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Connect to your USB printer wirelessly from your PDA or notebook. Belkin brings you Bluetooth technology, the fast and simple way to connect your computing devices to your USB printer without cables and physical connections. The Adapter adds Bluetooth technology to your existing USB printer, allowing it to connect to any device enabled with Bluetooth v1.1 technology. Now you can print from your desktop or laptop computer, or from your PDA, with unparalleled convenience. Simply connect the Bluetooth Wireless USB Printer Adapter to the USB port of your printer and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of Bluetooth wireless technology.

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Device Type: Wireless Print Server

Network Architecture Supported: Bluetooth

Frequency Band: Adds Bluetooth connection capability to your USB printerWorks in conjunction with computing devices enabled with Bluetooth v1.1 technologyInstalls easily with Plug-and-Play convenienceSupports Hardcopy Cable Replacement and Serial Port ProfilesAllows you to work at distances of up to 100mIncludes printing utility for Pocket PC and Palm OSSupport of USB 1.1-compliant printersData Rate: 723/56Kbps


Product Title: Belkin Bluetooth Wireless USB Printer Adapter

Manufacturer: Belkin

Lowest Price: $49.99 from Marketplace

Power Score: 2.2 | 5 Reviews

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Product Reviews (5)

Adaptor will not work

Strengths: None

Weakness: All

It seems like others here have had problems with this unit.

My PC will just not see it as a bluetooth device. My phone and other things are showing up.

Have been on the phone to Belkin. 20 mins of talking to a Numpty from India that didn't even recognise the product number, let alone sort out the problem.

Belkin, rubbish products and poor customer service !

By anonymous; - Mar 1, 2010

Nice little bluetooth device

Strengths: One of the first, cheap, easy setup, compact

Weakness: Requires bluetooth

I've never seen a product that's like this before and it was something that I could use. It was very easy to set up -- far easier than I expected. Its been working great so far but the range isn't that great (but it could also be my bluetooth usb connection that is bad so I won't rate this part a negative). The device is very small so you could easily move it around.

By jimsz - Mar 21, 2007

Belkin Printer Adapter Bluetooth USB

Strengths: Good Price

Weakness: Compatibility issue

Belkin Printer ADapter Bluetooth USB can be a good solution to hook up your printer through bluetooth way. However, my printer could not be linked through this adapter to my computer.

By airplaneliker - Mar 20, 2007

This adapter does not work

Strengths: None

Weakness: Setup, documentation, customer service

The adapter seemed great. Half the price of wireless adapter, and Belkin was a name you could trust. Well, not anymore. The adapter does not work. Period. it is not recognized by the Windows system. The instructions are incomplete. There was a supplemental printed on regular paper placed in the box to give detailed instructions. They don't work and are incorrect. then support is available only...
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By cfreeman7 - Dec 1, 2006

doesn't work with konica minolta color laserjet

Strengths: none

Weakness: did not work. spent 6 hours configuring and the printer never printed

I was able to get a Dell 9300 laptop to recognize the printer adapter connected to a Konika Minolta color laserjet. Could not print - always got an "out of paper message." The printer was not out of paper and printed with a wired connection. Emailed Belkin and Konika Minolta. Neither offered any help. Konika Minolta said the printer wasn't made for bluetooth, Belkin advised contacting Konika...
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By compusa2 - Apr 20, 2006

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