D-Link RangeBoosterG GOLD WBR-2310 Wireless Router

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Create a fast and secure wireless network for your home using the D-Link RangeBooster G Wireless Router (WBR-2310). Share your high-speed Internet connection with multiple users and start sharing files, music, and photos.Built with RangeBooster G Technology, this Wireless Router delivers faster wireless signal rates and farther wireless coverage than most other 802.11g devices. Having a faster connection allows you more time to enjoy listening to music and watching videos rather than spending time waiting for the files to finish transferring. With farther wireless coverage, you can connect to the network from greater distances.

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Device Type: Wireless Broadband Router

Network Architecture Supported: IEEE 802.11b/g

Frequency Band: 2.46 GHz


Product Title: D-Link RangeBoosterG GOLD WBR-2310 Wireless Router

Manufacturer: D-Link

Lowest Price: $89.95 from NewEgg Marketplace

Power Score: 3.1 | 19 Reviews

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Product Reviews (13)

Terrible router

Strengths: Connection speed

Weakness: Poor signal strength, random reboots, poor tech support

This router is terrible for gaming. It constantly reboots for no reason and the signal is easily lost.

My router is connected via the WUA-2340 over a 10 meter distance and it seems like the 2 items combined together make one of the worst Wireless experience you could get.

By anonymous; - Apr 22, 2008

Good Cheap Router

Strengths: Does its job

Weakness: none

I got this router for 20 bucks after rebate just needed a cheap but a good router for my mom, so I could setup her wireless network. This router does its job, signal isn't the strongest but doesn't have lots of interference either. So for a rangebooster the range isn't boosted that much if used with other brand adaptors, but if used with WUA-2340 RangeBooster G Wireless adaptor it works better. 4...
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By aceskull - Mar 1, 2008

bad router

Strengths: Good except its weakness

Weakness: can not maitain stable sharing between home network computers; bad custom support

I did a lot research to fix the file sharing problem, and posted my problem on a forum. From both of my research and the opinions from other people on the forum, it seems to be a problem with the router. Then I called the custom service. After about half an hour wait, someone picked up the phone and asked me for many information, then after I answered him I bought the router about 4 months ago,...
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By anonymous; - Jan 20, 2008

It is really a nice router

Strengths: Can support 3 pc at the same time and the speed is really good. Nice looking easy to config.

Weakness: It cannot support a old laptop by wireless.

I use one router before worth $5 after rebate and it always restarts so that I cannot chatting online. I pay more for this one on buy.com and it is really worth. I often run 2 pc and each running a p2p software and it seldom restart, moreover, my girl friend use it with her pc at the same time. I bought it with 2 rebates, one from buy.com and one from this review. It cost only 30 at the end and...
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By Sunbow - Dec 17, 2007

Router works well, but poor tech support

Strengths: Ease of installation, seems reliable

Weakness: Poor tech support, problems with Slingbox, no MAC address filtering

The WBR-2310 has been performing reliably for me for the last week or so. The installation took me about an hour and a half. The initial installation resulted in my not being able to access the Internet. After calling tech support, I could hardly understand the rep and the only thing that he told me that I didn't already know was to reset the router. While I was resetting the router, the rep...
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By Simianfox - Nov 5, 2007

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