes a built-in firewall that safeguards your network from harmful attacks. It minimizes the threats of hackers and prevents unwanted intruders from entering your network. Additional security features like MAC address filtering prevents unauthorized network access and parental control features prevent users from viewing inappropriate content. The Wireless G Router also supports WEP and WPA encryption.

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Network Architecture Supported: IEEE 802.11b/g

Device Type: Wireless Broadband Router Internal

Frequency Band: 2.46 GHz


Product Title: D-Link Wireless G WBR-1310 Router

Manufacturer: D-Link

Lowest Price: $89.95 from NewEgg Marketplace

Power Score: 3.2 | 28 Reviews

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Although the product details do not indicate the model number of this router, I'm quite sure it is the D-Link WBR-1310 model. I have this router, and it has been nothing but trouble and poor performance. It is a real stretch to give this a 2-star rating. The setup screens are poorly designed, making it difficult to make configuration changes. The BIOS has not been updated since 2002, and it is...
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By Anonymous on HP - May 1, 2009

Outstanding Router

Strengths: Reliable, speed, price

Weakness: N/A

I bought this device cheap over a year ago and never had problems. The connection is always fast and it never drops or bounces. This is my second D-Link router and I have the to the interface is pretty easy to follow. At any given time I have multiples computers (desktop, laptops, PSP, iPhone, iPod, WII) connected online and no problem at all. I have this router in the basement while most of my...
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By curly9702 - Jan 16, 2009

What an annoying router

Strengths: small

Weakness: Re-connect after reconnect

This router has been so hopeless, I cannot get my printer connected on the network, my printer has its own router. I had a linksys before, I received this router for free with a new pc so I thought I would try it. I am going back to my linksys.

By anonymous; - Jan 2, 2008

Glutton for Punishment

Strengths: the lights are really pretty with the rest of the blinking lights that make up my computer setup.

Weakness: how about holding a connection for more then 2 minutes

You would do the world a favor--if you EVER decided on purchasing this product--if you smashed the box to bits in the parking lot, turned around, walked BACK into the store, and bought a better \\\\\\\\\'effing router. Essentially then you spent the money on a broken box and still had to buy a new router, but that is the price for making a **stupid** purchase. I think i shall take my advice and...
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By bunnystick - Dec 10, 2007

OK Router.

Strengths: Free after rebate with new laptop.

Weakness: WPA/WPA2 simultaneous mode does not work with my WPA client.

I already have a good G router but this one came free after rebates with a new laptop. . Always use wi-fi security. WEP is not very good, WPA and WPA2 are a lot better while WPA is good for home use, WPA2 is better. This router supports all 3 modes. . Newer routers have a wi-fi mode where they can run both the WPA and WPA2 security modes at the same time with different clients. My TRENDnet...
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By MikeySoft - Nov 29, 2007

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