XFX GeForce 6200 Graphics Card

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nVIDIA introduces the GeForce 6200 GPUs, featuring a revolutionary design that delivers best-in-class performance on today's hottest games and applications. The only GPU in its class to support Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0, the GeForce 6200 powers the latest effects without compromising performance. In addition, support for the latest bus architecture PCI Express increases both graphics and overall system performance.

Quick Glance

Slot/Port Type: AGP 8x

Video Chipset: GeForce 6200 A

Interface Connection: VGA Yes

Functionality: TwinView Architecture

normalized-Installed Video Memory: 256


Product Title: XFX GeForce 6200 Graphics Card

Manufacturer: XFX

Lowest Price: $149.50 from PinnacleMicro

Power Score: 4.1 | 30 Reviews

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Amazing dual monitor card

Strengths: 256 MB memory, dual monitor support, it can run Windows Aero, DVI and VGA Ports, moderately cheap

Weakness: Not as fast as you would want for games. Drivers on the disc don't work for any OS above XP. SLOW on Vi$ta.

This is a great little card for aging systems. I have a 1.66 GHz AMD Athlon XP, and 1.25 GB DDR2 RAM. It runs both my monitors in extended desktop mode (1440x900 and 1280x1024 are my monitors' resolutions) and can STILL do 1080p video. It also runs Aero across BOTH monitors, with no lag. Great for Photoshop and light video editing too. I can play Portal in a (small) window at 40-50 FPS with high...
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By Dest747 - Apr 7, 2009

xfx geforce 6200

Strengths: nvidia/price/performance

Weakness: none noted yet

Had to buy a new video card for my Dimension 8300 because the old one would not display graphics any longer.Didn't want to break the bank on an old computer so i picked this card up at amazon for $41.The reviews i read were accurate as this is a pretty good card for the money.It displays the higher screen resolutions of todays flat panel monitors and the few games that we play run much smoother...
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By daddyfatty - Mar 15, 2008

Best value

Strengths: Easy install, affordable, more than enough RAM for most games. Runs very quiet.

Weakness: None thus far.

I bought this card for my older desktop and it plays games like NBA Live 2007 and Winning Eleven perfectly. Vice City also does not lag and every single detail is displayed. Recommend this card to anyone who wants a decent card for some pocket change.

By farfromfiction - Aug 13, 2007

GeForce 6200 Video Card

Strengths: High Quality Video Reasonable price TV DVI

Weakness: This is not a high end gaming card. Can not unlock the extra pipelines.

This card is a good upgrade for those of
you who do not have on board video and
do not plan on doing extreme gaming.
This is an 8x card and is backward
compatible with 4x AGP.

By rkr22 - Mar 26, 2007

Great card for daily use and games.

Strengths: Powerful. Adequate, and inexpensive. DVI output.

Weakness: None.

Bought this card at a very reasonable price (after rebate). Very satisfied with its performance. Good enough for playing games and great for viewing photos. A great card if you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on an exorbitant video cards.

By Mikema85306 - Mar 24, 2007

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