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Computer Video Cards - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

1 Star Review Get another brand


vidmar - (December 22, 2004) I purchased this card after reading many reviews of the GF 6600GT series of cards, especially the XFX version of this card. Needless to say I am quite disappointed with what I received. FYI: The card you see pictured above is not the one you will receive. XFX has changed their production process for their 6600GT series of cards. No longer will you get 1.6ns memory, they are now including 2.0ns. Which by itself it not necessarily bad, but every review currently out there was done with the 1.6ns memory. You will not be able to get the same results that the reviewers have gotten in the past. The worst part of the changes XFX made with this card was the heat sink and cooler. The coo

5 Star Review Geforce 6600 GT Graphics Card (128MB)


cpelosi - (December 03, 2004) I was upgrading my son's computer to play the current generation of games and I gave him my ATI Radeon 9600 Pro video card. I needed a new video card for myself, and always being an ATI fan, was looking at the Radeon 9800 Pro. I was surprised to see that the "old" 9800 Pro was still in the $230-250.00 price range and I figured everyone was upgrading to play the latest games so the demand for good graphics cards was keeping the prices high. When I shopped for the 9800 Pro I noticed many vendors were "out-of-stock" and even ATI was backordered. That is when I stumbled across the Nvidia GeForce 6 series video cards. I wasn't even considering the "latest chipset" cards since they are always pric

5 Star Review Geforce 6600 GT Graphics Card (128MB)


jyoun - (November 19, 2004) This is THE budget Doom 3 card! It easily competes with video cards now selling for 400 dollars! The reason for this is that it is one of the first in the next generation of video cards. The AGP version is essentially identical to the PCI-Express version, which supports the option to run this card in a SLI configuration (which essentially means you can run two cards at once and double the performance as each card will render half the info) While I don't this is an option YET, I'm sure it will be in the near future. If you've been waiting for a good card that won't break the bank, this is it.

Latest Reviews

4 Star Review diamond AMD Radeon hd 6450 pci-e 1 gb gddr3 GPU

Anonymous User - (09/25/2013) I bought this card in a deal for 2 video cards both 6450's for 100.....I bought the cards off a friend who deals in comuters and computer repair.both were brand new in the box un-opend....I had intended to run both cards in a new hp with a quad core that I just bought...actually I bought everything together to make myself a decent gaming comp that I have been promising myself for a couple years as I had a alienware computer that was my fav. computer and I ended up having to sell it as I was moving and just didn't have the room for a desktop and I needed the money.... ANYWAY I bought the cards and everything else and got home to find out I only had the one pci-e slot and was unable to run both cards...I WAS a little disappointed but after connecting everything together I was very happy with to talk about the card...first it is a cheaper card aimed for someone on a budget(who isn't these days?)and/or for someone with a stock power supply that wants a lower end power consumption.this card is perfect for both.... I am running 2 monitors and this card handles that task very well...I am impressed with how well this card works....I am running it with a quad core 2.80 ghz with 8 gigs of ram and with this set up I am very happy with the comes with a overclocking program(first time I have seen that as usually the gpu companys don't want there cards over clocked and voids the warrenty so I was surprised to see that.... over all I recommend this card to anyone that wants to upgrade the stock on board gpu or is replacing a bad card....ALTHO plz keep in mind this card is NOT a super high output gpu BUT does work amazingly well for a cheaper card... I have played a couple games and so far I AM impressed with the gpu and the frame rate of this card.....skirim playes very well on high settings.... so with all that being said....if you need a good gpu card and cant spend much...this is the card for you!!!

5 Star Review Great improvement over old one.

Anonymous - (08/27/2013) Apple Mac Pro for video editing. It has increased our production due to the speed over our old video card.

5 Star Review Great Purchase

Anonymous - (05/28/2013) Very speedy download time on SxS cards. Compact, durable frame, and still lightweight. Would recommend for anyone.

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