Belkin Wireless G Universal Range Extender

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This Wireless G Universal Range Extender increases the coverage of your existing wireless network by retransmitting an 802.11b/g signal across a wider coverage area. Designed for easy setup operation, it works seamlessly with most routers and access points, with the push of a button. When used in access-point mode and connected to a wired router, the Range Extender adds wireless capability to an existing network. This allows you to expand Internet access throughout a home or small office without running cumbersome Ethernet cables between computers.

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Device Type: Wireless Range Extender Dipole Antenna

Network Architecture Supported: IEEE 802.11b/g

Frequency Band: 2.50 GHz


Product Title: Belkin Wireless G Universal Range Extender

Manufacturer: Belkin

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Power Score: 3.5 | 27 Reviews

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Strengths: works if it will connect

Weakness: terrible connection problems

You have to try numerous times to get this device to connect to your wireless router or modem when the antennas are literally only inches apart. It does work if you can finally get it to connect. You have to reconnect it EVERY TIME you reset your modem or router. Most of the time it won't connect at all. It won't connect to my new modem at all! I would give this product less than 1 out of 5. This...
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By rockerrb - Jun 21, 2008

Once setup it works but after a 6 Weeks my unit became unstable

Strengths: Unique Functionality. This unit can be used as an ethernet to WIFI bridge as well.

Weakness: Not durable. After one month it needed to be unplugged and restarted almost daily.

This unit worked once setup via web interface and static IP address. Worked great for a about a month. The signal was definitely improved in the corners of my house. But we had to climb up and reset this box daily. We replaced this box with a linksys game adapter WGA600N (not the lousy linksys range extender) and connected a 2nd WifiRouter in the remote area of my house. The stability of the...
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By Chello; - May 10, 2008

Belkin Range extender.

Strengths: Low price.

Weakness: signal boost is minimal.

This product is OK if you need a slight signal boost. I have a netgear G router that was having difficulty getting to a PC in the basement (the router is on the ground level). While the signal was improved with the belkin range extender it was still nowhere near what I would get if I just moved the PC to another part of the basement. I have not tried any other range extenders, but I think I will...
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By rhess3 - Jan 14, 2008

Cost effective range extender

Strengths: Easy setup via auto-connec -- slightly more complex with security invoked. Strong signal.

Weakness: Some quirks in setup procedures

I'm using mine in repeater mode as a range extender; this unit can also be used as an access point. A small quirk in my own setup is that I have a non-broadcasting SSID with characters inside -- e.g., abc@def. Before trying auto connect, you must of course reset your wireless temporarily to broadcasting mode. When the auto connect button is then invoked, it does find the network and sets up the...
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By zug - Dec 27, 2007

Belkin Wireless Range Extender - Works well!

Strengths: Compact design Easy setup IF you're connecting to an unprotected network with a fairly strong signal (use quick start guide).

Weakness: Setup is more involved if you are connecting to a secure network.

I bought this product to increase the signal strength in a part of my home that was not getting a very stable connection. I have a 64-bit WEP enabled LAN, so the set up was not as easy as in the "Quick Start Guide." I had to find the user's manual on the included CD and input specific settings in order to set up the extender. This involves attaching the range extender to your computer with a CAT5...
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By sandman545 - Dec 21, 2007

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