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Interface Connection: Video - 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA), Video - 4 pin mini-DIN (S-Video)

Slot/Port Type: AGP

Video Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti500

normalized-Installed Video Memory: 64 MB


Product Title: VisionTek XTASY 6964 AGP 64MB NVIDIA GEFORCE3 TI 500

Manufacturer: VisionTek

Power Score: 3.8 | 11 Reviews

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This is a good card. When I read...

Strengths: Solid; Smooth framerates; Still a Contender to this day

Weakness: Still a bit pricey; Slower than a Geforce 4 Ti 4600

This is a good card. When I read about the reviews, a few things come to my mind. Most of time, if you have problems with powerful video cards, it's because you don't have sufficient power to run them. Geforce 3 cards, need a lot of power to operate. I would recommend at least a 300-350 watt 'quality' power supply. Another is drivers. My opinion is, that vendor specific drivers aren't very good....
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By Rob_0126 - Feb 2, 2003

TO consumer customers...know this!...

Strengths: None

Weakness: Visiontek itself

TO consumer customers...know this! Opened the box and did not work in 4 PC's assumed bad. Sent back to Visiontek. They send it back and say it is fine. Still doesn't work in any PC it's been tried in. They say to bad! This card is suppose to have a lifetime warranty. I have seen two of these cards do this exact same thing. They have a problem and are not standing behind their warranty. This was...
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By Runinwolf - Oct 8, 2002

I back to using my Geforce1 DDR...

Strengths: While it worked it was fast

Weakness: I'm on my second one in three months. Lock ups, anomalies in 3D mode you've seen the likes before.

I back to using my Geforce1 DDR card again and it still works. I have sent the Geforce3 Ti 500 back again let's see how what they send me fairs this time.

By QUICKBOAT - Aug 19, 2002

Well first i just have to say to...

Strengths: Everything and anything what else could you ask for it even beats out the geforce 4 ti 4600 in non-fsaa tests

Weakness: n/a

Well first i just have to say to the moron with the ATI 8500 your ati is not equal with the G3TI500 not even close so just SHHHH! the 8500 is closer to the NFORCE but not the G3TI500

But anyways

Cards great how anyone could live without one i have no idea so get one anyway you can and get a G4TI4600 if you like useing FSAA



By Mech_x - Jul 10, 2002

All you computer freaks out there,...

Strengths: Its pretty good because its made by Nvidia. Of course it will kick butt.

Weakness: Over rated and over priced. RADEON 8500 is just as good but put down because of the "DRIVER" problems. SO WHAT! THEY WILL FIX IT!

All you computer freaks out there, I don't care what you are saying. I say ATI tried their best this time and kick Nvidia's butt. Yeah, the 8500 has some problems with the driveres but hey! What else is there? ITs a perfectly good card! Ti-500 is basically just an over priced and overrated. I say buy the card that is cheaper and is just as good. The Radeon 8500 is best price and equal the Ti-500....
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By braceyoself777 - Mar 14, 2002

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